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However, when he challenged Manabu Horikita to a race, he showed a glimpse of his true physical abilities at the sports festival. Though he lost the race, the class was truly amazed by his prowess and started to see him in a new light, with him even gaining popularity among many of the girls in his class, much to his surprise and the other boys ... Relationships. Maki Horikita has had no other relationships that we know of.. About. Maki Horikita is a 31 year old Japanese Actress. Born Marina Hara (原麻里奈) on 6th October, 1988 in Kiyose,Tokoyo, Japan, she is famous for Densha Otoko in a career that spans 2003 (2003)–present and 2003 (2003)–2017 (2017). Maki Horikita Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki. Scroll below and check our most recent updates about about Maki Horikita's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown 2020! She is one of the successful TV Actress. Manabu is her older brother as well as the student council president. Suzune looks up to him and strives to be noticed by him in a positive light. But because of her status as a student in D-class, she is seen by her elder sibling as nothing more than an embarrassment to him. Despite her respect for him, she holds some resentment towards him as she got irritated when Kiyotaka asked if they ... This past January Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki played as rivals in the TBS drama 'Tokujo Kabachi!!'. It seems that their relationship has gone beyond than just being co-stars in a drama. According to a restaurant manager in Shinjuku, I don't have the slightest idea why, but somehow… Today, it has been reported that actress Maki Horikita (26) and actor Koji Yamamoto (38) got married and are now living together after only 2 months of dating! The two of them got to know each other 6 years ago, when they both played roles in Fuji TV’s Tuesday 9 PM drama “Atashinchi no Danshi ... TV Actress from Kiyose,Tokoyo, Japan. She was born on Thursday, October 6, 1988. Is Maki Horikita married or single, who is she dating now and previously? Dating: According to CelebsCouples, Maki Horikita is married Kôji Yamamoto. Net Worth: Online estimates of Maki Horikita’s net worth vary. It’s easy to predict her income, but it’s much harder to know how much she has spent over the years. Explore Maki Horikita's biography, personal life, family and real age. Discover the real story, facts, and details of Maki Horikita.



Bro I see the future IN Y2 Horikita will be clingy to ayano on Year 2 why because she want to be acknowledge by ayano she will not distance her self now to ayano In Y1 she distance her self to ayano because she did not trust ayano they distance each other she will become parasite or something we will expect more cooking more date this is gonna happen I swear I'm gonna sell my dignity
Hint: What do you think kie attitude
I see the hole HEEHEHEHH
Ps: I know I'm going to kill in comment section I respect your ship but I'm not shipper here this real talk Wasting time
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2020.09.15 20:15 Secret-Computer-7637 horikita fanatics

in vol 5 the reason why he stop it was because horikita would need to pay private points hence he stop it earlier on before it will becomes an irredeemable damage towards class D if he waited much longer.He did not even know the kowtow part he only knew it afterwards. Dont forget he wanted suzune horikita to grow because he does not want to always act on behalf of class D. He wanted horikita suzune as the core of the class along with kushieda( if ever she stop her antagonisations towards people who know her past) and hirata. I said he genuinely wanted friendship towards suzune that was fact when he entered kudo ikusei from the get go. also he speaks logic more than pleasing people like his vague responses to horikita. It seems your blinded in ayano’s character to always wants friendship and waifu at all times. vol 7.5 he understood genki because he was imaging kei( horikita was not even genki). he did not even bother caring about sato he only saw her as means to be used when nagumo pop out in front of them and was proven she was not capable of becoming a tool.
vol 4 he destroyed kei to build her up from scratch but he did not neglect her. he even genuinely cared for her vol 4.5 when he invited her to stop peeping.(making her enjoy the pool because of trauma of getting a stab wound). He even showed some of his capabilities towards kei because it was written and planned all along by author kei ss vol 4 2 yrs from zodiac exam that they would be a couple even after 2 yrs from that arc. ( it means they may break up but they would still end up together not changing kei’s pov towards him as the most important person in her life).
vol 11.5 u forgot to add the pov of ayano of using kei as a book to learn love or to protect and cherish her genuinely until the end. ( pls dont drop the 2nd part when ur talking about facts) Meaning using kei as a tool of love completely can be changed to a genuine emotion of romantic interest.
vol 7.5 double date about talking about dates it was clearly pointed out in vol 7.5 he did not show genuine expression and even made effort to pleasure satoh or even bother asking information about her. Even kei grumbled about her wasted effort in telling ayano about satoh. He even gave kei medicine for a possibility of her getting sick after being dump with cold water in the rooftop. ( my point here is he just dont please anyone just because it was a date)
vol 2-1 he even was cold towards horikita suzune being pummeled by hozen and just watch (when in vol 7.5 he showed up risking his identity be blown away for kei and also for ryuens game to fully enjoy it when we got his pov in vol 5 enjoying playing with ryuen.)
vol 10 he even showed you how he controlled suzune by using manabu in inspiring her to stand by his side. when the class poll was announced he just exit without fully explaining what he did. suzune just outright read she was used by him in this regard mentioning about yamauchi and sakayanagi’s collusion.
vol 9 he did not even bother fully correcting the rumor about him liking kei when horikita ask and just blandly stated about hashimoto seeing both of kei and ayano and redirected their assumptions that it might be just a lie like shinohara being a prostitue when it was a real emotion of kei genuinely liking him. the point here is why bother use this rumor if he wanted horikita from the start?(meaning he can just use 3 rumor about satoh hating inogashira, shinohara being a prostitute and someone liking fat people), so the answer is because he plan this confession to kei all along and doesn’t give an implicit romantic attraction towards suzune.
vol 2-2 he even wanted to publicize his relationship with kei only question was on kei side of not wanting to do so.
site me some interactions with horikita that shows romantic interactions between them? even i find it easy to state some towards honami that may proove his lie towards his rejection to her in vol 7.5.
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2020.09.14 18:42 VoxyZeen (Spoiler for vol.11.5 and 2nd years) well lot of guys talking about Kei and Ayanokoji can't fell apart.so,I thought maybe I post some stupid possibilities of how they can.

It's completely cleared that she is completely obsessed with Ayanokoji.She think of all the time.A pure maiden in love. That's what I think is the biggest weakness.U should let that go to ur head or it will destroy u in the end.
Biggest weakness=Jealousy! Kei want to spend much time as possible with Ayanokoji,want to talk with him on phone much as she can. Now,here come the Horikita.As what I notice in previous Horikita and Ayanokoji got distant.Now ,kei and Ayanokoji start dating but the action opposite effect.In 2nd year vol.1 and vol.2 ,both were together almost all the time. Kei already know the Horikita has special place in Ayanokoji heart.Horikita in 2nd year vol.said to Ayanokoji that ur getting distant lately.Ayanokoji said I m surprise she know that.
Kei and Ayanokoji will come out and tell that they r dating.But I think Ayanokoji will wait for the right time. Since,they r dating no girl would like that her boyfriend spending most of time with other girl. It will sure make her more envious and she will ask kiyotaka to let's declare that we r couples right now or even tell Horikita to boast that they r. But I think Ayanokoji will deny for that,told her to wait for the right time. I m expecting Nagumo to manuplate Kei , because I m sure more or less he had idea that Horikita is here as spy for Aaynokoji.He will probably say something like ,give me information on what Ayanokoji and Horikita r doing And in return he will help her to completely remove Horikita for Ayanokoji life and mind(by making her expel from school).kei who completely filled with envy take that offer and Try to get Horikita expel from school.But here comes Kiriyama,he will find out about Nagumo plan and will tell it to Ayanokoji.Since,he respect Older Horkita vety much,when Horikita came to join the student council,he was the one who was most worried about her. That's probably would lead to Horikita and Ayanokoji getting closer and Kei break up.
Other ,theory not much to that.She will team up with Kushida.Kushida who is very gud in finding secret's will find that out.Kei who full of jealous and sadness,will reveal it to Satou and kushida will get her hands of information, manuplate her to work together to make Horikita expel from school.Again,same end result.
That's quite a stupid theory,but people's were talking about Ayanokoji cheating or he will never do that and break kei. But that's different scenario.Stupid Theory ,but don't take it on hurt.Just for fun.
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2020.09.02 13:23 Ryukk4 My expectations for next volume (Kiyotaka's relationships) [Volume 13 spoilers!]

Kei in the 1st year uninhabited island exam: "Oh? Could it be that Sakura-san likes someone plain and invisible like Ayanokoji-kun?"
Kei, now: "I wanted to group up with you, Kiyotaka… I hoped you could protect me.”
Airi, when she finds out Kei is dating Kiyotaka: Wait...
I really wanna see Airi's reaction when she finds out about Kiyotaka and Kei, and other's like Horikita's and Ichinose's. I think we are gonna see a good development of KiyoKei in the next exam/volume. I would love a scene of both in the inferior floors of the ship where they met each other, or a scene of them alone in the island, like Sakura's scene with Kiyotaka in the previous island exam.
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2020.08.01 07:14 Kireet_ Ayano's Relationship ? (Spoilers)

I have read the LN until the mid of volume 11 and there was a coincidental meeting of kiyo with elder Horikita which ended up with a little foreshadowing of kiyo dating Suzune.
I was wondering if its possible that kei gets dumped and suzune becomes his girlfriend?
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2020.07.18 07:46 carplea Supporting characters' take on SuzuKiyo

You know what, there are only 2 options why the author keep on teasing SuzuKiyo romance using the supporting characters view.
  1. Kiyotaka vehemently denying their relationship as classmates, because there's no chance for them to get together.
  2. Reverse psychology by the author. The same scenario when Kiyotaka says something and doing the opposite making him the usual him, an inconsistent MC because of the continuous denials. And Horikita being added to the harem last, once she's capable of loving another person of the opposite sex.
e.g. a. Kushida saying Horikita is a special someone for him, he denied.
b. Ayanokoji group saying he likes Horikita, he denied.
c. Karuizawa saying Horikita is his true love but Horikita doesn't give him the time and attention so he's open to entertain others as "reservation" (satou for example). He didn't directly deny but he said he's not that kind of person.
d. Sudou asking if he has interest in Horikita, he denied and said they are not interested in each other.
e. Sudou again asking if the two are dating, he denied. Kiyotaka told Sudou he will tell him if by chance that happens.
f. Manabu, the no. 1 supporter of the two ship, giving him his blessing. Kiyotaka denied and said it's impossible, until Tachibana intervened with her situational irony flag.
g. Nanase somehow checking the relationship between the two, saying 2D class treats Horikita as their leader but the relationship between the two doesn't look like a follower and a leader. Unless they're dating but doesn't seem to be the case according to her.
If the author wants to add her in the harem, she'll be the last to be added, which the other fans think will not happen.
Did I miss anything?....
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2020.07.11 15:49 fuzzau36 Spoiler: relationship volume 11+

I just want to point out that I love slice of life stuff and cute fun romantic couples. So I could not help grinning and chuckling with how Kiyotaka asked Kei out. Then their entire phone conversation was funny and adorable.
In terms of romantic partners I like Kei the most. Not my favorite character but for Kiyotaka, I think she is the best. However this situation, as fun as it is to read for my slice of life romcom loving self. It also is showing massive and I mean massive character growth for Kiyotaka. The at first emotionless kid who only saw others as tools. Now has a heart of emotion and care. He evens mentions how its new and refreshing to himself. I was a bit shocked at his reactions and responses to Kei who plays the typical girl in love but at the same time calls him out and his lack of experience. Like don't google it, I am listening.
Not only am I excited to see how their relationship will go. And I really hope she stays his girlfriend throughout the story and he doesn't switch. But how he will grow with others now that he has opened himself to feeling more normal emotions since interacting with Sakayanagi, and Manabu Horikita.
Its a long ways away but I hope he graduates dating Kei and if he ever tells her about his past, I bet she would accept it.
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2020.06.24 09:14 quandlm Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 2 Discussion Thread

This is the discussion thread for Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 2. Any other thread of the same topic can be removed without notice.

Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 2

General Info

  • No. of Volume: 16
  • No. of Pages: 328
  • Cover: Ichika Amasawa and Kazuomi Hōsen
  • Release Date: June 25, 2020 (JP)
  • ISBN: 978-4-04-064664-0 (JP)
  • Bonus SS: Ichika Amasawa, Suzune Horikita, Hiyori Shiina, Sakurako Tsubaki.


"I definitely won't let you get expelled."
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji has managed to avoid the ploy by the new first-years. However,
"Ayanokōji got full marks which shouldn’t be possible. It’s as if I’m watching a magic trick."
His perfect test scores in maths are making waves, spreading out like ripples in water.
Meanwhile, Suzune Horikita is requesting to join the Student Council after receiving the test scores. Nagumo is happily accepting her, but he seems to have some other thoughts on that matter however...
While he’s getting closer to Karuizawa bit by bit and things begin to change, another school-wide exam is announced to start by summer: The deserted island survival exam.
It will be a group battle and the top 3 groups will receive a huge reward, while the lower ones will receive an expulsion penalty.
Before they reach land, during the prelude to the coming war, they are permitted to create their own groups. A battle to recruit potential personnel is beginning!



Status: Ongoing.

Where to Buy?

Discussion Compilation

Other Links

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2020.06.02 19:10 ExternalApotheosis Can somebody please help me get the story straight?(Spoiler)

So I just read Volume 11 online(awesome btw) and then loaded up 11.5.Suddenly Kei and Ayanakouji is dating and there is a challenge between Horikita and Ayanakouji.How did these happen?Can somebody please explain?Thank you in advance!
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2020.05.19 03:17 bsteres The only person that can remove Karuizawa Kei from her position

Well, this is my first post and English isn't my first language so... Deal with it, and I'm in my cell so it will be a little worse
It's well known that the queen bee of class D is Kei, ver position is assured and I believe that even, if is known that kiyotaka is dating her or that her relationship with yosuke was fake, it won't take that much damage (Kiyo could flex it a little and his reputation will rise a lot) so... Who is the only person that can take her place?
Koenji: He isn't interested in anything that isn't him.
Kushida: She is a danger but she will have to remove her facade and isn't worth it.
Horikita: She wants the class rise so I highly doubt it, she will have to start making girl friends first.
Mii-Chan: at first I believed that if she started a relationship with Hirata it may threaten her, but I don't thing that she is interested in her position.
So I believe that the only person that can hurt her is...
Sakura Airi
Let's start with something first, the hidden side of every character is the base of this novel: kiyotaka is apathetic but is really a mad strategists, Ike is an idiot but with high social skills, Hirata is really cool but cannot make a tough call, and then is Kei, a vicious leader that is feared and respected... But is only to protect herself from her trauma.
Airi is a really timid girl, so is highly unlikely that she will want to have that position... Unless something makes her hate her like if she hears that they are a couple, then it will be one of these:
  1. Emo mode x1000
  2. Full yandere
  3. Will fight for him
if she hears that kei was bullied or that kiyotaka uses her for her connections, i believe that she can take control easily; her hidden side is the beautiful idol shizuku with some connections in the industry, she is top tier with only that, if you compare it with a bullied girl then there is no competition, the only problem is her personality, but in volume 2 she said that she has to almost kill her personality to make those poses, so a heavy blow might be the only thing that make her take control of everything, she can easily take most of kei friends (even Satou, her dream is in clothing design or something like that).
So that is my theory, I believe that the autor is building towards this ( just look at Kei in the first volumes) feel free to write your thoughts.
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2020.05.06 16:23 appachigrabber Kushida and Nagumo

How do you think will Kushida date Naguma in return for his help to expel Horikita .I mean he wont help Kushida for free . So we can see war between Kushidaxnaguma and Kiyotakaxhorikita
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2020.01.23 11:47 quandlm Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 1 Discussion Thread

This is the discussion thread for Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 1 (and Tomose Shunsaku's First Year Box Artworks). Any other thread of the same topic can be removed.

Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 1

General Info

  • No. of Volume: 15
  • No. of Pages: 328
  • Cover: Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Tsubasa Nanase
  • Release Date: January 24, 2019 (JP)
  • ISBN:978-4-04-064329-8 (JP)
  • Bonus: 4 short stories (SS): Tsubasa Nanase (2), Kei Karuizawa (1), Suzune Horikita (1)
The curtain rises and the second year arc of this extremely popular series is here!
The second spring at the Advanced Nurturing High School is welcoming Ayanokōji and Class D. The special exams aren’t only what awaits them, but the unique freshmen as well. Kazuomi Hōsen and Ryūen. The two who shared the bad reputation between themselves during Ryūen’s middle school days. Takuya Yagami, who proclaims to come from the same middle school as Kushida, is approaching her. And the capricious Ichika Amasawa who is pulling Ayanokōji left and right.
And then, for the first special exam of the year, the first graders will be paired with the second graders for a written test. If the pair gets a score below the average, the second year is the only one getting expelled.
Furthermore, Nagumo is distributing a new app that will display each student’s abilities. This being revealed to the whole student body causes the students with high abilities to become more popular. Class 2-D is falling in yet another predicament. Not only does Ayanokōji need to find a partner to pair up with, he also needs to find out who among the first years was sent from the White Room. If not, he gets expelled immediately—!?



Status: Pending.

Where to Buy?

First Year Arc Box — Tomoseshunsaku Art Works

  • Release Date: January 24, 2019 (JP)
  • ISBN:978-4-04-064329-8 (JP)
  • Bonus: First Year Short Stories Collection: 2 SS

Where to Buy?

Discussion Compilation

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2019.12.01 14:53 midiro1 Canon on all years or no?

I just had an idea to think about.
Do you think the author will develop the relationship between Kiyotaka and Karuizawa during all 3 years of study? Or will someone else appear in this love line?
Me why something came thought about how, that kei and 50% will meet about year and break up. And then he started Dating Horikita. (If honestly I this at all not want, because kei the best girl, and Horikita I and so not very love) on fact I fear, that Kiyotaka will part with kei, for they the best couple in my life😢 In General, write what you think about it!
/I remember, that kei in really the early told that Kiyotaka will become the most important man for it in this school, but can this will be already in terms of friends?
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2019.10.06 06:15 Ingr1d Volume 11.5 Summary (by me)

Edit: I forgot chapter 5
Edit 2: Forgot a line at the end of chapter 3
Edit 3: Forgot the Ibuki and Ishizaki part from chapter 2. Also fixed some typos.
Suzune is depressed about her brother leaving the school soon. She is wavering about whether or not to see him off. She thinks it might be better if she doesn't let him see his useless sister. At the end she comes to a realisation that her entire life, she had made decisions for the sake of her brother's recognition. She decides to show her brother her 'real self' before he leaves the school.
Chapter 1:
Kiyotaka is interested in the graduation ceremony since he has never attended one before. Additionally, he is also curious about how the final exam for the 3rd years turned out and whether or not Manabu's class graduated as Class A. He recounts the point totals of the first years after the final special exam.
Class A: 1131 points
Class B: 550 points
Class C: 347 points
Class D: 508 points
As a result, Class C will be dropping back to Class D on April 1. But at the same time, considering that class D lost all their class points one month after the school year started, Class D was also the class which had gained the most class points over the past year. Yukimura talks to him, saying that almost no one in the class blames him for the defeat. When Kiyotaka questions him about the 'almost' part, Yukimura says that there are some people who feel that if a more prominent leader figure was the command tower, they could have defeated Class A. But that is an unreasonable proposition considering the risk of being expelled. Afterwards, Yukimura apologises for the negotiations with Katsuragi breaking down. He asks why Kiyotaka didn't tell Horikita about it even though it could have compromised Class C's strategy and chances of success. Kiyotaka merely says that he forgot about it because of how stressed he was about the command tower role. Yukimura explains that he told Horikita about everything and that she forgave them but told them to consult her on everything in the future. Kiyotaka mentally notes that Horikita has grown a lot as a leader over the past year.
In the graduation ceremony, all the students and teachers are lined up. Horikita Manabu is the graduating Class A representative who goes up to give a speech. After the graduation ceremony, all the students except the 3rd years leave the gymnasium. Chabashira-sensei praises the class for their growth over the past year. She says that they are better than previous years' D class students but that whether or not they can continue moving up will depend on their efforts moving forwards. Kiyotaka asks Horikita whether she is going to see her brother after the closing ceremony. She says that she won't be doing that. He tries to convince her by saying it will be her last chance. He invites her to see Manabu off together with him. She says that she will think about it. Afterwards Kiyotaka considers that there are still 90 minutes until the closing ceremony finishes. There is something he must do within that time.
Kiyotaka thinks back to 11 PM the previous night. He gave Sakayanagi's father a phone call. He was surprised and questioned where Kiyotaka got the number from, to which he replied that Arisu gave it to him. This surprises Sakayanagi (I call him Sakayanagi from now and Arisu is just Arisu) since he didn't give his phone number to Arisu either. Kiyotaka deduces that she must have gotten it off a teacher or something along those lines. Sakayanagi says he is on the verge of ending the phone call, and asks about why Kiyotaka decided to call him. Kiyotaka questions the truth about Director Sakayanagi's exile but his question is brushed off. Kiyotaka proceeds to explain the foul play done by Acting director Tsukishiro in the end of year exams. This grabs Sakayanagi's interest. Kiyotaka explains that he only wanted to lie low whilst at this school but that the presence of Tsukishiro will not allow him to. He says that he requests the assistance of the school staff. Sakayanagi mentions that Chabashira and Mashima may be able to assist him. He will set up a meeting for them during the closing graduation ceremony since Tsukishiro has to be present at that time, and the two teachers can go missing unnoticed. The reception room is not rigged with security cameras so he tells Kiyotaka to use that.
Back to the present time, Kiyotaka heads to the reception room and knocks on the door. Chabashira is already there and asks why he set up this meeting with her and Mashima. She says that he sure is terribly rude for someone supposedly asking for help. She says that if his abilities were there, his rudeness could be excused but since he lost to Sakayanagi, he no longer has the right to be so rude to her. To her surprise, Kiyotaka switches to addressing her with polite language. He says that starting from next semester, he will genuinely aim at Class A. Chabashira questions the change in attitude, since even though such a thing would be common sense, it goes completely against Kiyotaka's principles up until now. Furthermore, she questions whether he even has the ability to aim for Class A. Kiyotaka tells her that after this meeting, she will be able to see his abilities for herself and tells her to reach a decision at that time. Mashima knocks on the door and enters along with Arisu who tagged along. Mashima asks if the two of them know each other and Arisu replies that she is childhood friends with Kiyotaka. Kiyotaka invites the two teachers to take a seat, but since Arisu is crippled, Mashima offers his seat to her. Kiyotaka starts talking and says that the topic is on Acting Director Tsukishiro. This shocks Chabashira and Mashima since it isn't a topic a student should be talking about. Arisu is the only one who stays calm. Mashima asks her whether or not she already knew about this, and she replies that she probably knows more than the teachers (this is the smug loli illustration). She volunteers to tell the rest of the story and Kiyotaka gives her permission.
She explains that she had actually lost the chess match with Kiyotaka but Director Tsukishiro had interfered and changed the result. Chabashira refutes that she had checked both the result and the process and that there were no signs of tampering. Arisu states that all the chess moves go through the school system before being transmitted. She says that Kiyotaka's father suspended Director Sakayanagi and sent Tsukishiro all for the purpose of removing Kiyotaka from the school. Mashima states that this is preposterous and that there were much easier ways of doing this. He questions what kind of background Kiyotaka's father must have if he has the power to do these things that Arisu accuses him of doing. Chabashira confirms that Kiyotaka's father had come to the school once to try to convince him to quit the school but Director Sakayanagi had respected the student's wishes to remain at the school. Mashima asks Kiyotaka "Who on earth are you?" to justify all of this happening. Kiyotaka finds this question hard to answer but Arisu jumps in and says that he is a very special student who is much more skilled than all the other boys his age. In the end, Mashima concedes that it is unlikely for the two of them to spin such an elaborated lie and that it is likely the truth. But there is no evidence that what they said is true and hence he cannot cooperate with any plan to remove Acting Director Tsukishiro. However, he will try his best to limit opportunities for the school to interfere in future exams to ensure that such a thing doesn't happen.
Afterwards, Mashima? (maybe it was Chabashira) says that Arisu shouldn't help out Kiyotaka too much and should still prioritise her class. Arisu laughs and asks what's wrong with her prioritising Kiyotaka. She says that even within this school, there are many lovers from different classes who would prioritise each other over their own class. She says that she will be Kiyotaka's ally. However, she says that this favouritism exists for Kiyotaka only. She will not hesitate to crush his class. Mashima considers that an acceptable compromise. Arisu tells Kiyotaka that he can rely on her help in removing Acting Director Tsukishiro. Kiyotaka confirms and says that he will do that.
When the two of them are alone, Mashima asks Chabashira for her opinion and she says that even though at first glance Kiyotaka looks like a lazy inconspicuous ordinary student, his eyes make you feel like he sees everything.
After this, Kiyotaka meets up with Suzune. They see a bunch of 3rd year students crowded around Manabu and bide their time. Nagumo shows up and congratulates Manabu on graduating in Class A. Nagumo rues the fact that he and Manabu were in different grades so the ways in which he could interfere in the exams were extremely limited since he couldn't participate in them himself. Manabu offers a handshake and Nagumo takes it, saying there is no reason to refuse. The two share a pleasant handshake between two student council presidents. Nagumo says that in this one year that Manabu is gone, he will change this school into a true "school that evaluates ability". Manabu says that he likewise also rues being in the grade above since he won't be able to see the kind of school that Nagumo will create (illustration). Nagumo approaches Suzune and asks whether or not she heard the conversation. He says that she can look forward to next year. Nagumo says that Horikita's brother was an amazing person and that she can be proud of being his sister. Nagumo says that since he's in a good mood, he'll allow her to ask him anything she wants. Suzune asks if he has any regrets over Manabu graduating from Class A. Asahina who is standing next to him, says that Nagumo lost which is something which he denies. He says that he himself is still in Class A and that whether or not Horikita Manabu fell to Class B had nothing to do with his personal ability level and wouldn't hurt his evaluation. After all, there can be no decent competition between 2nd and 3rd years. Nagumo says that he has no more enemies amongst the 2nd years and that Horikita Manabu is now graduating. There is only one more thing left for him to do at this school. He says that come April, this school will become a true meritocracy. Kiyotaka finds Manabu and talks with him since this will be his last opportunity to do so. Manabu says he'll be leaving the school on the 31st. Kiyotaka asks him to wait at the gate at noon of that day to talk to Suzune. Manabu says that there's still time right now but Kiyotaka says it's still too early for her. Manabu tells him to come on the 31st and says that he won't invite anyone other than Kiyotaka and Suzune. Kiyotaka agrees by giving a small nod. Just as Kiyotaka is going back to the dorms, he is greeted by Hirata.
Hirata talks about how Mii-chan confessed to him. Kiyotaka asks him what his answer would be and Hirata says he wants to turn her down but doesn't want to hurt her. Kiyotaka tells him that the longer he puts it off, the more he'll hurt her when he eventually breaks the news to her. This gives Hirata his resolve and he thanks Kiyotaka. Hirata blushes as he asks Kiyotaka if they can call each other by a first-name basis (illustration of shy-looking Hirata). Kiyotaka mentally notes that he feels something weird from all this but says that he has no reason to refuse.
Chapter 2
Kiyotaka meets Hiyori at a cafe (illustration). They notice Ike and Shinohara next to them. Kiyotaka is silently encouraging Ike whom is about to confess, but Ike and Shinohara notice Kiyotaka at the last minute. They asks if Kiyotaka and Hiyori are going out to which Hiyori denies in a flustered manner. Ike and Shinohara start an argument as usual and the confession breaks down. Hiyori asks Kiyotaka if he was the one who caused Ryuuen to change. Kiyotaka asks for her reasoning, to which Hiyori replied that Ryuuen changed shortly after he was hunting someone in Kiyotaka's class. And also that Ishizaki, Ibuki and Albert have been looking at him differently ever since. Hiyori says that she feels Ryuuen's tactics in the most recent exam were too reckless since it was possible that the school could have investigated him for foul play. Kiyotaka neither affirms nor denies anything but tells her to tell Ryuuen that if it were him, he could have gotten 6 wins instead of 5. Also, Kei comes in at the end and sees Hiyori and Kiyotaka on a date. She glares at the two of them as if they were trash.
Afterwards, Kiyotaka runs into Ibuki on an elevator. They muse about how they got stuck the last time they were together on an elevator. Ishizaki comes across them and asks whether or not they're on a date. A very angry Ibuki rebukes him for that comment. Ishizaki tells Ayanokouji he has a grand idea for how to get to Class A. He says that Kiyotaka should go to their class and with Ryuuen and Kiyotaka, their class would be invincible. He says that he feels like Kiyotaka has good compatibility with Ryuuen and that both he and Albert have grown fond of him. Ibuki calls him an idiot and asks where he plans to get the 20 million from. Ayanokouji apologises, saying that it'd be more fun to be enemies than to team up.
Chapter 3
Kiyotaka receives a text message at around 8 in the morning from Ichinose asking whether he and Horikita could meet up with her sometime during spring break. They meet up at a cafe and Ichinose offers to pay for them. Horikita doesn't hold back and orders something immediately. Kiyotaka whispers to Ichinose asking if her class' finances are alright but Ichinose says that it's okay since it's only about a month until April. They share information about the end of year exam, in particular the details of what Ryuuen did to Class B. In return, Horikita reveals everything about their fight with Class A. Pre-empting a potential screw up, Kiyotaka mentions the whole thing about Horikita requesting that they fight Class A. This is new information to Horikita who thought that they only fought Class A because they were forced to. Horikita glares at him but doesn't say anything. Kiyotaka notes that if it were the old Horikita, she would have instantly said something like "Huh? I never said anything like that!". Towards the end, Horikita says that in addition, from the 2nd year onwards, she would like to nullify the alliance with Class B. She says that the reason it was able to work was because the point differential between the classes was too big. But looking at the results, Class D gained the most class points in this year, and hence their classes would actually be competing with each other now in the rankings. Ichinose feels slightly reluctant but closes her eyes. When she opens them again, she acknowledges Horikita and Kiyotaka as her opponents.
Afterwards, Kiyotaka and Horikita leave first whilst Ichinose stays behind at the cafe for a while longer. Just as Kiyotaka is going down the staircase of Keyaki Mall's cafe, Horiktia calls out to him from behind. She demands an explanation for why he wanted to fight Class A. Kiyotaka replies that he had a hunch that Ryuuen would return and since they can't pick Class B because of the alliance, Class A was the best option. She says that there was no way of knowing that Ryuuen would come back even for him. She also points out that it's fishy how he got the protection point from Sakayanagi. But she says that doesn't matter any more and she wants to know whether or not he'll actually cooperate to reach A Class. She says that whilst the class has improved a lot over the past year, she still requires his cooperation if they actually want to get there. She demands that he remove the restrictions that he placed on himself and wants him to show his true abilities. Kiyotaka says that he will try from next semester onwards but would be drawing to much attention to himself if all his grades skyrocketed immediately. She questions whether or not his abilities are really worth hiding, since he lost to Sakayanagi. She says that whilst she acknowledges that he's smart, there's many excellent students at this school such as Yukimura, Sakayanagi and herself. She says that whilst it would be temporarily surprising for him to suddenly become a top 10/20% student in the grade, it wouldn't be too unusual for a student to improve drastically in a short amount of time. Kiyotaka replies with "Sorry Horikita, but I don't think there's anyone in our grade who is on the same level as me". She replies that even though he is acknowledged by her brother, he hasn't shown any evidence to her of his abilities being like what he says they are like. She says that even though it was an incredibly high level chess match, he still lost to Sakayanagi and a loss is a loss. In order to back up the words that he just spoke, he should be able to win against anyone at anything. Kiyotaka replies that she is free to perceive that loss however she likes. Horikita demands that he have a competition with her so she can use herself as a yardstick to measure Kiyotaka's abilities. She says that at the very least, she's confident that she'll be able to score a higher mark than him on a written test as well as beat him in a physical fight. Kiyotaka then proposes a bet in the next written exams. Horikita will get to choose one subject of her liking and tell him the chosen subject on the day of the exam, preventing him from focus studying it. They will then compete for the higher mark. This way, even if he scores 100%, he can just pass it off as only studying for one subject. if Horikita wins, she demands that Kiyotaka stop hiding his abilities (since it would mean they weren't worth hiding) and pour 100% of his effort into reaching Class A. If Kiyotaka wins, she would have to grant him any one wish. Afterwards, Kiyotaka sees Ryuuen who calls him out.
This is a flashback to a few hour prior. Hashimoto meets Ryuuen in the toilet and asks stuff like why he's decided to compete again. Ryuuen says it's only a one-time whim and Hashimoto says that it sure is a scary whim. He calls someone on his phone to "come to the location I said earlier" and then tries to bait a reaction out of Ryuuen by saying that he was calling Ayanokouji. But Ryuuen stays calm and receives all his baits without revealing anything. Kanzaki then comes and warns Ryuuen that he won't allow Ryuuen to pull a dirty trick like that on Class B ever again (illustration of the three of them at the urinals). Ryuuen jokingly asks what are you going to do? Call the school on me?" to which Kanzaki concedes that they likely wouldn't take any action. But Kanzaki says that if he tries it again, Kanzaki will personally deal with it. Hashimoto meanwhile just kind of edges them on like the asshole that he is.
Back in the present time, Ryuuen confronts Ayanokouji, having received Hiyori's message. He demands Ayanokouji to explain what he meant. Ayanokouji says that Ryuuen's method was too risky and left too much evidence that the school could have potentially used against him. Ryuuen says 'you're not my teacher'. He attempts an eye stab + roundhouse kick surprise attack at Ayanokouji but all three attempts are dodged. Ryuuen calls him a "fucking monster". Ryuuen also states that since Kiyotaka defeated him, there's no way that he's below Sakayanagi. Afterwards, in private, Ryuuen admits to his own shortcomings and decides to hede Kiyotaka's advice if he ever wants to get closer to his level.
On his way back to the dorms, Kiyotaka notices Ichinose standing alone in the rain. He asks her what she is doing and warns her that she's going to catch a cold. Ichinose replies that at the moment, she might want to catch a cold. To her shock, Kiyotaka folds his umbrella and stands next to her in the rain. He says that he won't leave until she does, to which Ichinose calls him a 'meanie' since he knows that there's no way she could simply let him stand in the rain. The two of them return to Kiyotaka's dorm room where he hands her a towel to wipe herself with and then asks her to explain the issue. Ichinose reveals that Class B's morale has greatly sunk after their loss to Class D and feels that whilst all the other leaders (Sakayanagi, Horikita and Ryuuen) have grown a lot over the past year, she personally hasn't changed. She worries about whether or not she is a good leader for her class. She asks Kiyotaka about how he views her class' future. He tells her to come back in one year's time on this day and he will honestly tell her his opinion then (the touching her cheeks and lips thing happens around here as he makes her look into his eyes). She thanks him for always saving her in the times of trouble and he says that it's all merely coincidence. Kiyotaka mentally notes that he will be the one to personally finish off her class.
Chapter 4
Suzune cuts her hair short, finally realising that her brother wanted her to stop following in his footsteps. She greets her at the school gate together with Kiyotaka (short hair Horikita and Manabu illustration). Her brother smiles at her for the first time in years. Afterwards, she's walking back with Kiyotaka but Kiyotaka tells her that she doesn't need to hold it in. She bursts into full crying mode, anguishing over how she finally realised what her brother was trying to tell her, but now she wouldn't be able to see him again for two whole years (crying Horikita illustration). Kiyotaka then tells her, that if he wins their competition, he wants her to join the student council. He also tells her about the private points contract with Kushida whilst hiding the real reason for it (he tells her it was only so Kushida would stop targeting him for expulsion), to which she says that sometimes she can't tell if he's actually an idiot. To her shock, he tells her that he originally determined that it wouldn't be a large burden since the contract would be nullified if he got Kushida expelled. But he's since changed his mind, although he will still ruthlessly get rid of her if he determines her existence to be detrimental to the class.
Chapter 5
Matsushita goes into her background, saying that she hides her abilities but has confidence of being top 10% in the grade if she actually tried. Early on in the school year, she decided that it was impossible for the class to reach Class A. There were too many deadweights. Even though there were a couple of bright individuals, around half the class comprised the bottom 20% of the grade. But she thought that the situation might change if there were a couple more bright students in the class. She suspects Kiyotaka of hiding his abilities like she does. The leaders in the class (Hirata and Horikita) always seemed to be around Kiyotaka. Additionally, she noticed Kei often looked at Kiyotaka. She ignored this because Kei had a boyfriend but then she broke up with Hirata. Since she viewed Kei as someone with high standards, this wouldn't make sense unless Kei deemed Kiyotaka to be above Hirata. Additionally, in the flash arithmetics part of the last exam, he had gotten the same answer for the last question as Kouenji. That wasnt a question that someone could get right just by being a little smart. She also had doubts over the protection point that Sakayanagi's class had given him.
On that day, she met up with Sato and Shinohara in a cafe. The other 2 tease Shinohara about how her relationship is going with Ike. She denies it and says that if she were to go out with someone, she'd prefer someone who was taller and smarter. The topic moves to Sato, who tells them to promise to keep it a secret. She then reveals that on Christmas, she confessed to Kiyotaka and got rejected. Shinohara gets mad at the reasoning Kiyotaka gave. Matsushita normally wouldn't care about such a topic, but since she wants to learn more about Kiyotaka, she deliberately keeps pressing Sato for her thoughts. Sato reveals that even now she still loves Kiyotaka and because of that, she notices some things that others do not. In particular, she feels like Kiyotaka likes Karuizawa and that Karuizawa may have dumped Hirata to be together with him. Shinohara rubbishes that statement saying there's no way any girl would dump Hirata for Ayanokouji, but Matsushita feels validated that her opinion is also matched by that of someone who had fallen in love with Kiyotaka. She notices Kiyotaka walking by outside and then excuses herself, saying that she needed to take a phone call. She follows him but quickly hides when she notices Acting Director Tsukishiro approach him.
Tsukishiro gives Kiyotaka some information on the White Room. He tells Kiyotaka that he doesn't actually give a shit about a kid like him, but in his line of work, it is impossible to go against Kiyotaka's father. He tells Kiyotaka that next year, a first year student will be coming from the White Room. He tells Kiyotaka that he is willing to play a game with odds completely onesided in favour of Kiyotaka. If Kiyotaka can determine the identity of this student, Tsukishiro will willingly withdraw from the school. Kiyotaka asks whether there's only going to be 1 and Tsukishiro says "do you really think I have the power to bring in a bunch of people from the white room?". Kiyotaka doubts Tsukishiro's words within his own mind. He says that there are 7 billion people on this planet so he has no doubt that there are people who are better than him. But he has absolute confidence that nobody from the white room is able to beat him. Before parting, Tsukishiro notes that Matsushita is following Kiyotaka. Kiyotaka confirms that he already knew that. He walks down a few more streets and then turns a corner. When Matsushita follows him, she find Kiyotaka already waiting there for her. She is surprised that he found out and is sent into a state of panic. He asks her what her business was and she says that she was surprised to see Tsukishiro speak to Kiyotaka. Her questions are:
Kiyotaka's gives excuses for the first two (some stuff about student opinions and then going to nationals at mental arithmetics in middle school but being unconfident since his opponent was class A). He gives a vague answer to the thirs question and then says yes to the fourth.
(Most of it has already been translated and most of you have already been spoiled so I won't bother writing any thing for this section. Just go read Cinnamin's translation if you haven't seen it yet.)
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2019.09.24 18:25 reverseisekaiheroine Light Novel Volume 11.5 Official Discussion Thread

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Light Novel Volume 11.5

General Info

  • No. of Volume: 14
  • No. of Pages: 328
  • Cover: Honami Ichinose
  • Release Date: September 25, 2019 (JP)
  • ISBN:978-4-04-064007-5 (JP)


The first year of the popular school revelation combo is about to conclude!
Class C has overcome the final exam of the first years without anyone becoming expelled despite the interference from the school. The last event of the year, the graduation exam is approaching.
Horikita is hesitating about meeting her brother for the last time and is given advice by Ayanokōji who is preparing a countermeasure against Interim Board Chairman Tsukishiro. The System has to be countered using the System itself, thus Ayanokōji is contacting Board Chairman Sakayanagi while secretly negotiating with Mashima, the homeroom teacher of Class A, and Chabashira.
On the other hand, classmates are beginning to question his fake persona. Curiosity and desire intertwined, Chiaki Matsushita from class C is starting to track him. It’s still more than enough time left of the first year for classmates to take their relations to the next step—.
A new School Revelation is about to begin, the first year chapter is ending!



Please note that fan translation links posted here can be removed anytime without notice due to copyright issue
Status: Pending.

Where to Read Online?

  • Trial version (in Japanese): MF Bunko J / Book Walker / Kadokawa Store
  • Full version (in Japanese): Not available, you can purchase a copy to support the creators and rights holders.

Where to Buy it?

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2019.07.09 16:35 carplea Volume 11 chapter 1 to 5 summaries

For those who are looking for summaries of volume 11, chapters 1 to 5 are out now @ https://you-zitsu.fandom.com/wiki/Light_Novel_Volume_11/Summary?comments_page=1
I think the translator will be releasing the rest of the summaries by end of this week.
Enjoy reading! :)
Chapter 1
In almost the end of February, little after class voting test was formally finished, the new chairman Tsukishiro holds a discussion with other teachers regarding the final special exam of the year. While the final special exam for second and third year students is of roughly same difficulty as before, for first years the special exam is significantly harder than usual. Mashima appeals for the chairman to reconsider the exam for first years. He believes the low number of drop out among first year is not a justified reason for significantly increasing difficulty of the exam. The director says that its a decision from government-owned corporation which control the school and that concession in the form of the Protection Points has already been provided. The chairman also claims that the school was always trial oriented and new experiments, such as Cultural festival in which important politician are invited, are beneficial for the school. After the meeting, Chabashira invites Mashima and Hoshinomiya for a talk. They discuss the possibility that the director wishes to fire rebellious teachers like Mashima. After Chabashira leaves, Hoshinomiya says that she won't let Chabashira's class catch up to hers.
Chapter 2
It is March of 8th. Chabashira explains the rules of the final special exam, Events Selection Exam, to the class. In the exam, each class is supposed to come with 10 events and rules which decide the winner of the event. The event must be popular enough to be well know, such as rock paper scissors, poker, or chess. In the cases of situations like written tests questions and other related events, the school will decide the questions in order to ensure fairness. The rules of the events must be adjusted to ensure that there is never a tie. All 10 events must be unique and must not take too long to finish. For any event, the minimum number of participants is 1 and the maximum number are 20, including substitutes. There can only be two events with more than 10 participants, including the substitutes. Each student can participate in only one event and cannot participate in more than 2 events. A student may participate in only one event unless all of the student's classmates have already participated in one event each, in which case the student may participate more than once. Asides from the events, the class must also choose one "Commanding Tower". If the class wins, the commanding tower earns private points individually, but if the class loses, they will be expelled. The commanding tower needs to be decided by the end of the day. The commanding tower of each class will draw a lottery and the winner will get to decide which class they wish to compete against. If, for example, class A's commanding tower wins the lottery and chooses to compete with class C, then class B will be forced to compete with class A. Though each class has to select 10 events, it need to select 5 of them as "certain events" and those are the events the class actually wish to compete in. The remaining 5 are to be selected to deceive other classes about which events are going to be selected. The 10 events for the classes battle and their corresponding rule are to be announced on March 15th. Among the 10 "certain events" of both the competing classes, the school then chooses 7 events and announces them on the day of the test, March 22nd. It is in these 7 events that the classes will actually compete against each other. Each event is worth 30 Class Points, i.e. the winning class receives 30 points and the loosing class has 30 points deducted. The class with more events won would be considered the winner and receive an additional 100 points. After the explanation is finished, Chabashira leaves the class. Hirata, who usually acts as the class leader, is still depressed from the recent expulsion and sits silently with his head down, forcing Horikita to act as the class leader. Sudō complains about the recent expulsion and brings up the strangeness of Ayanokōji receiving 42 praise votes. Horikita explains this was part of Sakayanagi's strategy to expel Yamauchiwhile giving the protection point to someone who is unremarkable and not a threat for her class. Though most of her classmates understand her explanation is logical, they can't fully accept it. To clear this doubt, Ayanokōji nominates himself as the commanding tower. Shinohara objects to Ayanokōj's nomination since she felt selecting someone unremarkable as him is equivalent of giving up on winning the event itself, but since no one else volunteers to become the commanding tower, Ayanokōji is chosen to be the commanding tower.
Chapter 3
At lunch break, everyone except Kōenji and Hirata are present for the planned discussion. Most students are anxious about Hirata’s absence. Sudō, in particular, is also angry at Kōenji for not keeping his word about participating in class events. Due to absence of Hirata, Horikita takes the role of motivate her classmates and forming strategies. After school, Hirata once again leaves the classroom. Mei follows after Hirata. Chabashira asks for the commanding tower to meet her in the corridor. Before leaving, Ayanokōji is instructed by Horikita to choose class D as the opponent if given the choice. Chabashira is surprised Ayanokōji volunteered to become the commanding tower. They go to A multi-functional classroom is situated in the school's special building, where the commanding tower will be situated during the special exam The commanding towers for Class A is Sakayanagi, Class B is Ichinose and Class D is Kaneda. The commanding towers drew lots and Kaneda from Class D won. Kaneda chose Class B as Class D's opponent. This was due to Ayanokōji telling Kaneda that Class C wishes to challenge Class A. The commanding towers receive instructions from the teachers about how to operate the computer through which they will be managing their class. They are told they would have a time limit of 30 seconds per student when selecting students for the events. If the selection time has passed without the commanding tower completing the selection, the computer will automatically pick students. During the test, the events would be displayed on the computer along with the rules for when the commanding tower can intervene. Intervention allow the commanding tower can give instructions from the computer, in form of text, to only one student per event which they choose before hand. The designated student needs to wear a headset to receive the instructions. After this Ayanokōji returns home. At around 6 o'clock, Karuizawa comes to visit Ayanokōji as per his instructions. She is worried that other people might have seen her coming here and this could start some rumors. Ayanokōji tells her that since Hashimoto and few other senior students have already seen them together, there is no longer any point in hiding their relationship. He also points out that since he is the commanding officer, it would not seem unusual for him to call her for discussion about the event. Kei then tells him about all the relevant information she know about every girl in the class. To Kei's surprise, Ayanokōji had memorized all the information she told him. When Kei is about to leave, Ayanokōji calls her out and gives her birthday and white day present. He bought her a heart 20,000 s-points heart shaped necklace, after searching for recommendations on presents at a woman's website. Kei calls it a heavy present and says it only gets 10 points out of 100, whereas a snack box would have gotten 15 points out of a 100. Ayanokōji tells her to leave the necklace here, if she doesn't want it, and that he would instead get her a snack box. Kei then instead wears the necklace and says that even though the heart looks childish, it still suits her and accepts the present.
Chapter 4
Next day, during the lunch break, Ayanokōji group gather for lunch as usual. Ayanokōji asks what the class discussed yesterday when he was with Chabashira. They tell him not much was discussed due to spies from Class A were listening on their conversation by standing outside the classroom. They discuss that choosing events that only rely on luck will result in only 1.56% change of winning and thus they discuss about the importance of intelligence warfare in this special exam. After school, several girls try to stop Hirata from leaving but he ignores them and leaves. Kōenji says that this is only time he will participate in the discussion and asks them to finish up quickly. Horikita asks everyone to think about things they are good at and things they would never lose. After saying, regardless of the event you put me in, the class will win that event, Kōenji leaves. Next morning, Hirata arrives almost late to the class. Most students try to avoid him but Mi-chan greets him, only to be ignored. During lunch break, Hirata tries to leave, but Mi-chan tries to stop him. Hirata asks her to stop caring about him and tells her that she is annoying. Kei calls him out on his rude behavior. Hirata asks her to stop calling him by his first name and tells her it is no different from her usual behavior. When she tries to defend herself, he subtly threatens her about exposing the truth about their fake relationship. After school, Hirata and Kōenji leave without participating in the discussion as usual. Mi-chan is hesitant to follow after Hirata due to his harsh rejection and is eventually stopped by Kushida. Before the discussion begins, Keisei shares his concerns about presence of spies. As a countermeasure, they ask Kushida to form a group chat with all members of class in it and decide to talk there. Mi-chan, changes her mind and decides to chase after Hirata. Horikita, in an attempt to stop Mi-chan, chases after her. Ayanokōji also chases after Horikita by saying her presence in the class is more important than his. Ayanokōji goes to Hirata's house and finds Mi-chan in front of it. Ayanokōji asks Mi-chan why she is so desperate to help Hirata even tough others have abandoned him. She tells him that even if Hirata ends up hating her, she thinks it important to save him. They decide to meet Hirata together. Ayanokōji returns to the classroom only to find Hashimoto strolling in the corridor outside Class-C. Hashimoto asks Ayanokōji why he became the commanding tower. Ayanokōji tells him that Class-C is likely to lose against Class-A so he became the commanding tower to avoid expulsion. Ayanokōji reply and Horikita's strategy of using text messages to avoid leaking information results in Hashimoto loosing interest in Class-C and leaving. Afterwards, the class discuss various things they can choose as an event in the group chat. Horikita is concerned about the limited number of one participant events that can be held. Next morning, Ayanokōji meets Hoshinomiya on his way to school. She indirectly tells him that it in the past, students had a roommate and that the roommate system was abolished due to frequent conflicts between student. She also mentioned that there are higher chances of couples forming now then in past due to absence of roommates. They are eventually interrupted by Chabashira.
Chapter 5
While on their way to lunch, Ayanokōji's group saw Shibata fiercely complaining about Class D's recent action to Ichinose and Kanzaki. Upon noticing presence of Ayanokōji's group, Ichinose invites them for lunch at the coffee shop. She offers to make it her treat, but the idea is declined by Ayanokōji. Kanzaki tells Ayanokōji's group that Class D has been stalking, relentlessly following and attempting to mentally pressure Class B members in order to reduce their mobility and hinder their ability to make decisions. Upon hearing this, Keisei tells Kanzaki that Class A has also sent spies to monitor Class C's activities. Ichinose intends for Class B ignore Class D's actions and instead focus solely on doing their best on the exam. After finishing their lunch class D left. Ayanokōji found Ichinose's behavior when interacting with him a little strange. He noticed that she sometimes didn't maintain eye contact while talking to him. On the other hand, she sometimes only looked at him when talking to the entire group. Airimentions that Ichinose has started using perfume. Keisei changes the topic and says that he is glad that their opponent is Class A instead of Class B. Keisei thinks highly of their strong unity and above average skill. As they are talking about this, Haruka notices Ikeand Shinohara walking a little far from them. It turns out that Ike was inviting Shinohara out on a date on White Day due to receiving chocolates on Valentines day. Shinohara accepts the invitation. Ayanokōji's group talk about what they just witnessed a little before going home. The next day, Ayanokōji notices that the gatherings after school have been decreasing over time, and instead the group chat for Class C has become more active. Everyone except Hirata and Kōenji is participating in the group chat. Ayanokōji asks Kushida why she isn't taking initiative in the special exam this time around. She tells him that disclosure about Kushida's assistance in Yamauchi's plan has really hurt her reputation and she just can't bring herself to lead the class anymore. Ayanokōji asks her to instead give him all the information she has about the class. Kushida refuses to give him any information and says that she neither intends to help nor hinder the class for now. Hearing this, Ayanokōji concludes it would be better to give up. It is Sunday, March 14, the White Day. At 7 o'clock in the morning, Ayanokōji decided to put gifts into mailboxes of the students who had given him Valentine's Day chocolates. While doing so, Ayanokōji runs into Ichinose who is once again avoiding eye contact with him. Ichinose checks her mailbox and finds Ayanokōji's gift inside. She tells him there was no need for this, but Ayanokōji thinks that it is only courteous to give a return gift, after which she thanks him. Ayanokōji asks her for update on Shibata's incident. She tells him number of targets have increased from 3 to 9. They know that stalkers include Ishizaki, Komiya, Yamada, Kondo, Ibuki, and Kinoshita. Ichinose tells him that they intend to focus on defense for now. When Ichinose is asked about whether or not their class has decided on the 10 events, she affirms it. Ayanokōji says he has entrusted task of deciding all 10 events and rules for commanding tower intervention entirely to Horikita. He also says that he was chose to sacrifice his protection point and became the commanding tower to prevent any expulsions. Before leaving, Ichinose says that she messed up. When Ayanokōji tries to inquire about it, she tells him it's nothing to worry about. After she left, Ayanokōji notices that she didn't wear her perfume today. On Monday morning, the day when events of each class will be announced, Ayanokōji comes across Horikita's brother and Tachibana. Ayanokōji asks Manabu why he threatened Horikita to drop out of the school when they enrolled. Manabu tells him that he was not disappointed by her surface level achievements but rather her inner growth. He tells him that Suzune used to be a child who smiled a lot, but because she started trying to imitate him in every aspect and adopted such a cold image. She started mimicking him in every aspect, even in stuff like favorite food, favorite colors and taste in clothes. He tells Ayanokōji that he tried to change her habit by treating her with apathy, but in the end it was only counterproductive. He also tells Ayanokōji that if Suzune stopped chasing him, she will surpass his brother and become an existence Ayanokōji can’t ignore. Ayanokōji tells him that he will seriously try to change her. Ayanokōji decides that his purpose in school is trying to change Horikita. Ayanokōji also asks, whether Manabu and Tachibana are in a relation, which Manabu denies. Manabu says that he doesn’t mind giving Suzune to Ayanokōji if they end up falling in love, but both Ayanokōji and Manuba think it is likely impossible. Tachibana thinks this might become some kind of flag. At the end of morning class of the same day, Class A’s events were announced. The events and rules were the following: "International Chess”, “Mental Arithmetic”, "Go", "Modern Literature Quiz”; “Social Science Quiz"; "Volleyball"; "Mathematics Quiz"; "English Quiz"; "Long rope jump"; and "Dodge Ball". Command Tower's intervention rules set by Class A for most events allowed limit intervention except for "International Chess”, where the commander tower could give instructions at any time, using the given time limit, of up to 30 minutes. Since "International Chess” had a time limit of 1 hour, it allowed commanding tower to have a huge influence of on the final outcome. Horikita surmised that Class A's strategy must have been to select sports events that clearly requires tight coordination so that Class C can't easily focus on written test events alone. Although most of the students in Class C knew about International Chess and "Go", only Soshi Miyamoto had played Go and only Ayanokōji had played "International Chess". For the remainder of the class, Horikita continued the discussion about selecting students for the events. During the lunch break, Keisei told Horikita that he wanted to talk to her in private about the special exam. Horikita agreed on the condition of letting Ayanokōji come along. Keisei proposes that they should ask Katsuragi, who must hold a grudge against Sakayanagi, to leak information about which events are "official events" in return for 20 million private points. Keisei says that if they win this event, they would get a minimum of 130 points, which would mean an additional 6 million private points a year for the class. This would allow them to save up 20 million points and allow Katsuragi to transfer to any class. Horikita tells Keisei that the proposal is too risky for Katsuragi to agree with it. After Horikita left, Keisei asks for Ayanokōji's help in convincing Katsuragi about the proposal. At 6 p.m. of the same day, Horikita calls Ayanokōji to invite him over to her room to discuss something about the special exam. She told him that she will finish telling all she has to say within an hour. When Ayanokōji arrives, Horikita tells him to have a seat while she finishes making dinner. Ayanokōji reluctantly has a seat and asks to confirm whether think will really take less than an hour. She tells him that she will indeed finish saying all she has to say within an hour, but everything included can take 2 hours. Horikita told Ayanokōji that she had actively tried to cook by herself every since she found out her brother planned on attending this school, in order to improve her culinary skills. When Ayanokōji tells her that her cooking proficiency is pretty good, she tells him that such special skills are useless nowadays, so it's unnecessary to praise her. When Horikita finishes cooking, she asks Ayanokōji to try it. Ayanokōji is suspicious of her intentions but reluctantly eats it. After Ayanokōji finishes eating, Horikita gives him a notebook where she had written the combat plan she thought was most suitable for Class C. She tells him to evaluate the plan and says he is obliged to do so since she treated him to her handmade dinner. In the notebook, events for Class C were written along with analysis for who are the best candidates for both Class A and Class C's events. The events for Class C were "English", "Basketball", "Archery", "Swimming", "Tennis", "Table Tennis", "Typing Speed Test", "Soccer", "Piano" and "Scissors-paper-stone". The content written in the notebook matched what Ayanokōji had obtained on his own. He tells Horikita that everything written in the notebook seemed correct. Horikita also accepts Ayanokōji's request of her participation in the "international chess" event and will be receiving training from him late at night through the web. Horikita asks him whether he incited her to take action behind the scenes during the Class Poll special test. Ayanokōji affirms her suspicions while mentally noting that she will likely become increasingly difficult to control in the future. Horikita then asks if he can beat Sakayanagi, Ayanokōji replies that she shouldn't be a completely unwinnable opponent. Ayanokōji tells Horikita before leaving that he will be leaving everything, including the rules regarding the Command Tower, up to her. A few days before the exam, Keisei and Ayanokōji successfully managed to contact Katsuragi and invite him to an isolated place. Keisei asks Katsuragi to tell him which 5 events are official in return for 20 million points. Katsuragi tells Keisei that if you could have immediately offered 20 million points, it would be a different story but currently there is no guarantee that Class C will be able to come up with 20 million even if they rose to Class A. Katsuragi tells Keisei that even if a deal can't be made without a common interest, which Keisei failed to establish. Katsuragi adds on that he feels indelible anger towards Sakayanagi and even without a deal he is willing to give them his casual prediction about which events are likely to be official. He tells them that though Sakayanagi hasn't revealed official events to anyone, International Chess, English Test, Math Test, Modern Literature Quiz and Mental Arithmetic are most likely to be the official events. He also tells them in case he is chosen for Mental Arithmetic, he can't get simple questions wrong but will try to get the difficult ones wrong. After Katsuragi left, Keisei excitedly tells Ayanokōji that they need to inform Horikita about this. Ayanokōji asks Keisei to let him handle when to give her the report to Horikita, to which Keisei reluctantly agrees.
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2019.03.20 10:54 eyesbluelying Waifus

Waifus: 1. Alice Nakiri 2. Tsuyu Asui 3. Sucy Manbavaran 4. Toga Himiko 5. Megumin 6. Matoi Ryuko 7. Yorha 2B 8. Atsuko Kagari 9. Izumi Sagiri 10. Acerola 11. Sakura (Fire Emblem) 12. Illyasviel Von Einzbern 13. Lucina 14. Kyouko Kirigiri 15. Akarin 16. Astolfo 17. Nichijou 18. Nanami Chiaki 19. Shimakaze 20. Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell 21. Stocking (Panty & Stocking) 22. Ryuujou (Kancolle) 23. Satori Komeiji 24. Nico Yazawa 25. Arisu Tachibana 26. Shachi Yuuri 27. Shigure Kancolle 28. Nao Tomori 29. Tsugumi Seishirou 30. Nonon Jakuzure 31. Kurisu Makise 32. Mira Yurizaki 33. Yukino Yukinoshita 34. Krul Tepes 35. Nadeko Sengeku 36. Tachibana Kanade 37. Meroune Lorelei 38. Reina Izumi 39. Momo Velia Deviluke 40. Tohru 41. Hex Maniac 42. Kanna Kamui 43. Luka Urushibara 44. Benio Adashiro 45. Kukuri (Mahoujin Guruguru) 46. Kuroki Tomoko 47. Koume Shirasaka 48. Maika Sakuranomiya 49. Hotaru Shidare 50. Hululu 51. Chihiro Fujisaki 52. Rikka Takanashi 53. Yuzu (Konohana Kitan) 54. Taiga Aisaka 55. Mariya Shido 56. Tokisaki Kurumi (Date a Live) 57. Fumika Sagisawa 58. Ookami Ryouko 59. Crusch Karsten 60. Shantae 61. Yui (Angel Beats) 62. Kuroumaru Tokisaka 63. Delthea 64. Pyra (Xenoblade 2) 65. Takimoto Hifumi 66. Nagatoro-san 67. Celestia Ludenberg 68. Yukinoshita Yukino 69. Jeanne d'Arc (Fate) 70. Totsuka Saika 71. Komi Shouko 72. Rachel Alucard 73. Hideri Kanzaki 74. Yagami Kou 75. Shinobu Oshino 76. Touzokuyama Megumu 77. Raphiel Shiraha Ainsworth 78. Kuriyama Mirai 79. Ciel Phantomhive 80. Nitori Kawaishiro 81. Hatsuzuki 82. Chihiro Komiya 83. Natsuki (DDLC) 84. Sayori (DDLC) 85. Yuri (DDLC) 86. Monika (DDLC) 87. Himiko Yumen 88. Miu Iruma 89. Tamamo No Mae 90. Junko Enoshima 91. Kirumi Tojo 92. Rin Shima (Yurucamp) 93. Ran Mitake 94. Onodera Kosaki 95. Maki Harakuwa 96. Kaede Akamatsu 97. Mai Kawakami 98. Sayaka Maizono 99. Tsuhiki Araragi 100. Nana Aster Deviluke 101. Ochako Uraraka 102. Hiyoko Saionji 103. Mikan Tsumiki 104. Zero Two (Franxx) 105. Shouko Nishimiya 106. Mashu Kylielight 107. Naruse Maria 108. Tamate Momochi 109. Kamuri Sengoku 110. Kawakaze 111. Aoba Suzuzake 112. Gabriela Lotarynska 113. Miho Nishizumi 114. Shirase Kobuchizawa 115. Kasane Teto 116. Sachi Komine 117. Rumi Yokoi 118. Neko Musume 119. Courtney (Pokemon) 120. Diana Cavendish 121. Haruka Kotoura 122. Mami Tomoe 123. SCP-166 124. AI Chan (Tawawa on Monday) 125. Yoruka Kirihime 126. Miu Amano 127. Shalltear Bloodfallen 128. Kano Sazanami 129. Yuiko Kurugaya 130. Klaxosaur Princess 131. Kyoko saku 132. Karuta Roromiya 133. Beatrice (Re:Zero) 134. Yui Yuigahama 135. Alice Baskerville 136. Marika Tachibana 137. Remilia Scarlet 138. Phos 139. Rin Shibuya 140. Misuzu Gundou 141. Sumireko Usami 142. Hanayo Koizumi 143. Nozomi Tojo 144. Minato Yukina 145. Ritsu Tainaka 146. Kaos-Chan 147. Anzu Futaba 148. Renge Miyauchi 149. Yae Sakura 150. Umaru Doma 151. Ibuki Mioda 152. Shuten Doji (Fate/Grand Order) 153. Mika Jougasaki 154. Mashiro Mitsumine 155. Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star) 156. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) 157. Kyoka Jiro 158. Madoka Kaname 159. Nichijou Ringo 160. Ringo-chan (Haegiwa) 161. Horikita Suzune 162. Sengoku Kamuri 163. Asia Argento 164. Yuuki Asuna 165. Misaka Mikoto 166. Birdy Cephon Altera 167. Hijiri Byakuren 168. MDR (Girl's Frontline) 169. U 511 170. Aqua (Konosuba) 171. Kon Hishamiru 172. Yui Funami 173. Sakuya Izayoi 174. Gabriel White Tenma 175. Vignette Tsukinose April 176. Rem Galleu 177. Nadeko Sengoku 178. Emi Ibarazaki 179. Carol Olston 180. Haruka Kotoura (Kotoura-san) 181. Mitsuki Bakugo 182. AE3803 183. Chitoge Kirisaki 184. Kirino Kousaka 185. Mio Akiyama 186. Ichiko Sakura 187. Anna Nishikinomiya 188. Tatsumaki Tornado 189. Akane Eimura 190. Ririka Momobami 191. Aya Hirano (Lucky Star) 192. Yoshiko Hanabatake 193. Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star) 194. Karibuchi Hikari (Brave Witches) 195. Maka Albarn (Soul Eater) 196. Kinue Hayase (Masamune Kun) 197. Merry Nightmare (Yumekui Merry) 198. Chloe Lemaire 199. Hime Arikawa (Himegoto) 200. Tsumugi Inuzuka 201. Rachel Gardner (Angels of Death) 202. Tsumugi Kotobuki (K-ON) 203. Hanako Honda 204. Olivia (Asobase Asobasi) 205. Catherine Ward (Satsuriku no tenshi) 206. Mayuri Shiina 207. Artoria Pendragon 208. Laura Bodewig 209. Levi Kazama 210. Yumeko Jabami 211. Mafuyu Hoshikawa 212. Camie Utsushimi 213. Eto Yoshimura 214. Hinami Fueguchi 215. Hatsume Mei 216. Trucy Wright 217. Horuda Puresu 218. Shoebill (Kemono Friends) 219. Hotaru Furuya 220. Kokona Haruka 221. Shiromi Torayoshi 222. Oka Ruto 223. Yui Rio 224. Peacock (Skullgirls) 225. Bowsette 226. Hinano Kurahashi 227. Booette 228. Suzu Hagimura 229. Peni Parker 230. Sakura Minamoto 231. Taokaka 232. Nejire Hado 234. Komi Shouko 235. Rikka Takarada 236. Cordie (CliffSide) 237. Ellen Baker 238. Spooky 239. Tirsiak 240. Reimu Hakurei 241. Azusa Nakano 242. Mio Akiyama 243. Maria Takayama 244. Medusa Lily 245. Kofuku noragami
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2017.06.29 21:01 Nickknight8 The Unofficial /r/anime In Depth Summer Preview Part 3 (N - Z)

Welcome back to the final part of my unoffical summer preview
<-------- Part 2
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart (Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat)
Information: MALANNKey Visual
Studio: ?
Start Date: ?
Episodes: ? (Short)
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
Nora Handa is a boy who lives with Shachi Yuuri, who was adopted by his mother. With everyone supporting, the two of them grew up healthily even after their parents passed away. Shachi, who likes Nora the most, wakes him up every morning.
Nora spends his happy student life with Michi Kuroki, who is a disciplinary committee, honor student at school and childhood friend of the main character, Yuuki Asuhara, who is a gal but is very bright and can talk his worries to, and more friends at school.
One day, Nora meets a girl who calls herself Patricia at the park on the way to the school. Patricia is a queen at hell, and claims to come here to destroy the life on land. However, she is damaged heavily because she touched the life for the first time. The energy was stronger than her, so Nora needed to tend her. Patricia asked him to tell her about the mysteries of life, and he had to even explain the ero book that he found at the park...?!
Okay so as you can see, very little is known about this show. Hell maybe it shouldn’t even be on here. It’s an adaptation of an adult visual novel. So while this could just be hentai, they claim it’s going to a summer anime airing shorts throughout the season.
The strange this is that we know the director, but not the studio. I imagine we might find out soon, but still I find that really weird. The director is Kenshirou Morii, who seems to be an expert in making shorts, with all of his work being short chibi like shows. However, there is one major exception, as he directed an animated the entire first ED for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. But I expect just another chibi comedy show with some ecchi elements.
Owarimonogatari 2nd season
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Shaft
Start Date: August 12th
Episodes: 7
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Supernatural
Second season of Owarimonogatari.
It’s going to be great you lolicons.

Piko Tarou no Lullaby Lullaby
Information: MALKey Visual
Studio: DCE
Start Date: ?
Episodes: ? (3 min)
Genre: Comedy
Pikotarou will improvise the story of each three-minute episode using an illustration by the anime's director Takashi Taniguchi. He will tell each story in the style of a fairy tale and voice every character, including himself.
Takashi Taniguchi, in case you were wondering, is the guy who made the fart anime.
No thanks
Princess Principal
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV 1PV 2
Studio: Actas, Studio 3Hz
Start Date: July 9th
Episodes: ?
Genre: Action, Adventure
The stage is set during the 19th century London, in its capital where a wall divides the east and west of the Kingdom of Albion. Five high school girls, who enrolled in the prestigious Queens May Fair School, are involved in spy activities that involve disguise, infiltration, car chase, and more. These girls take advantage of their special abilities and fly around the shadow world.
Welcome to show 2 of 2 that I am insanely hyped about.

And while there is less reason for me to do so, since there are some red flags, I can’t help myself. A jazzy, early 1900’s gang warfare with girls who are spys and have powers. Sold! I mean it could’ve been without the powers but still I’m sold! The Pv’s alone have me hooked with the show oozing style. With it being an original, it has more of a chance to fall on its face, but man I’m just incredibly optimistic with this one.
Part of my optimism comes from Studio 3Hz and their last work Flip Flappers. But in their quest to create original works, none of their shows seem to do well financially. So why not make a show involving cute girls and team up with a studio who has had extreme success with that, Studio Actas, aka the ones behind Girls und Panzer. So they’ve got someone with experience in the formula helping them out.
The staff behind the show makes me really excited but also a tad worried. What’s not worrying is the director, Masaki Tachibana. He has worked on a ton of good stuff as a story boarder and episode director, but he really shines as a director, with his 3 previous works being .hack//Quantum, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and Barakamon. So he hasn’t had a true dud in my opinion, so I doubt this one will be either.
However, since this is an original, we got to look at script/series composer. Both of those roles are filled by Ichiro Okouchi and boy does his work vary. He’s written for such shows as Planetes, but he was also the script writeseries composer for Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress, which I know will turn a lot of people off of this show. But what he is most known for is being one of the founding creators of Code Geass. So take all of that information for what you will. It makes me approach the show with caution, but it can’t hamper my hype.
Last thing to mention is the music for the show is going to be done by the legendary Yuki Kajiura, who for the uninitiated, has done basically most of your favorite shows. Okay maybe not, but with shows like Sword Art, Madoka, and Fate/Zero under her catalog, she definitely has got around.
So while this show has a very real chance to go off the deep end, I’m still super excited. Its 1900’s spies, how can I not be excited. Well there was Joker game…
Saiyuuki Reload Blast
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV 1PV 2
Studio: Platinum Vision
Start Date: July 5th
Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Josei
At last, the Sanzou Party has arrived in India. In this foreign land, where the anomaly's influence runs rampant, their battles only heighten in their violence.
And also awaiting them is their tragic fate from 500 years ago—
What will they find at the end of their long and treacherous journey?
So this is apparently a sequel to a show that had an unfinished manga adaptation back in 2004. And this is apparently part of a manga series from 1997, and its still going with the manga on its second sequel. And apparently the show is about cute boys with guns. And they all seem pretty identifiable. I mean just from the PV I can tell there’s the cool leader, a fun loving one, the violent one, and the smart one. Kinda like the ninja turtles now that I think about it. But to do a sequel after all this time is surprising, but at least it still gives hope to all those people waiting for a second season of their favorite show.
Handling production is Platinum Vision, whose only other work is Servamp. They even had Brains Base help them out with that. And besides that, literally nothing else. They’re brand new to the scene and this will be their first standalone work. Shame it’s a sequel so I couldn’t see how they do on their own.
The director is not new however, as Hideaki Nakano has worked on a ton of stuff before. Was any of that stuff notable or good? It varies, but I’d say his work leans mostly towards the forgettable side. Although he did direct Servamp and a couple other shows involving cute boys, so maybe he’s found his niche.
But yeah, as a 13 year old sequel, not much insight from me.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV 1PV 2
Studio: Satelight
Start Date: July 2nd
Episodes: 13
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Music
Fourth series of Senki Zesshou Symphogear.
Shoukoku no Altair (Altair: A Record of Battles)
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV 1PV2
Studio: MAPPA
Start Date: July 8th
Episodes: ?
Genre: Adventure, Historical, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Tughril Mahmut is a young pasha serving on the Divan of the Türkiye Stratocracy. The clouds of war are gathering over his country due to the threat of an aggressive Empire. With the Divan split between warmongers and the pacifists, Mahmut begins his quest to keep the peace at any cost. As he finds himself deeper and deeper in the politics of the ancient world, new enemies and allies surface. Who will prevail? What will Mahmut do if war proves to be inevitable?
Looks like we’re getting another anime set in the Arabian nights. And this time it’s all about war and politics following a young ruler trying to save his kingdom. I mean obviously there are Magi vibes here, but I think this is going a completely different direction from that one. More on the strategy of war rather than magic.
This is Studio MAPPA’s other project this season along with Kakegurui. However, promos for this work have been airing since late last year, so I think its safe to say that a team in MAPPA have been spending a lot of time on this project. The first PV came out over 2 seasons ago, and animators work best when given a lot of time to work. Hell, the second season of Hero Academia is a perfect example of this.
So with a lot of time and being MAPPA’s premier project this season, they brought on Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who recently directed the absolutely beautiful Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. While Unicorn was breathtaking visually, the story wasn’t my cup of tea. But hey, we got a praised manga as a story source this time, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Now he did have 4 years to direct Unicorn, and that’s a lot more time than usually given for a seasonal show. But hey this show has gotten a lot more time to be developed than other shows. It’s almost like there’s a theme in this entry.
But yeah like I said, this manga has been recommended to me and has seen its praise around the internet. Sure it’s not being praised as anything more than solid, but it seems like a solid base for this anime to work on. And while Arabian nights isn’t my personal cup of tea, and the PV’s didn’t light my world on fire or anything, I still think I’ll be checking this one out. Everything just seems to be in line to make this show a successful one.
Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV (NSFW)
Studio: Magic Bus
Start Date: July 3rd
Episodes: ? (5 min)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Ecchi
Kominami Shizuka is a mild-mannered college student who is having trouble adjusting to city life. One day, she meets Kirishima Ryou, another student who projects the image of a cool older sister. The two hit it off, but Shizuka is shocked when Ryou attempts to seduce her. Shizuka initially assumes that Ryou is a lesbian, but Ryou is in fact a man who dresses like a lady.
Okay seriously. I know I half-jokingly said earlier that Nora could turn out to be a form of hentai, but come on. There is fingering in the PV.
So I initially played this off as Yuri, but no! IT’S A TRAP! Crossdresser who is actually a guy. No yuri here folks. Regardless, that seems to be the point of the show. People thinking they are a lesbian couple/lesbian flirting when in reality it’s actually a guy. Well at least those 5 minutes look like they’ll be full of kissing and holding hands.
Fun fact about Studio Magic Bus. They helped work on Legend of the Galactic Heroes. No reason I bring this up, just found it amusing. There last work was 4 years ago, and it was a hentai.
The director is Mitsutaka Noshitani, who although isn’t credited with anything on MAL, has quite the few credits as episode director for a ton of stuff on his ANN.
Look, it’s just porn bait. 5 minute porn bait. Just say no kids.
Teekyuu 9
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Millepensee
Start Date: July 12th
Episodes: ? (2 min)
Genre: Comedy, Sports, Shounen
Ninth season of the Teekyuu anime series.
… is what I would say if I had watched the last 8 seasons. But their all shorts so it’s probably really easy to catch up. Regardless, it’s more of the fun loving cute girl sports anime that I’ve heard about.
Studio and director are all returning for this as well. Fun fact this is Shin Itagaki’s pet project as he does like 50% of the total work on it (or at least that’s what the credits would make you believe). He’s also the director of Beserk (2016). Hey don’t shoot the messenger.
Tenshi no 3P! (Here comes Three Angels)
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV 1PV 2
Studio: Project No. 9
Start Date: July 10th
Episodes: ?
Genre: Music, Slice of Life, School
Kyou Nukui is a first year high school student hikikomori. His hobby is making Vocaloid songs and uploading them online. One day, he receives a message from a fan asking if they could meet up with him. At the meeting place, three elementary school girls were waiting for him. The three of them want to form a band and ask for Kyou's help.
We got our cute girls show for the season folks. A man obsessed with vocaloids gets to manage 3 elementary school girls trying to form a band. You know what that means…

I’ll give them that the loli’s seem cute, but there are red flags for me as soon as a high school male is surrounded by 3 children. Now to give them some credit, this creator and studio has worked on a show called Ro-Kyu-Bu, which is the same concept but with basketball. And to my research I don’t think much creepy stuff goes on. I was kinda scared to dig deeper. Still, they seemed to be sexualized in the PV, so I’m still concerned.
So excuse my poor research earlier, but it appears Studio Project No. 9 is doing double duty this season. And for such a young studio, too! But unfortunately, I still have the same opinion that they haven’t made an above decent show yet.
What really matters is the people behind it, and it seems like Project No. 9’s main guy is at the forfront. Shinsuke Yanagi, who incidentally directed Ro-Kyu-Bu that I mentioned earlier, as well there most popular work And you thought there is never a girl online?. Not the best track record for my book.
So incidentally, with basically everyone returning, this seems like a spiritual successor to Ro-Kyu-Bu. So I guess they’re trying to strike loli gold twice. I tried to see the sales number of the last Ro-Kyu-Bu, and seeing as it did pretty well and got a second season, I just there judgement seems correct.
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Studio DEEN
Start Date: July 22nd
Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Super Power
After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers.
Some become heroes, and others villains.
How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it?
With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.
So in case you didn’t hear, this is the project that motherfucking Stan Lee is behind! I mean that’s a good sign, right? Right!? In all honesty, I’m not too caught up on the dealings with Marvel and their comic books. I also don’t know whether Stan is still considered a good comic maker. Or if he’s still as good as he always was. However, while he created the premise, I looks like he will not have a hand in the actual production of the show.
As for the premise he came up with… its strikingly similar to something. I just can’t put my finger on it.
Okay when you look into the details, its not exactly that similar to Hero Academia. Unlike MHA, only a select few get powers, with in MHA almost everyone gets powers. And this show seems to center around why people got powers, where in MHA its more on being a hero. But regardless, with Hero Academia running alongside it, it’ll have to do something different to stand out from not only MHA, but also other superhero shows as well, as even I have to admit we are overloaded on superhero shows.
Since Stan Lee is only co-creator, we need to look at the other half to get the full picture. Fortunately, he’s also the director, Hiroshi Nagahama. And boy did Stan Lee and DEEN pick up a good one here as he directed Detroit Metal City and almost all of Mushishi and its sequels. He’s the only staff listed, but I think as long as he’s behind it, I feel like the show will make an attempt to stand out. After all, he certainly stood out with his attempt to adapt Flowers of Evil.
Studio DEEN needs no introduction, and unfortunately they are also working on Hell Girl season 4 this season. However, they have grown enough that I think they have enough staff to easily pull it off. They did do Rakugo and Konosuba at the same time after all (Hopefully I’m not bringing back the Konosuba animation argument with this. It was fine and intentional (I think)).
Oh and for a fun fact to leave it on, Marvel actually has their own anime being made this season called Marvel Future Avengers, and its being done by Madhouse. But to make it an actual coincidence, they both are starting on the same date, July 22nd. They might have planned it, but if not, I find the coincidence amusing.
Tsurezure Children (Tsuredure Children)
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Studio Gokumi
Start Date: July 4th
Episodes: ? (15 min)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
A series depicting various scenarios of young love. These stories range from a boy, crippled by his absolute lack of confidence in himself, cannot even accept the fact that the girl of his dreams actually asked him out on a date, to the near-psychotic girl that pours her own blood into her homemade chocolate in order to win his heart.
Oh god its so adorable.

So originally when I saw that this was a 4-koma manga, I got worried because with it being a romance. But fret not, as these are mini stories about multiple people starting relationships. And holy shit does everything about this scream cute. I mean the psychotic girl in the description is worrying, but I just watch the PV’s again and get the warm fuzzles.
Now I’m giving the credit for this cuteness to Studio Gokumi, as their previous work on Kiniro Mosaic and Yuuki Yuuna proves they can do cute things kinda well.
… Okay I’m not stupid. I know the studio has nothing to do with the cuteness that is a part of those shows. Its just I don’t want to give the credit to the director, Hiraku Kaneko. Why? Cause his previous works of hentai and ecchi shows have shown that his work has a particular fondness for the oppai. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. This is honestly one of the biggest red flags I’ve seen, enough to make this adorable looking show something I’m a little hesitant to pick up.
However, I’m here to just give you the information. So I again emphasize that despite the adorable PV, there is not a good track record behind this director. So just take that into consideration before picking this one up.
Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Vatican Miracle Examiner)
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: J.C. Staff
Start Date: July 7th
Episodes: 12
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Drama, Shounen
Vatican City—Holy Land of the Catholics. Amidst the land, there is an organization that conducts rigorous investigations on "claims of miracles" from all over the world to ascertain their credibility. The organization is referred to as "Seito no Za" (Assembly of Saints) and the priests that belong there are called miracle investigators. Robert Nicholas, an ancient archive and cryptanalysis expert is partnered and good friends with Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist. Together, the brilliant duo investigates the "miracles" and uncovers the incidents and conspiracies hidden behind them.
Today on “sure, that’s an anime”, mystery solving priest use the power of Christ to so mysteries. Maybe, that’s just the impression I get from all the information given.
It seems to be a mystery type of show (obviously), but what I’m most interested in is whether or not it will be episodic. The description makes it seem episodic, but with them emphasizing side characters in the PV it could have an overarching story. All I do know however is that they are some very handsome goth looking detectives. Going after that Black Butler market I suppose. (Also side note since I mentioned it earlier, Junichi Suwabe is in this, so more eargasms.)
J.C. Staff is a large enough studio that them alone won’t account for a shows quality, so we got to look at the director, Yoshitomo Yonetani. He’s been around for a while, so much so that I don’t really recognize much of his work. I do know that one of most recent work was the adaptation of Food Wars, so I guess that’s a feather in his cap.
Honestly, speaking from personal opinion, I’m not the biggest fan of the art style here. However, I am probably not the demographic for this, so if you want goth priests who are mystery solvers, then you got your show for the season.
Yami Shibai 5th Season
Information: MALANNKey Visual
Studio: ILCA
Start Date: July 3rd
Episodes: ? (most likely 4 min)
Genre: Dementia, Horror, Supernatural
Fifth season of the Yami Shibai anime series.
So it’s the 5 season of these 4 minute horror shorts. The last season was in winter. You already know if you’re watching this or not.
Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Shin-Ei Animation
Start Date: July 3rd
Episodes: ?
Genre: Slice of Life, Mystery, Supernatural
Inaba Yuushi's parents died in his first year of middle school, and he moved in with his relatives. Though they did care for him, he could tell he was a burden. After he graduated, he happily prepared to move to a high school with a dormitory. Unfortunately, the dormitory burned to the ground before he could move in! Yuushi doesn't want to live with his grudging relatives, but it's rough finding lodging as an orphaned student with little money. He finally finds a room in a nice old building which seems too good to be true.
The catch is that it is a Monster House, a place where humans and supernatural creatures—ghosts, mononoke, etc.—live together. Another high schooler lives there, a cute girl named Akine, and she's completely unfazed by the monsters. In fact, she can even exorcise evil spirits! Yuushi's high school life just got much stranger than he ever bargained for!
So Shin-Ei Animation, following there recent “hits” of Warau Salesman and Trickster, look to strike “gold” again with this light novel adaptation.
But from what I see, it seems like a general adventure-comedy ghostbusting affair. Kid moves out into a house that is haunted, must deal with ghosts with the help of a cute sidekick that totally won’t be a love interest. In fact it reminds me of RIN-NE, just with the roles reversed. And these types of shows usually tend to be episodic, but since this is a light novel I just have a gut feeling there will be an overarching plot. Or not.
The director of this ghostly comedy is Mitsuo Hashimoto, who despite working on a few personal projects and kids show recently, really has a pedigree of shows behind him, with him working on all three Dragonball series and directing 3 of the movies. He also directed the later seasons of Initial D. This is his first none kids work in a very long time, so it’ll be interesting to see how this comedy will play out.
So this is the definition of generic, but hey, like I’ve said before, generic isn’t always a bad thing. The animation did look a little sparse in the PV though, so we’ll see if this will be a “quality” show this season.
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (Classroom of the Elite) (TV)
Information: MALANNKey VisualPV
Studio: Lerche
Start Date: July 12th
Episodes: ?
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Koudo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment.
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its "inferior" students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Horikita Suzune and Kushida Kikyou, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka's situation begins to change.
So I can’t really get a feel for this one, since everything about it seems like it should be a high school comedy about just trying to do your best in school, but the PV gives off this almost drama like tone, like something foreboding is about to happen. I guess the main crux will be just how bad the school treats its lower classman and if there is a sort of injustice to fight against. Also, I hope the MC didn’t get to the “inferior students” class because of some stupid reasons. It also seems clear that it’s about a guy who meets two girls who will change his situation, so love triangle here we come. As a trade off at least the manga is somewhat popular, so hopefully that means that it has something to make it stand out. Maybe the school?
Lerche is coming of Scums Wish and 50 episodes of Assassination classroom, with some decent shows in between, so in my opinion they are riding high right now. Let’s hope this manga they choose to adapt will continue theirs ways of success.
We got Co-directors for this one. The first is Seiji Kishi, who has directed a number of quality shows that it would take me too long to list. However, I think most people will recognize him for his recent directorial work on the springs Tsuki ga Kirei. Our next director is Hiroyuki Hashimoto, who has done a ton of storyboards and key animation for a bunch well known series. His only directorial work is Is the order a rabbit? and depending on your tolerance for cute girls depends on your view on that series.
Overall, I think this shows main goal is to differentiate its school from other high schools. I think that’s the edge this show can bring to the table, and hopefully along with some good characters, we can get a good series out of it. I’ll still be checking it out, as I think it’s got a solid team behind it.
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