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Post WWE Raw 8/3/2020 Show Discussion Thread

2020.08.04 05:00 Darren716 Post WWE Raw 8/3/2020 Show Discussion Thread

Winner Match Finish Loser Stipulation
Apollo Crews (c) Toss Powerbomb MVP w/ Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin For the United States Championship
Riott Squad School Girl The IIconics
Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas Senton R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin with MVP and Lashley For the 24/7 Championship
Sasha Banks w/ Bayley Double DQ when Asuka attacks Bayley Shayna Bazler
Angel Garza w/ Andrade and Zelina Dropkick to the head Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford
Andrade w/ Garza and Zelina Ref Stoppage when Montez collapses Montez Ford w/ Dawkins
  • Kickoff with the lights going out momentarily before Apollo Crews returns and makes his way to the ring. Tom Phillips says it was a technical difficulty. The lights go off again however and Tom says it may have to do with the weather as MVP makes his way to the ring. Before the match starts MVP says he is the real United States Champion because Apollo didn't show up to their match at Extreme Rules. Montel says after he wins this match Crews can go back to catering with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.
  • After his victory Apollo is interviewed backstage, holding both belts. He says Lashley's strength is unlike anyone else and he had to sit home watching MVP pretend to be the US Champion after he was attacked. Apollo says he is going to hang the original US Championship up in his kids' room, and will hold on to the new US Title MVP had made.
  • MVP grabs a mic that barely works and complains about the unsafe working conditions with the lights going on and off. MVP says he doesn't care about Apollo's wife or his kids, he wants a rematch, and he wants it at Summerslam.
  • We get glimpses of a door in a dark corridor with a massive security guard out front, we hear that what ever is going on inside in the brain child of Shane McMahon.
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley are interviewed backtage. Bayley says they have all the gold, and is asked if they'll defend any of their titles at Summerslam. Bayley and Sasha are bored of these simple questions so they brought something special and play a movie trailer showcasing Sasha's victory last week. We cut to Asuka who shouts angrily in Japanese, and says that revenge will be very, very sweet. Sasha and Bayley are pissed that Asuka was at the end of their video and are fed up with this whole operation. Shayna Bazler comes by and is upset the two of them are having so much fun and Sasha snaked her way to the championship, and she's ready to have her own fun. Shayna clocks Sasha with a punch and walks off.
  • The IIconics ask if they can be guests on the KO Show but Kevin says he already has guests for tonight.
  • Kevin Owens welcomes us to the KO Show and says there is a lot happening tonight, including the return of Shane McMahon which he has his thoughts on but wants to focus on his guest. His mic cuts out a few times and he welcomes out Ruby Riott. Kevin talks about how after her victory against Peyton Royce recently Ruby got pretty emotional. Ruby says it felt good to finally get that victory since she returned and says she had to deal with women like the IIconics her whole life, and was finally able to shut down the IIconic's bullshit. Ruby says the only thing that would have made it better would be is if Liv was there to share the moment. Kevin surprises her and has Liv Morgan come down to the ring. Liv says Owen's convinced her to come and to listen to what Ruby has to say. Owens says he saw Ruby, Liv, and Sarah when they all started, even though Sarah has moved on to other things doesn't mean they have to drift apart, being together brings out the best of them. Kevin says he's done a lot of crappy things in his career and he doesn't know if it was all worth it. He isn't saying they need to be friends, but Liv should hear Ruby out. Ruby says when she came back she saw everything was different, Liv was different, she was coming into her own, becoming her own person, and she beat Ruby twice, maybe Liv never needed Ruby. Ruby was afraid this world without Liv and Sarah would be one where she wasn't needed and she took it out on Liv. She asks Liv to look at the tattoos they got with their debut dates on them to remember how strong they can be, and wants the Riott Squad to be stronger than ever. The IIconics come out and say no one cares what they have to say, Liv should have stayed in the bathtub and Ruby should stop obsessing over her one win. Billie says The IIconics conquered Wrestlemania and are better than both Liv and Ruby. Liv admits she and Ruby aren't IIconic, and aren't as good of friends, but no one starts a riott better than them. Kevin asks if The IIconics want to leave, but instead Billie challenges them to a match. Kevin asks for technical difficulties for the IIconics mics and both Billie and Peyton slap him. Kevin tells Ruby and Liv to go after them and leaves the ring.
  • The IIconics attack Liv after their match but Ruby makes the save and the two of them hit a double team move on Billie. They hold the ropes open for each other and leave together.
  • Charly Caruso is backstage and says there was an accident backstage when a large box with tipped over, no one was injured. It's rumored that this was no accident and it is linked to the power outtages. MVP is upset Charly is reporting on boxes, rather than him losing the US Title due to the technical difficulties. Charly says Apollo has accepted his challenge for a rematch at Summerslam. Shelton comes by and tells MVP his 24/7 Championship has been stolen.
  • Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring and says Randy Orton has depended on vulnerability and surprise his whole career. He wouldn't be upfront the way Stone Cold or The Rock would be, despite claiming to be so much better than them. Drew admits he was caught off guard last week, but it'll never happen again. Drew says Randy is as motivated to take the WWE title as he is to keep it. At one point or another Vince told both of them they were the chosen ones, the future of the industry. Things didn't quite go to plan though, like Edge said, WWE was never Orton's plan A. Orton never grew up dreaming about leaving home and over coming doubters to make it to the WWE, it was handed to him. Drew says he doesn't resent Randy though, he just finds it funny how Randy's early accomplishments were just handed to him. He also didn't have Evolution cleaning up his mistakes like Randy was, in fact he got fired for them. Drew has spoken to people who clean up Orton's literal crap and says he should have been fired long before he was. Randy comes out and says he's gonna stop Drew right there. He asks if having his respect is not enough? In return Drew just says he's entitled, the fact is if Orton didn't want to be here he wouldn't be here, he just enjoys hitting the RKO and punting heads off. Orton agrees that he should have been fired multiple times but he wasn't, Drew was, and that's because he is far more valuable to this company than Drew ever will be. The fact is that he is the real chosen one, then, now, and forever. Randy says it's cute how Drew can quote legends like Edge, and challenges him to come up with an original opinion about Randy Orton. Drew says if he wants him to shoot, then he'll shoot. He says Randy represents everything wrong with the WWE. During the Last Ride documentary Randy talks about the Undertaker reached down to pull Orton up because he loves the industry. How many times has Orton ever done the same? Drew says 10 years ago Edge pulled Orton out of a hole he dug for himself, and during that time Randy walked past Drew McIntyre in catering. Drew's world was collapsing both in terms of his career and his personal life, a time when a word from a veteran like Orton would have meant something, but Orton is just a selfish prick. Drew vows at Summerslam he is going to cash receipts both for himself and for all the superstars past and present that Randy screwed over and ignored.
  • Ric Flair meets with Kevin Owens backstage and says he loves his works and everyone in the company loves him too, but fears he's becoming too much of guidance counceler instead of a fighter. Kevin says he's done a lot of terrible things for his career, and is trying to take a different path, be the person he would look up to in the locker room, the type of person Randy never was. Ric says he is in Randy's corner and advises him to mind his own business, and maybe he'd be getting a title match at Summerslam. Owens tells Ric that he wants to challenge Randy to a match next week.
  • Nia Jax is in the ring with WWE official Pat Buck. She says she is there to address her actions last week where she attacked Pat and other officials. She knows there are millions that look up to her, so when a scrawny failed wrestler tries to step up to her, she needs to step back apparently. Nia pretends she didn't see Pat there and challenges Buck to a match right then. Pat protests and Nia says he'll get his apology if he competes in the match. Nia agrees to start off slow to give him a change. Pat just wants to leave and Nia asks if he's too scared. She figured a ginger like him would have more fire in him. She gives Pat the mic and Buck says Nia is suspended indefinitely without pay! Nia pushes Pat to the ground in a fit of rage, and kicks Buck while he's down, then kicking him to the outside. R-Truth runs down with the stolen 24/7 title match, and is evading a group of ninjas.
  • Shane McManon is backstage in a storage area next to a ring with no ropes, surrounded by people slapping it, and two people doing an MMA fight. He says he will bring us Raw Underground later tonight.
  • Dominic Mysterio is interviewed backstage. Dom says it may be crazy to keep fighting Seth, but after literally seeing his dad being blinded his mind hasn't been in the right place. People may think he's crazy now, but they'll really think he's crazy when he challenges Seth to a match at Summerslam.
  • Asuka is interviewed in the ring after she interrupts the Sasha vs Shayna match. Asuka says Kairi will be okay but she isn't here, Sasha and Bayley are here, and she is still here. Asuka says she wants a rematch against Sasha Banks at Summerslam. Shayna Bazler is in the ring and says she doesn't want to fight, she's actually cheering for her. Shayna says she wants Asuka to win the title back from Sasha, so she can dismember Asuka herself, and take the title from her. Sasha and Bayley come out again. Sasha says it's her title, but she will give Asuka her rematch, only if she can beat Bayley next week. Bayley seems less then enthused about this idea but Asuka agrees.
  • Angel Garza is getting a random girls number backstage and gives her a rose, he name is Demi, she was on the Bachelor apparently. Zelina and Andrade come by and Zelina tries to kick her out. Angel says she belongs here but Zelina thinks they need to have a talk.
  • We get another look of Raw Underground, someone wins their fight, and we see a row of dancing girls under lights in the background. I don't know the fuck Shane is up to.
  • Shane McManon is in the Raw Underground arena. He welcomes us to Raw Underground, where there is very little rules, lots of carnage, and a lot of things he wants to see. He introduces the next match, with Dabba-Kato (Babatunde), and doesn't even bother introducing his opponent, who get's destroyed in about 20 seconds. Shane asks who else wants to fight him and a random guy from the crowd gets in the ring, and gets flattened in short order. Shana declares Dabba-Kato the winner, and tells him to stand down.
  • The Street Profits come out and call out Andrade and Angel for attacking them last week. Angelo says he wants a shot at Angel's new friend Demi. Montez says at Summerslam Angel and Andrade will see what a real bond is, not just two people thrown together by Zelina Vega. He says that Angelo is his brother, and if you attack his brother then you will get the smoke.
  • During Garza vs Dawkins, Montez Ford collapses for a moment at ringside which distracts Dawkins. After the match Angelo checks on him to see if he's alright.
  • Montez Ford collapses during his match causing a stoppage, officials and Dawkins check on him.
  • Buddy is re-watching his actions from last week and Seth tells him he did the right thing and he must focus on the future. Buddy asks Seth if he's considered Dominic's Summerslam challenge and says the idea of them having a match is ridiculous, Seth walks off.
  • We are back underground, Erik of the Vikiing Raiders is in a match and demolishes his opponent with a take down, a geman suplex, and kicks him out of the ring. He then runs through another opponent and screams in his face. Ivar holds him back after he KO's his 2nd opponent.
  • Charly Caruso is outside the trainers room awaiting news about Montez's condition. Angel Garza comes by and says she shouldn't worry about Montez, she has her heart full already. Zelina says they are all so concerned about Montez, but wonder what this means for their Summerslam match. Angelo Dawkins comes out and says Monte may have been POISIONED! Bianca Belair comes out of the room and says she was looking for Zelina and tells her she better explain why her husband got poisioned. Zelina tries to explain but Bianca takes off her earrings and punches Zelina and attempts to brawl. Angelo holds her back, as Andrade and Angel hold back Zelina.
  • We see security camera footage of a group of hooded figures throwing a Molotov cocktail at a piece of electrical equipment outside of the PC.
  • Charly interviews The Hurt Business about how both MVP and Shelton lost tonight, and how Bobby was lucky he didn't compete. Montel says this isn't serious journalism, with the chaos going on on Raw she should be asking about the sabotage going on. Shelton says it isn't a coincidence that all this started once Raw Underground started up. Bobby Lashley's interest is peaked when he hears about underground fighting.
  • Seth Rollins and Buddy come down to the ring. Seth says before he speaks about Dominic's challenge, he and Murphy have some house cleaning to attend to. Seth turns his attention to Tom Phillips, and says he wants to ask him a few questions. He asks Tom if he considers himself a professional, an unbiased journalist, does he take pride in his job? Seth asks Tom what he was doing last week when Dominic attacked Seth with a kendo stick? Seth says he was cheering on Dominic and inciting his rage. Seth says Tom is the voice of Raw and he is part of the greater good, whether he likes it or not, his job is to call it down the middle and to not sway the audience. If Tom is doing a poor job then he is a liability and must be replaced. Seth tells Murphy to take Tom but Samoa Joe stands up and stops Murhy. Joe tells Seth he can go back to the ring, or he can slap Seth and beat down Murphy. Joe says he was cheering on Dominic even harder than Tom was. Seth says Joe doesn't want to do this, Joe says he does and takes off his headset. Seth ducks in the ring and says Joe can get in the ring and what happens won't be his responsibility. Seth and Murphy grab chairs as Joe stands outside the ring and measures his approach. Dominic attacks Seth and Murphy from behind with a kendo stick and is able to take both of them out. He hits a 619 on Seth, and Frog Splash to both Seth and Buddy to the outside. Joe returns to commentary and lets Dominic fight his battle. Seth grabs a mic and says he has had enough. If Dominic wants to fight him at Summerslam then he accepts.
  • We return to Raw underground, Dolph Ziggler is in the ring, using his amateur wrestling skills to take down his opponent and choke him out. The Hurt Business shows up and MVP grabs the mic. Montel says he has an announcement, on behalf of the CEO of the Hurt Business, they now control Raw Underground and they came to fight. MVP asks who wants to challenge the CEO Bobby Lashley. Someone steps up and Lashley quicly lays him out with a powerbomb and a punch. MVP says he wants in on the action too and looks for a challenger. Shelton and Bobby pull an opponent into the ring who MVP quickly takes down and rains down elbows on before Bobby throws him out. MVP asks who's next. DIO MADDEN STEPS UP AND CHALLENGES SHELTON BENJAMIN. Shelton takes him down and knees him to the outside. The Hurt Business start taking the fight to the crowd and attacking everyone and asking who wants to fight. Shane says they have proven their points and they can stay as long as they want to. Shane says that was insane and says the Hurt Business can come anytime, and can't wait to see what happens next week. MVP says they are The Hurt Business, and business is booming.
Rate this week's Raw
Best match on this week's Raw?
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2017.05.09 04:08 qwertycoder Mandela effect decoded :Bring your minds and get ready to think outside the box.
Hello Retconned and fellow experiancers. My name is Justin and Ive been on this board for a while now sharing my synchronicities that have lead to an intriguing story being told through the various Mandela effects. The more i look into a research elements that are pinged by the effect, the more elements of the puzzle/story appears.
I was working on my own links and connections before being linked to John Lamb lashes Mandela effect decoded page. He comes from a Gnostic background and has been doing a good job researching and releasing content in a classroom type environment. I know a few people who couldn't handle his teaching style (arrogant claims) But if you ignore the messenger to acquire the message i think you will learn alot more in all sorts of routes of research.
On a basic level check out this series of effects and syncs.
This is an article i had been posting for a couple months now which i found when i was researching Lawrence fishburn and the matrix.
Lawrence fishburn plays Madiba (Nelson Mandela) in a BET miniseries about the life of Nelson Mandela. He also plays Morpheus in the matrix Quoting Alice in wonderland.
"What is real?
How do you define real?"
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."
A direct reference to Alice and the looking glass. What is the looking glass. A magic Mirror (mirror mirror) and a portal to another world. How does she get to wonderland? She follows the white rabbit. This rabbit keeps saying he is late for a very important date. Interesting because in the article about the rabbit in the ear they say the Afrikaans word for Rabbit is Haas which means haste. The rabbit is late because of a lack of haste.
Haas also connects to another ME about the HASS avocado
Morpheus (god of dreams) is also involved in a Mandela effected MEme. The "What if i told you......." meme
So Alice initially accesses Wonderland by following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Like a type of spirit animal. But later she is able to access it through a mirror. Magic mirror perhaps. It seems like after her spirit animal showed her the way to wonderland she could enter this space through reflection as the mirror could represent the inner realm. A little like how psychedelics can give you a glimpse of another world. But this world can be accessed through inner reflection and meditation. How did Neo Wake up from wonderland. Well it was another magic mirror
Ok Now an interesting thing is if you go to google translate you can put a word in English in one side and in the other switch between the 100 plus languages available. So if we put Mandela in we don't get anything until we get German.
In German Mandel means Almond, geode, shock and Amygdala
The amygdala is effected by toxoplasmosis and this disorder is Mimetic, meaning in a group with the majority infected, the uninfected will begin to exhibit the same behaviors as the infected ones.
In mice this makes them Attracted to the Pheromones of their predator. Maybe this explains why we are so attracted to things that are harmful to us.
Interestingly TuRmeric is used in combating toxo and other parasitic infections. I found that out when i noticed turmeric wasn't what i remembered tumeric.
So mandel means almond and Mandela was a notable Communist, Arent the botanical names for The almond interesting. Prunus Amygdalus. Amygdalis Communis.
Prunus is reference to the rose family, and i am reminded of a Shakespeare quote "Would the Mandela effect by any other name hold the story it holds now?
Amygdalus communis. isn't that wild?! a multi level reference to all the things that mandel means in German. It appears German is very Germane to the conversation/ story being told. In Hebrew you find another interesting element,
Almond means Shaked in hebrew This word has 4 meanings in hebrew all of which are Germane Watch, Wait, Hasten (same as rabbit in Afrikaans) and awaken suddenly or become startled awake.
Watch means open you eyes, pay attention, the messages are coming through but only to those with eyes to see and a mind to play with.
Wait means that more is to come, this is only the beginning
Hasten means time is speeding up and information travels faster, the speed of human interaction is increasing exponentially. we need to interact together to find the answers.
To awaken suddenly means to mean the power of a Mandela effect to snap you out of the trance, Like a shock (mandel in geman) to the amygdala the fight or flight center of the brain and where the parasite toxoplasmosis resides.
We know the the Mandela effect has another name shorted to simply ME and this breakdown works in interesting ways. Think about Mirror MirroMagic Mirror MEME or MEEM both phonetically sound like MEME and memes are nuggets of cultural memory Meme magic has been called a thing as well with the Trump/pepe/kek Story. Also Toxo is said to be mimetic meaning personality traits of the infected will transfer to the noninfected.
ME mirrored is EM or electromagnetic, MAGnetIC. The earth and the human heart both have magnetic fields, Lines of force that energy travels through. Perhaps EM is the mechanism the HAND of the ME. Memory and magnetism go hand in hand and also destroy each other.
Data in a hard drive is encoded magnetically onto the Hard disk, but a magnet strong enough can erase the memory, and in some cases alter the 1's and 0's Magnets in the brain can block memories.
There is something with Magnetism, Static Electricity, Memory and Senses. Come join us at Mandela effect decoded if you are interested in this line of investigation into the effect.
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2016.12.08 16:18 mrbrj The Super Coalition of the East, the largest eve online player organisation you didn't know existed.
Tired of people repeatedly refer to the dronelands as ‘angry russians’ and mis-understanding the complex political scenario that envelops half of eve from Pure Blind to Immensia I have written a short guide for the everyman regarding the politics of the east as I understand it. Until recently I have spent about two years either being in the coalition as an alliance leader or fighting it (mostly this) on low level skirmish raids.
The ‘Many-Faced Coalition’ is a term I use for possibly the largest coalition that has ever existed in eve-online. The largest player group ever to exist without a doubt in my mind, although you can argue some definitions all day if you want (and by design it is hard to pinpoint its strength as an outsider) but its clearly demonstrated if you read between the lines. A direct result of the eve online player adapting to “Aegis Sov”.
It is a new phenomenon in eve-online, it is a coalition of coalitions, a super coalition if you will. The standings of each coalition are set by themselves, but with NIP’s and Defence Pacts binding them together to avoid localised conflict. Some are blue to each other some are not, for this reason it's hard to define for both the outsider and the insider unless you are involved in top-level eve politics and know the leaders of each on a personal level. The smartest move that the leaders of the many-faced-coalition pulled is to convince people that it isn't a thing, that when they turn up to help each other it is either as ‘mercenaries’ or because the 3rd party they are attacking deserves to get hammered for the good of eve online (Imperium, Co2).
The coalitions of the Many-Faced coalition are known as;
Blood brothers of sorts and bound by a shared history and economic and supercapital coordination agreements they attached at the hip. Shared fleets, shared command structures they make up unquestionably the most powerful capital force in eve online with a subcapital support fleet to rival any other. They occasionally have separate deployments and staging systems as well as separate standings lists which gives the illusion of independence to their members.
‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
A relatively weak coalition, they are basically just filling the gap in the north that the goons left. They will take orders from NCdot strategically and make ISK the rest of the time. I don't think they have fought a war on their own yet so it's hard to determine their potential strength yet.
Made up of Waffles and Pandemic Horde. I separated Pamfam form PL because they ARE quite separate. Whilst they will do their founders bidding eventually, there is a war to be won internally and a natural conflict of interest between rich and poor, the privileged elite and the grunts that has to happen every time they are mobilized for the super coalition. It also includes other pure blind alliances like Agony, Brave, Honour and Moa who will all fight alongside each other if necessary, but choose to sit out or not pick a side in some global fights, it's somewhat a spaghetti of standings I can't even begin to fathom. Waffles spend most of their time in lowsec but will show up for key timers on a regular basis in null.
Led by Karer and Death these are the alliances that most perceive to be the keepers of the dronelands and whilst they do much of the day-to-day legwork and maintenance of the dronelands they see themselves as quite separate politically and that Geminate is their home. Legion of xXDeathXx heads up this coalition of mostly russian alliances (although includes Advent of Fate and Invictus non-russian speaking alliances). GemCo open their fleets to many alliances they are blue to in the dronelands including renters and have interpreters in many fleets meaning there is a whole rainbow of small alliances and random corps in their fleets when it comes to CTA’s. This means when they fully CTA they are not that effective militarily, but use sheer numbers to dominate.
Solar alliance, or what is left of them also fall into this coalition by association of speaking russian. They were a formerly strong alliance who lost its leader (Mactep, still around but relatively inactive) and traded independence for space and moons after Vanguard cut a deal to join the super coalition as well.
‘Drone Friends’
This is a group managed by a board of interested parties, Fafer (CSM) of Ncdot (formerly PL), Lady Scarlet of NCdot, Death of Legion of xXDeathXx are certainly key players (I’m a little out of the loop) and I presume (but have never had any evidence of) Garst from Vanguard and possibly a PL member or two being involved, but have no proof. Who is exactly at this table and how much power they have is something I have never been able to answer as they keep tight lipped about it with information leaving this forum on a strictly need-to-know basis - even to their own CEO’s/Directors.
Drone friends is a collection of all the alliances in dronelands. These are a mix of pure renting shell alliances (BOT and XWX being the key two but there are others), full on renting alliances, and ‘friends’ which are basically minor combat/industrial alliances that act as a militia instead of the board members alliances needing to be deployed to take care of minor threats internally and on their borders. Examples are InPanic, D-85, Badfellars, Razor, DNS, DIVE, and now BOSS. Contrary to popular belief NONE of these alliances that I know is russian speaking, with english being the core language of communication, but there is a heavy USTZ and Geman presence. They have a habit of collapsing and sinking fairly frequently due to it being so damn boring around there most of the time. I used to fight them a lot as they are the sort of alliance that 5 guys can take on 50 with and win :D
The output of this operation goes out to the board members in the form of cheap supercapitals and liquid ISK.
Vanguard is a coalition driven by Triumvirate and its allies. It all hangs on alliance leader Garst Tyrell. He was bought into the super coalition after relentlessly pushing its southern border where it was militarily weak. He traded freedom for wealth and during the insmother war expanded his sub-coalition into one of its own and took vast swathes of space, member alliances and ISK in the process. Now a rich and powerful group in its own right, but it still relies on GemCo and NCPL for key timers.
There we have it, it's probably a little out of date but judging from the M-O citadel fight it's still roughly correct.
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” Usual Suspects
Edit: My corpies made me a new hat
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2016.06.01 17:21 Lenwe_Calmacil Story of German Game

Hi, I wrote a short story/journal for my latest game (German, 22 civs, huge map) of Civ V
4000BC: The glorious German Empire was founded, with the tribe under our control founding a small town named Berlin, and our warriors leaving to explore.
3800BC: Our warriors have not returned. We fear the worst
3600BC: We have finally trained some of our youth to be scouts. They set off today. I fear the worst, though I hope they will return.
2800BC: It’s been a thousand two hundred years since we last saw our scouts or warriors. In the mean time, we’ve built a monument to the Gods. Oda Nobunaga attempted to get us to declare war on Nebuchadnezzar the second, but our city council declined, due to the fact that we have no standing army.
2760BC: One of our farmers saw our warriors! They have finally returned, though their absence has been long. They’ve lost four men, which they tell us was from marauding barbarians looking at our lands
2760BC: Some person whom I suppose our scouts met, they still have not returned, sent some people and built an embassy in Berlin. He pays us well though, so I suppose it’s okay. I don’t trust him though. Our Military advisor, who has been with us since the beginning, says that we shouldn’t provoke these new people, as they have more military might than us. We need to change that!
2440BC: Some more soldiers were trained. They carry strange, bent sticks with rope connecting the two ends. We don’t know what they do, but they act like it’s a new technology we have just gotten. I don’t know.
2320BC: Our leaders declared friendship with a person from Morocco. I don’t think he looks trustworthy, but I trust the leader’s judgement
2200BC: Our stick people had a battle with barbarians. They survived, but lost three soldiers. They say they killed five barbarians, so I guess it’s okay.
2160BC: Our warriors were shot by barbarian stick people, which our leaders call archers. Our archers were attacked once more, this time killing two and losing four.
1720BC: We trained some more soldiers. These ones have pointy sticks and wood planks which they call shields. They are the latest addition to the Geman Military. We also found the land which belongs to Egypt, who have set up the embassy.
1640BC: A strange man in robes, carrying a sword, set up an embassy in our capital. I believe we might need to make a district where everyone sets up their embassies.
1560BC: Oda Nobunaga attempted to get us to declare war on Nebuchadnezzar. Our council decided to prepare for war, and then decide later whether or not to.
1440BC: Nebuchadnezzar set up an embassy in the ‘embassy district’ in Berlin. We have received rumors of Egypt founding a second town. We must catch up if we are to have any chance in this cruel world.
thx for reading, and let me know if i should continue it or go to my room in shame ;)
edit: bold dates
edit2: finished 1440BC
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2014.04.22 10:52 WebBuddha Any german focused indexer out there?

I've got already some different indexer, but I've still looking for some german related indexer. Any hints for me? I don't want to register on each indexer out there to see that the geman content is not "up to date". Thanks for your help.
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