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Tyra Banks just revealed her natural hair on Instagram, and it's so gorgeous Banks is embracing her natural beauty! Tyra Banks has tried all sorts of different hairstyles, including wearing her ... Then, Tyra went into her lesson plan for how to “get the right smize.” View this post on Instagram Smiling with your mouth is sooo 2019! 😷 Head to our YouTube to watch more from today’s show! Tyra Banks shared a photo of her natural hair on Instagram and Twitter with the caption: 'Me...because sometimes the wigs and weaves need a vacation.' People are loving that the model is embracing her natural hair, and pointing out how inspirational it is for women of color. Dancing With The Stars host Tyra Banks has taken to Instagram to show off her sheer look. In the post, Banks shared a photo of herself donning a black dress with see-though material around her chest, arms, and legs. She referred to the photo as 'a backstage peek' at her outfit. She’s the Chairman & CEO of The Tyra Banks Company – a place where beauty meets entertainment. Housed underneath her parent company is Bankable Productions where TyTy and her team create cool film & TV projects they hope you’ll be tweeting about soon. Tyra Banks is the new host of Dancing With The Stars. (Photo by ABC/Eric McCandless) Fascinated by the entertainment business at such a young age, Tyra Banks has proven to everyone that she is a ... Tyra Banks has been sharing a series of collages on Instagram over the past few weeks, all with black-and-white images of her wearing a bikini. MORE: Tyra Banks sparks reaction with new swimsuit photo The end is here. Yesterday, Tyra Banks broke the news that after 22 cycles and endless smizes, America's Next Top Model is finally packing its bags and heading home. She wrote on Instagram: 'TYRA ... Tyra Banks is addressing rumors that she’s engaged to boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin.. As Page Six previously reported, the 46-year-old model was spotted out and about wearing what appeared to ... Needless to say, “Dancing with the Stars” fans are not happy that Tyra Banks replaced Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews as host, but he has nothing against the supermodel — and he&#82…

Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 21, 2020 “How Did We Get Here...Again?”

2020.07.23 00:28 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 21, 2020 “How Did We Get Here...Again?”

Personal note: As of Wednesday morning July 22, 2020 kanye made a bunch of tweets that were deleted but they got all the screenshots on their insta. I feel so bad for my man Ye😭 he always does the most around an album drop; someone theorized that he stops taking his medication in order to “spark” his creativity (which I don’t agree with btw) and by the time the album is completed, he’s in full blown mania.
He’s done it a million times and I get that it’s the process for him but this isn’t the way to go about it.
That being said, Kim made a statement, and I think the request to lay off should be respected. I hope this podcast respects the family’s wishes but seeing by the comment Nat left under the photo, this probably won’t happen.
Start-4:36 Nat jokes that this is the “Hamilton Connoisseur” podcast, and they discuss the play for a little bit.
4:36-1:10:36: Nat insists that they’re not going to talk about Kanye, (yet this segment lasted for over an hour so... we are talking about Kanye) and that the most exhausting part of quarantine has been the celebrities, this week alone it’s been situations with Nick Cannon, Tamar Braxton, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Alex Trebeck, etc etc it’s just been a week, and Kanye “consumed” Sunday evening (eh I was there live and the tweets didn’t last that long so I wouldn’t say it lasted all night, more like an hour).
Queue Kathleen telling us where she was when everything happened, because she is the only one that was somewhere when something happened. (Maybe it’s a personal pet peeve but I don’t care what Kathleen The Great was doing when something happened. I just don’t, I’m sorry. Call me out, but I just don’t care).
Nat says the Kanye rally looked like it was held in a multi purpose room in a school, and rallies like this aren’t supposed to be done during this pandemic. Kathleen points out that a black woman challenged Kanye at the rally and got screamed at; but another white woman challenged Kanye and suddenly he was ok with discourse and that the white woman was probably a plant.
They go on to say that they wont dissect what Kanye said nor analyze what he said because it’s exhausting (yet Kathleen ranted for an hour so...and I’m not saying that everything she says is always wrong, but she’ll repeat the same point over and over until its lost all meaning). Kathleen goes on to say that she will go into everything he said (but you ...just ...ugh nevermind).
Nat says Kanye isn’t sick because he’s terrible; he’s a terrible man who happens to be sick. Kanye brought up Amber Rose at the rally and she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t leave her alone already because he sounds hurt the way he keeps tearing her down and that’s not bi-polar behavior. Kathleen says it’s not fair for people with mental health issues to say that Kanye acts that way because of mental health issues (forgetting that she’s spent years attacking him for his mental health issues, sure Jan) and that they’ve said things on the podcast before because it’s “hard not to have a reaction” and it’s not because he’s a black man that they vilify him. (I would believe this now had there not been a history of picking at every single minutiae of him and Kim’s life, so I find this hard to believe.)
Kathleen continues that there’s no reason this rally should have happened and it’s a combo of many factors that they cannot analyze on one episode of their podcast (but they try anyway). What Kanye said was hurtful and anti-black, but what’s worse is a major nerve was struck when he mentioned North and her possible abortion and that North could be hurt by rumors of what he said. (I would like some feedback on this but that particular part didn’t bother me so much? I don’t want to talk about abortion as harmful or a sign of a bad person. Them considering abortion, to me, that sounds like normal actions and nothing dark or mysterious. People are acting like they considered abortion now at North’s current age and not when she was a Zygote, two completely different things. I’m just not comfortable attacking abortion or discussion of it).
Kathleen goes on, we can be mad at Kanye for being shitty in different ways while understanding he’s going through a mental health crisis. Nat says “told you so” and now there’s a trending movement to pray for Kanye which is stupid. Mentions Chance the Rapper and all his tweets (Jfc she’s still upset about those meaningless tweets) and that he’s needed prayer for years now.
Says she’s over it and doesn’t know how he would get help anyway because he’s too big and influential. Someone is setting these events up for him, he’s not doing it himself. She supports Kim divorcing Kanye; which doesn’t mean to not talk to him but actually divorce him. Points out that Kim was held at gunpoint and almost lost her life, but she had to put her own trauma on the back burner to deal with Kanye’s mental health issues and then they immediately had more kids. We’re going on 4 years of this and she’s just tired of the same routine, the tweets mentioning Bill Cosby, Drake etc she’s just done with it.
Kathleen chimes in, they didn’t know that Kanye would do all this when they began the podcast, misquotes him again with the “slavery was a choice”, claims she was a hardcore Kanye defender and that she has a reddit hate thread. They’re not telling him to fuck off, but that something isn’t right here (I mean this is accurate and not much more to say). Mental illness “shouldn’t be a pass”, and he needs to understand the consequences (of what?? He’s just annoying but otherwise he literally has done nothing?) Says the Sunday service was weird for her and he’s using religion as a weapon. (Huh? How?)
(Note: we’re halfway through a Kathleen rant so she repeats a lot of things several times and doesn’t know when to let it go, I’m writing things down once or twice but most things were repeated many times).
Talks about suicidal people and how they seem great until they’re “ready” and anyone who’s bi-polar you need to question their mania and new hobbies. She doesn’t want to put this on their families but since he’s a creative and charming, it seems like the people around him consider him untouchable (because she has personal insight with all of these people, of course). Mania is scary because you don’t know how long it lasts and it’s hard to tell if that’s the real them or the mania, and the ups and downs are hard to watch with Kanye.
Kathleen goes on that she sees Kanyes creative outlets as “warning signs”, especially now. Calls Kim an enabler and claim to not be blaming her and that by design, loved ones are enablers and it’s understandable (oh ok now it’s fine but in the past it was all Kim’s fault and she was evil because of the kArDaShIaN cUrSe). Says the family waits it out which is frustrating and points out a recent article where the family said he should run another time and Kathleen says this proves that they won’t question him. (again, when was it acceptable to attack your loved one in public for having mental health struggles).
Nat finally takes the opportunity to speak as Kathleen takes a breathe and says the media treats Kanye like that because he’s a black man but he’s also getting some sort of protection because he’s a man (this is entirely too much compartmentalizing for me). Kathleen cuts her off and repeats the “can’t question him” etc etc says there are people who have always hated Kanye from day one because of racism and she doesn’t want to be in that camp, mentions her personal reddit hate thread (🙄).
She’s tired of family propping up his genius etc etc has to set boundaries if you’re ever in this situation with a loved one and must force the person to want the help. Says you’re suppose to burn their bridges and give them consequences so they snap out of it, such as taking the kids away and cut off financially (this is too much to me). Mentions trump of course.
Nat says Kanye will never be cancelled because fans gas him up (I think it’s obvious that fans are worried too so stop making up theories. Oh and his friends are checking up on him and making sure he’s ok, so let’s just calm down Jfc. Oh right, they “weren’t talking about Kanye” but they talk about him for an hour.)
Nat says that kris usually doesn’t get attacked so the tweets directed at her caught her off guard. She thinks that either Kim and Kris attempted to get him help or these are stories planted by Kris. Mentions Calmye and theorizes that it’s directed at Corey (I believe it’s just referring to his recently calling himself Calmye). He tweeted that he’s the man from Get Out, and Nat says that meme is so old why say this now? This could be playing out because they’re trying to help him.
Discuss the abortion talk, Nat calling it horrifying and Kathleen saying that stuff like that fucks up a child forever. The tweets Kanye made that he “saved North’s life” could be brought up by older kids around her or even paparazzi and that it’ll follow her her entire life, mentions again it fucks people up to know that (ehhhh it was in poor taste but again I don’t feel ok with bashing any abortion talk I dunno). Ponders how “so many people let this happen”.
Nat really feels bad for Kim because Kanye tweeted so many personal things about her, like the STD tweet and calling her “North’s mom” as if he doesn’t have 3 other kids. He also slut-shamed her, even though that was part of what he liked about her. Kathleen says that Jesus would never have shamed her or had an issue with it (I’m glad she said this). Kathleen says again they’re going to go over what Kanye said and all the ways he was hurtful (wait what? What was all this then?).
Nat points out the tweet of Kanye saying that he needs his family with him, confirming the theory that they don’t live together (repeat after me: Kanye records albums on location. Read that again). Nat mentions the consequences for black men in society are way harsher, but let’s not pretend that Bill Cosby is innocent.
Kathleen talks again about Sunday Service and how he hasn’t apologized or has consequences, and that he’s weaponizing Christianity and using it as a shield (HOW). Nat says he’s a trash person who happens to have mental health issues. Kathleen repeats herself a few extra times. Claims to have advocated for Kanye as a black man in the past and that she knows that’s part of how he’s treated, but can’t ignore everything else.
Nat says no one should be surprised at this point, that it’s been 4 years. Kathleen says he’s addicted to the reactions to his antics and for most people, they’re cries for help; but not with Kanye. Then she claims to have empathy. A few more repeats. Nat says she thinks the family cares but looking at their history with others in the family, they don’t know how to deal with bad mental health issues.
Kathleen says they treat their men poorly and we see how kris goes above and beyond for all the kids and the men in their life and she believes it’s Kris pleading with Kanye to get better; this is why Kanye is lashing out. She knows she gives Kim and Kris a bad time for enabling Kanye but they seem to hype him up. She knows Kris called him, and Nat says that Kim told her to not talk to him. That Kris doesn’t let her kids handle their own relationships, mentioning Kris telling Lamar how to contact Khloe. She hopes that Kim is doing some soul searching at this point. Kathleen jumps in that she feels for the family and claims that she cares, then goes on to shade Kim’s facial features out of literally nowhere.
Kathleen repeats everything she’s already stated, including her “reddit hate thread” (mkay.)
Nat brings up Shia Lebouf tweet (he said That Shia was suppose to do a GAP shoot and never showed up); says that Azalia Banks said that Shia has a small dick and she couldn’t finish (ehhh that’s a lil rude of Azalia). They talk about Shia for a few minutes. Kathleen theorizes that Kanye must have texted Shia about the GAP shoot and Shia was afraid to show up (mkay).
Kathleen ends by repeating herself again, mental health issues are not an excuse for bad behavior and they’ve said before that they have issue with how Kim handles Kanye; but that it’s a difficult situation thats playing itself out publicly. She doesn’t envy Kim and it’s harder with kids involved. Nat says good luck to everyone and mentions the Halle Barry/Jennifer Lawrence search screenshots Kanye tweeted.
1:10:36-1:12:00: discuss Meg Thee Stallion, who was actually the victim in the shooting. Nat mentions kylie as if she were involved in any way or shape, and she asks celebrities to take a day off. Kathleen says that she needs a day off.
1:12:00-1:20:15: Talk about Khloe being on Good Morning America this week talking about her migraines. They shade her for some reason, Kathleen calls it “icky” and insinuates that Khloe doesn’t get migraines. (I get migraines too and let me just tell you- I can’t walk, drive, or even care for my kids and my vision gets blurry as well as constant dizziness soooo it’s pretty awful.)
Kathleen talks about the new migraine medicine Khloe advertised but more importantly, she reveals that she is a doctor. She gets into the nitty gritty of the medicine and how it’s terrible for reasons... including side effects, because this is the only medication on earth that has side effects. She says that Khloe probably only did the ad for money, insinuating that celebrities advertise for free otherwise. (I believe that she does take the medication and more than likely the company reached out because of that. Same with Kim and her morning sickness nausea medication).
Dr. Kathleen talks about how migraine medicines work (as if this particular medicine does some off-the-wall shit, looks pretty standard to me and seems to have normal side effects.) Says that it’s irresponsible for Khloe to advertise it because people think headaches are migraines and this medicine has only been out for a month (Dr. Kathleen is forgetting drug trials and all that. She must think the company made a drug in their basement and started selling it to pharmacies within the week. Also, Dr. Kathleen has mentioned in the past that she gets migraines so this sounds like gatekeeping to me. Can’t be ~afflicted~ if others have migraines too.)
Dr. Kathleen then out right accuses Khloe of making up her migraines, pointing to an episode in which she went to get an MRI for what she thought was an all encompassing painful headache. They diagnose it as migraine, so now she calls it migraine “all the time” (it’s almost like when you don’t know what you have, so you go to the dr and they diagnose you...a concept 🤔).
Shade Kim for advertising the nausea medicine she used during pregnancy and calls migraines “trendy” (JFC shes literally so Personally Harmed™️ by other people suffering from what she has 😂) and then Dr. Kathleen says that in her expert opinion, she doesn’t agree with the treatment plan for Khloe, and prescribed another medication that she prefers; so clearly Khloe is lying trash and Dr. House Kathleen solved the case. End credits.
1:20:15-1:26:10: Tyra mail wants to unpack Kanye’s rally in South Carolina. Says he needs help and can’t believe he shared the abortion talk with the world. Also shaded him for crying.
Kathleen says she’s stressed. Nat discusses Kanye hired a team to get signatures for the campaign and then let them go. He never registered to be in the presidential race. Kathleen claims that he’s so rich that he can throw a fit about not being in the running and make someone put him in the running and that’s why he started so late (source?). That the pandemic was perfect for Sunday service because they could have had online church (no mention of her hatred for Sunday service, now suddenly it’s perfect for the pandemic). Mentions the show Succession at some point I dunno.
1:26:10-1:37:15: Tyra mail says friend told her she couldn’t understand Khloe and Tristans situation because she’s not married or a parent. Her friend said you cant just up and dip everytime there’s a problem and cheating doesn’t mean you have to leave. Says her friend is dumb and not worth her time, wants their opinion.
Nat says don’t lose a friendship over Khloe and Tristan. Kathleen says that theres something more to it with the friend. Nat says that they aren’t even the same, as they weren’t together long and he’s a serial cheater. Claims there’s no consequences for the men in that family. Tells her to reach out to her friend and end the feud. Kathleen says people you love can make decisions that cause moral conflict and it’s not black and white (y’all....)
Kathleen goes on that their harshest critics only have issue with what they say about Khloe because they see themselves in her situation, (and not that the concept of empathy exists). Says the writers friend probably not feeling valued in her own relationship (so that just cleanly wraps it all up 🙄). Repeats herself like 4 times.
Nat says couples force themselves to stay together when they have kids (mkay.) Kathleen goes off on a tangent about sex and pregnancy, her sister and her kid etcetcetc says Tristan is emotionally manipulative and hasn’t repented (Jesus god damn CHRIST you’re more hurt than Khloe).
1:37:15-1:43:08: Tyra mail says RIP to Naya Rivera. Says she watched an episode from 2012 where Kris met up with Todd Waterman, crying about how she left Robert for him, as well as rebounding with Caitlyn. Says Todd was attractive and asks, was Todd the one that got away? That Kim and Scott were playing chat roulette and went clubbing, and that it was bizarre seeing Kim cut lose. Complains about and berates Chance The Rapper, calling him an idiot.
Nat says she cheated on Robert with Todd and Kathleen says they played down Caitlyn calling her a rebound. Nat says she likes the concept of a rebound, that they werent meant to be together that long. Kathleen launches, saying how the family is advantageous, mentioning Kanye, and that Kris only wanted to be with Caitlyn to rehab her image and take family photos together. Nat says Caitlyn has the fame and Kathleen takes long to explain that maybe Kris was spiteful after leaving Robert.
1:53:08-1:47:13: Tyra mail (that is old, Nat says) says they’re hilarious and love hearing them dissect the family and talk politics. Says her podcast isn’t afraid to go there, it’s called Shock Therapy: Truth Bombs and Transmutations, and it’s run anonymously. They drop bombs about Trump and other public figures, wild conspiracies, etc. says she’s been afraid to promote it. Asks if she’s unhinged? Maybe. Wants to know when Kim will have enough of Kanye’s antics because he can’t be tamed unless he’s under MK ultra mind control much like he appeared after leaving Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center in 2016. Hes a liability to the family and it’s funny that Kim shared his tweet on her insta stories (this is old so don’t know which tweet). She admires the family’s resilience, especially after the robbery. Also says Kim has made her feel secure that if a video of hers was leaked it would all be ok; that Kim helped destigmatized it. Wants Kim to stop selling stuff during the pandemic and that she wishes Khloe would realize she’s worthy. (Nat reads these Tyra mails extremely fast to the point where the words run together, so I got tired of rewinding but you get the gist).
Kathleen mentions the show Succession. (I think low key she’s been advertising some things since day one. For example, for a few months she mentioned Taco Bell constantly, and then one day never mentioned it ever again. Suddenly she mentions that show at least 3 times per episode, she mentioned it twice already this episode. I don’t trust it.)
1:47:13- 1:51:37: Tyra mail wants to know who Kris’ sister is, and finds it odd they never mentioned her since they’re so close as a family. Hasn’t even seen a picture of Kris with her sister and finds it bizarre.
Nat says there’s one picture of Kris’ sister from last year at the Christmas party shes has gotten plastic surgery and looks like Jimmy Fallon. Kathleen says as much as she wants to shit on Kris for manufacturing a family image, she needs to only let people in that follow the rules. Maybe the sister is a liability, but comes to family events still. Says everyone has to sign an NDA, Doesn’t remember anything with the sister.
Nat says they don’t go too much info secondary family and Kathleen mentions again the NDA and some family members don’t feel comfortable signing NDAs or contracts.
1:51:37 Tyra mail says they want to thank them for everything they do. She should have a listened to Nat in a previous episode talking about endometriosis, as she was diagnosed with it and had surgery. Says she’ll visit Kathleen in the mountains and something about Khloe and merch.
They talk about their merch sale and Kathleen talks about her merch designs. Nat says it’s draining talking about the same person 2 weeks in a row so she wasn’t looking forward to this. Kathleen says this isn’t even dumb it’s just messy and Nat says there aren’t any fun scandals anymore; they want to talk about lighter scandals. To that, Nat says that Gia Guidice is getting a bunch of plastic surgery. They discuss all the Guidice kids and random stuff, bunch of fast moving side conversation before ending the episode.
Personal note: Theyre that upset that Kanye talked about running for prez, and I literally don’t understand why. I don’t think anyone took it as serious as they did. They should have ignored him like we ignore all independents and if anyone was truly diverted from whoever they were going to vote for, that’s on them. Kanye was never running, I was rolling my eyes as a stan. They took it too seriously.
Edit: haha I forgot to add that they said that Kanye stans need to worry about the Barbz and that a song of hers was suppose to be on kanyes never released Yahndi. They say that Harriet Tubman has had enough and she’s tired. Kathleen blah blah blah talks more shit about Kanye because she didn’t have enough for the whole 2 hour episode. Kathleen says the things he has a chip on his shoulder about are white spaces like politics, fashion..and Nat says that he wants white approval. (I feel dirty typing that).
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2020.07.12 08:43 candycornday Some information about the photo picking process from Jay Manuel

I haven't watched his livestreams but I just found this info:
"Many have suspected that the show is fixed and certain contestants have had bad photos from their photoshoot put forward to panel, in a bid to get them bad critiques and then eliminated. In a May 2020 Instagram livestream, Jay Manuel seemed to confirm these rumours, saying that after every photoshoot, as the creative director, he would choose the "top 4" photos from each girls' photoshoot, and then "put a heart" on one he believed to be the best. He explained that he gave those photos to Tyra and he used to talk to Tyra Banks about the photoshoot. However, he alleged that he was often "surprised" when Tyra often didn't pick one of the photos that Jay chose, although said that he didn't know if it was Tyra or production who did it, or why. Manuel also discredited Tyra's claims that she looks through everyone's entire film, saying that he rates the girl's films from 5 stars to 1 star, and Tyra only looked through the films that Jay ranked 5, 4 or 3 stars, saying there was "no point" going through the 2 or 1 star films, especially since Tyra didn't have the time."
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2020.07.08 23:45 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 7, 2029 “Things are getting weird(er)”

Edit: y’all, apparently I posted this 9 years in the future🤣
Start-10:55: “Say Bible Podcast, the podcast blah blah blah ...I’m Nat Natles” Kathleen chimes in “The podcast for the Kardashian ...Konspiracy theorist, and I’m Kathleen”.
They’re a Hamilton podcast now, Nat says she’s been watching it multiple times a day while Kathleen says she never liked it in the past but went with a friend recently and enjoyed it, then rewatched it. Plugs Disney’s release of Hamilton and how much better it is watching at home versus sitting in a crowd of people and the play itself is revolutionary. Randomly mention Kanye literally out of nowhere and shades his performing abilities versus producing (Sooo now we’re talking about plays just to shade Kanye? Lmao).
Continue discussing Hamilton on a Kardashian podcast while Kathleen claims to have been related to one of the actors but then claims she isn’t and gives an unsolicited history of her family that “immigrated” to America in the early 1900s to prove that shes not related to Robert E. Lee(Even though no one accused her this within the conversation and it has fuck all to do with the podcast. Also, I cannot help but point out that telling this to a black person who’s entire cultural history was most likely stolen and withheld from them is tasteless but yeah nice to know that she can recall her family history that no one asked for). Discuss more unrelated stuff like their history with high school theater, BRAVO channel, VHS tape recorders, TIK TOK, some old friend of kathleens.
10:55-22:40: Discuss report that Khloe and Tristan are back together, Nat says they shouldn’t respond to anything much like Kylie and Travis. Reads Khloe’s recent tweets where she’s seemingly denying the reports. (Ugh Khloe noooo) Nat says this is gaslighting because she’s acting like everyone else is crazy, and she keeps pretending like she somehow doesn’t have access to the internet while Kathleen points out that her tweets were just vague enough to not outright deny it but get people to pick up on the insinuation.
Talk about the party she threw with 60 people wearing a giant ring on her finger, mentioning covid and saying she made their relationship a main storyline of the show while Nat provides that Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris went to his house for 4th of July as some sort of proof that Khloes a conniving person. Kathleen mocks khloes voice and says she doesn’t believe her while Nat says the tired “co-parenting” line that we’ve heard already (again, even if they’re lying which they probably are, stop shitting on parents trying to make things work amicably for their kids. I personally am tired of the co-parenting jokes. I think the tweets were a lil pathetic of Khloe but they always go too far with the same exhausted jabs).
Kathleen says she realizes she’s shitting on Khloe but really she’s shitting on Tristan and it’s totally ok with her if they’re together it’s just that she hates Tristan and doesn’t know why they cut off Jordyn who’s done nothing wrong and is the only victim here, and she’s wearing a big ring and Tristan made that birthday post which she keeps saying was manipulative and indicative of a need to force emotional labor out of Khloe (even though that describes Scott☕️ because above all, black men must be perfect at all times and never fuck up ever, or even fuck up multiple times and make it right on the 10th try like any normal human /s See this line of thinking is dangerous and harmful but I guess that’s just me).
Kathleen goes on to say that Khloe can just be quiet and be someone who can’t quit a toxic person, to which Nat quickly agrees (and I have a chuckle myself at the irony) Nat points out that it’s just weird to not confirm anything at this point and that Larsa finally unfollowed everyone (ok.) and asks people to send them insider details, mentioning their faked and made up rumor of Kim’s side boyfriend. Talk theories about their relationship with foodgod. Kathleen says Kim followed her What Would Yeezus Wear insta, but unfollowed after Paris robbery and purged her following list in order to hide her tracks of who she was really unfollowing (for someone who hates kimye she sure does bring up that Instagram often and seems to make a lot of side projects and hobbies about them.)
22:40-47:07: Discuss Aubrey O’Day, first talking about her career as a singer and Kathleen of course relating it back to her claiming that she was friends with her cousin. Go on to talk about Aubrey in reality tv and how she’s a mess and had an affair with “sweet potato junior”. Nat says she never dates A-listers and Pauly D is probably the best she’s gonna get, Kathleen thought they were a kimye type. Spend a while talking about Aubrey in general but nothing serious or interesting.
Nat attempts to get on with the subject but then they spend a minute awkwardly mocking her voice and making random noises (I dunno I guess stuff like that makes me uncomfortable perhaps it’s a personal thing).
They finally get on with it and Nat reads Aubrey’s Worst 4th of July post saying that Aubrey doesn’t need to post all this since we been knew Kim clout chased early on and this post is clout chasing in and of itself. (I mean isn’t it common knowledge Kim called them paparazzi to photograph her? A personal assistant and closer organizer? Lmao)
Kathleen as expected defends Aubrey, saying that she knows she’s like this while Kim “pretends to be a social justice warrior” and claims to miss the chaotic clout chasing Kim, but then adds on a quick joke about Aubrey to make it seem like she wasn’t looking at the post through her narrow view clouded with hatred. Goes on to make more comments like that and believe the story wholesale as if this is Kim now and not Kim over a decade ago; while Nat points out that Kim likes famous men, not black men and that she thinks Aubrey was just trying to get trending. Kathleen says Kim likes “non-white” men because she gets access (even though she’s married and has 4 kids with Kanye so let’s just forget how they built a life together noooo she did all this for access...to a family).
This conversation went totally left and Kathleen goes off, saying that they only date black men and have mixed children to play into the white woman who wants to seem “interesting” for it. Nat chimes in to supposedly further her point by pointing out that in the past, Khloe has exclaimed that she’s “only ever had black dick” and that’s fetishizing black men (while this is a valid point on its own, it doesn’t actually further Kathleen’s point that people, specifically women, are intentionally having mixed race children to seem interesting; which in itself is actually fetishizing the mixed race children by denying them their humanity and calling them props and making bold claims about a lot of families which is harmful, especially when legal interracial marriage was only established a few decades ago and is still met with anger. There are many happy and healthy mixed race families who Kathleen should meet, maybe. I want to say that I agree with Nat on her point, Khloe’s comment was super dumb and unnecessary and I hope she’s grown since then.)
Kathleen doubles back and says that she’s talking about women (specifically women of course) who have children with a black man can claim that they’re not racist (even though this is a real phenomenon, what does this have to do with the kardashians? And for the record, Armenians are not white, and this explains why Americans think they are. I just scratch my head when they call her white🤔) Kathleen says she’s calling all white people to listen to her because you gotta check your peers, and then says Nat, being a black woman, can tell a white woman “Gotta learn how their shit works”, and then proceeds to make a sound that was like a cat in heat (?).
Nat goes on to provide further “proof” of Kim’s perceived wrong-doing, saying that Kim cites her children as inspiration for her work in prison reform and that Kim said North wanted her to wear braids once thereby “proving” Kim to be the aforementioned white woman screaming “I’m not racist, I have a black husband! I can say the N word, I have black kids!” (She’s inspired by her kids, so what’s so awful about that? I will say as a parent, both of my under 6 year olds do obsess over my hair and make many daily attempts emulate it, so it’s not really outside of the realm of possibility. That being said, she shouldn’t have worn any braids.)
Kathleen goes on to accuse Kim of using her kids to wear braids and claims that she’d be “ok” if Kim would only discuss her children more in depth and explain WHY she’s doing prison reform more (Kim has talked about her kids and what’s this obsession with nitpicking Kim’s reasons for doing prison reform?? maybe she pulled it out of her ass one day, like who gives an entire fuck why???)
47:07- 49:15: Kims retweets. Nat ponders if she has bots working her Twitter because she’s retweeting things too late for their liking and Kathleen complains that Kim isn’t specific about her retweet of the murdered solider from Fort Hood and she needs to look into the military and investigate this (🥱 y’all I’m bored of this old material they need to write new bullshit now it’s on KIM to fix the military 🥱) Shade her again for learning about how voting affects prison reform.
49:15-1:10:20: Says “people are asking them” to discuss Kanye’s new joint Wash Us in the Blood (real bop btw, been listening during my sprints) Nat says it’s “disguised as a gospel song” but it’s not inspirational (it’s a callback for his Yeezus era and she knew that) and that she didn’t like the visuals because he uses chaotic images from the protests and it doesn’t line up with the song and she’s sad Travis “had” to be in the song.
Cites lyrics such as “jezebelic”, claiming it not to be a word (even though it’s meaning is easily inferred sooo what’s your point) and that the word comes from witchy women in the Bible and it’s sexist and she also didn’t like the images of black women dancing along with the song.
Now for Kathleens take (because her opinion is important, being that the song is clearly aimed towards her demographic /s) claims that hes coopting a movement (a movement for his own self and any black man and woman). Kathleen goes on to trash Kanye’s donations again, as she did previously (same shit, telling a black man what to do and how to feel, I’m bored🥱).
About his bid for presidency, Kathleen made it about her again and said she left her phone somewhere while she floated in the pool and he tweeted while she was gone (because we care). Nat read off his tweet and said any year of him running for president would be terrible, and Kim retweeted it. Says the distractions and games aren’t helping and it’s also divisive and poor timing. She’s frustrated and wants him to leave us alone.
Kathleen says Kanye got positive PR and can’t handle attention, and he’s “like a gremlin” (yes let’s compare black people to monsters). Kathleen goes off with her same boring theories, absolutely nothing new from her. Conspiracies. Goes on to complain about be called anti-Semite for saying there’s a jewish conspiracy with Eric Kushner (discussed and explained on a previous post). They say that Kanye received illegitimate covid 19 small company relief funds and only donated money to small black businesses to get good PR. (For the record I wouldn’t vote for Kanye and I struggle to find a Kanye fan who would vote for him, we don’t take it seriously. On the record I voted for Bernie early on because I liked that he always had a black agenda. I’m requiring a president to provide reparations)
After discussing more theories about his bid, Nat says Kim should have gone to bed instead of retweeting and that Kanye did this just to prove he can tweet something like that and have news articles written about it. Kathleen brings up SKIMS manufacturing in Turkey, pointing out Kim isn’t dumb and she was “embarrassed” by fans and she wants her friends to leave her alone about it (no Kanye fans said they would vote it’s literally a joke to us lmaoooo but ok.) and that he didn’t actually file anything to run for President but also take this seriously. (Ok.)
1:10:20- 1:19:42: Tyra mail writes in asking their opinion of Khloe showing off her giant, expensive birthday party SO MUCH- and can’t think of a single other celebrity that does the same. Says there’s bigger issues at hand, and recalls tweets saying kardashians underpay their workers, even though they’re constantly telling us how rich they are.
Nat likes the glitz and glam, but feels that no one wants to see this while we’re in a pandemic and people are losing their jobs/getting less hours. Kathleen says the kardashians wanna seem both relatable (makes another Kim mocking voice) and Khloe pretends to be nervous about having a get together, yet there were 60 people there. Says they’re obsessed with being normal and does her whole routine again of claiming to be ok with them if they did x,y, or z.
Nat doesn’t understand why they’re still coming out with new makeup products even though no one is going out anymore (eh, I get it but I don’t mind since they’re not the only company doing this. It’s everyone, not just them). Kathleen mocks Kim’s visit to Wyoming and 14 horses. Says they’re pretending to be normal but also displaying wealth, while mocking her voice again. Nat says it’s fine to have and enjoy nice things but just stop showing it all the time and that she feels this way about Kourtneys diabetic strips test; not a big deal, but stop showing everyone your ability to afford it. Kathleen goes on talking about “unpaid” balloon decor staff and other random shit. They compare the fam to other celebrities display of wealth and accuse Kim of recently posting throwbacks for attention (remember Kathleen is Personally Harmed™️ if Kim does anything for attention and she’s the only celebrity to do something for attention.)
1:19:42-1:21:43: Tyra Mail says Jemeela Jamil is definitely Pisces because she’s a martyr and always a victim, and she has the same birthday of a Pisces she knows who’s exactly the same (should look up her moon and rising, Pisces are a special kind and I would describe them as a mix between Cancer and Taurus with high empathy and self-care traits.)
Nat responds that her aunt and cousin are Pisces so “nuff said”. Kathleen says she doesn’t know a lot of Pisces, she knows mostly Virgos and Leos and some other signs. Says she’ll need to learn more, her recent ex was an Aires and she “learned a lot” about them.
1:21:43-1:27:52: Tyra Mail is a long time listener who was once Kathleens roommate and asks Nat if she’s tried any of Kims perfumes and how do they compare with others?
Nat replies that Kim’s fragrances (she was actually cut off and talked over as she was replying ughhh) says her Crystal Gardenia is completely panned and she should have restocked it during a recent sale. Also her other Kim fragrance is her dads favorite on her. Kathleen describes the similar notes between Crystal Gardenia and their mothedaughter collab fragrance. Nat says she still has Kim’s very first perfume and she still uses it, and that she does fragrance very well. Kathleen has said before that perfume gives her migraines but not Kim’s, when Nat wears it. Nat attempts to read the next tyra mail for a few minutes, but Kathleen hijacks several times.
1:27:52- 1:46:31: Tyra mail says Steph Shepp is very quiet on BLM, even though she’s surrounded by black people and claims to be an activist. She finds it weird that Ariana Grande has spoken up more than her. If she has to question her stance on BLM, then there’s a problem.
Nat says that activism comes in many shapes and forms and she doesn’t see Steph doing any activism in any shape or form. Kathleen almost immediately makes this about Kim, saying that Kim doesn’t like to advocate for anything If other people are or she’ll do it later when there is no risk. Says she feels Steph is taking time to educate herself and maybe she’s just confused, because information isn’t hard to find.
Nat explains that Steph has another informational insta related to environmental racism and she doesn’t consider this to be the action part of activism, reiterating that Steph was the one calling herself an activist and hasn’t done anything. Kathleen discusses environmentalism in her hometown and how they’re great about environmentalism but not “socially conscious about all this other shit”, explaining that racism is prominent in her town.
Says animal rights and environmentalism is a “safe bubble” and a “toe in the safe water”, mentioning that social justice aimed at protecting black people is often ignored. Nat moves in by mentioning the charities that Steph is involved with while also bashing them for their laziness. (I neither agree nor disagree with this since I don’t really follow Steph so I won’t form an opinion, Nat may be correct on all accounts) and Kathleen says she feels like she’s always failing as an activist so she doesn’t want to be called one. (If activism is attacking a celebrity for investing in prison reform to help black and brown people wrongfully in the prison system or given ridiculous sentences) they go on to shade Steph for a while longer and laugh at a POOSH article about using “reusable coffee cups” (aka a coffee cup) and other dumb shit.
1:46:31- 1:54:26: Tyra mail doesn’t see anything wrong with Kendall’s Pepsi commercial because it seems positive.
Nat laughs her ass off (as did I) and Kathleen doesn’t even let Nat say anything and cuts in first, saying maybe a certain time or place at a very surface level, the concept of humanity being a unifying factor isn’t wrong but the real problem is it was lazy af and sensationalized protests and made police seem friendly when they’re not.
Nat agrees (Kathleens assessment is correct but I feel that it would have been appropriate to let the black person speak first and get her thoughts out) Offers that it also minimizes the act of protesting when there are people really fighting for their lives at these protests; Pepsi REALLY thought it was ok to claim that soda can bring everyone together (😂🤣🤣) and Kathleen says Pepsi knows good business, citing those Britney Spears commercials (I agree, I hate Pepsi but their Britney Spears joints were 👌🏼) so this didn’t make sense since they know how to make relatable commercials, and it was just plain lazy since they had somewhat of a budget and could have made something great. It was offensive that they didn’t even take a stance in the commercial.
Discuss other socially conscious ad campaigns that worked. Nat offers that someone in the room should have said not to make this commercial, it was very very bad.
1:54:26- 2:04:03: Two Tyra mails write in explaining KKW Beauty’s valuation. Writer watched shark tank and says the way it works is they take the percentage of what they’re buying and paying, and then take those numbers to evaluate the company as a whole.
So Coty paid $200 Million for a 20% stake (or 1/5 stake), multiply that by five, and if 1/5 of the company is worth $200 Million then the company as a whole is worth $200 Million x Five, and that explains the new valuation.
The other Tyra mail explaining this says that by buying 20% for $200 Million, Coty is establishing the company as $1 Billion and this is how stock prices are valued. Nat claims to still not understand but sure she’ll take their word for it (because she was praised so highly on social media for her “math ain’t mathin’ comment last episode that she won’t take it back). And that it’s further confirmation that Kim isn’t a billionaire (yes it’s KKW Beauty).
Kathleen discusses how crazy high valuations of certain websites like Facebook has skewed the Silicon Valley tech industry (she mumbles a bit here and I rewound like 10 times trying to decipher it and gave up) and valuation doesn’t mean anything and is an estimate. (Wow Kathleen what new and completely unheard information, companies estimate worth based on a shared societal agreement of capitalism and profit and not actual worth. This is completely brand new information, and it only relates to Kim and KKW Beauty of course. Except...1/5 of her company is confirmed worth $200 Million with cold hard cash so by process of proportions her company is worth $1 Billion so I don’t get your point.)
she repeats five times that Kim doesn’t have the cash in the bank and it’s all fake, then mentions the show succession and how behind the scenes stuff is shady. Mentions companies she’s worked for cutting back on employees and using stock to make money and that all these companies have all these fake numbers. Accuses Kris of cooking financial books with Coty (why she so god damn pressed lmao to even make up shit out her ass over a company valuation that doesn’t affect her life lol)
Nat attempts to move on, Kathleen swiftly cuts her right off and keeps on saying all the same things and how shady it all is, accusing them of making shady deals and describes all this and makes up a whole conspiracy on how Kim and Kris came up with this evil scheme. (Ok can we move on tf? Who cares🗣)
2:04:03- 2:05:00: Tyra mail wants to submit new tag lines. Suggests the following:
Writer says she’s still enjoys the Kardashian Konnesseur tagline and wishes whoever is recapping on reddit would lighten up.
Kathleen says she’s on the Kardashian Konspiracy Theorist train but also likes but Koncerned and Kabal.
2:05:00- End: Mention socials. They mention that they’ve been under emotional distress these people have caused them. Kathleen says to the reddit listener (there are many so I suppose this is for whoever is recapping) that it helps they have social media, especially the paid Patreon group because she can contain rants there (THANK. GAWD. People who are paying monthly to be in this group will be interested in those rants so that makes sense). Mention interviews and Patreon giveaways as well as merch.
Thoughts: I know that it looks like Kathleen can’t say a god damn thing without me commenting on it but ::throws up hands:: she just keeps it up with the most random unnecessary shit. The attack on interracial families, the constant Tristan bashing ...it’s not adding up to anything positive for me. The obsession with Kim. Just because she’s not going on multiple 30 minute rants doesn’t mean she’s actually made any concrete changes. The rants are just going on for less time lmao.
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2020.06.11 20:34 bathtubfullofhotdogs Just Finished All Stars and y'all, I have some thoughts.

Contestants In order of elimination....
Brittany Bower - I was so sad to see her eliminated so early, I loved her in c4, and I would have loved to see what she could do now after years of 'real world modeling' experience. She was not forgettable in my mind at all, I would have thought she would have had the most recognition from fans since she was from the 'golden years' of ANTM.
Sheena - She didn't seem nearly as bubbly as she was in her previous cycle. Her pictures didn't scream Sheena to me at all, regardless of that wack ass branding they made everyone deal with. I wish she had been kept on longer, her hot dog shoot definitely wasn't Sheena, but it also wasn't go-home worthy by any means!
Isis - I was really glad to see her more confident this time around, but she never screamed model to me on the show. Her post show work however she looked and photographed like a pro, stunning.
Camille - In cycle two, I did not care for her one bit, she was gorgeous, but she came across as arrogant, snobby, and overly aggressive, however (what the Jay's said during their instagram explained a lot of it, a black woman has to fight twice as hard for half) and during All stars, I found her to be much more relatable. She showed a vulnerability that I had never seen before from her. I wish she had made it further, she was stunning and a badass in her shoulder pad body suit.
Bre - WHERE DID HER BEAUTIFUL GRAVELY VOICE GO?? I love Bre and it was so weird to hear her speak and it not have that trademark gravel sound. I loved how honest she was, saying she wasn't 18 anymore, she was grown and was going to behave that way. I didn't see the passion in the same way though, I was sad when she was eliminated but it sounded like she was doing pretty well in the real world of modeling, so I hope she's still kicking ass. The MJ shoot was weird because black face obvi, but with that said, Bre's shot was phenomenal to me, absolutely stunning.
Kayla - I didn't see her original cycle, and honestly don't have strong feelings one way or another. She's gorgeous though.
Bianca - She was a bit of a b in cycle 9, and I didn't like how she treated Heather, but after learning she and Heather actually got along, I softened a little bit, that and based purely on looks, girl is a goddess. That said, I wasn't super sad to see her go, because drama and attitude seemed to follow her everywhere. The phone thing with Shannon was not her fault and the whole thing got way out of hand, but I wasn't super sad. I do side with her on the tub thing though! It was extremely weird, in a picture a tub would have been perfect, in real life though, it was weird, it's hard to sell yourself standing ankle deep in tub water because you're weirdly standing in a tub, and laying in the tub trying to sell yourself while basically on the ground, just felt gross to me, with the lights and the music it looked like a weird sex night club.
Alexandria - I didn't see her original cycle, but she seemed okay, I don't have strong feelings one way or the other, except that her song was catchy af and they boned her with some weird styling a few times. That surf board shoot was weird as hell and the way they shopped her onto a motorcycle was so wrong. Also, she looked so much like Cameron Diaz on the hot dog shoot that I had to do a double take.
Shannon - I never saw cycle 1, I know shame on me, shame on my ancestors, shame on my cow. I did see her pictures from cycle 1 and they were absolutely stunning. I didn't really feel one way or another about her in all stars, she set the bar so high with the snake shoot, a lot of her pictures this cycle fell flat to me. They were still great shots, but honestly she looked a little older than she was and they didn't have the same spark, I don’t think she should have torn overseas. I felt bad about the underwear thing, I think it was a little weird because the difference between panties and bikini bottoms is the material, but it was a matter of principal to her, it was important to her, it was an integral part of her brand (which they made such a big deal) and she made it clear before starting and they should have respected it. I also can't judge because I wear bike shorts under my clothes 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Dominique - I didn't finish her original cycle because it sucked and was too racist and crappy to be enjoyable. c17- I like Dominique, she was relatable and funny, and she did make me want to get in that weird ass salad bowl!! Everyone brings up Laura when they talk about the salad shoot, but Dominique was ultra sexy in that salad (which is probably the weirdest thing I've ever typed). I also felt bad, during the Olympian shoot, Nigel was telling her she was doing well and then at panel, it was like, "oh Dom, Dom who? At the end of the day I wouldn't remember her or this shot" EXCUSE YOU NIGEL??? LIES.
Laura - I did not see her original cycle, but I absolutely adore her. She is cute as a button and was not involved in any of the drama, she would just up and walk away from it. She is a damn delight, and I loved how much she spoke about her Wanda Sue originals. Her salad shoot was not as bad as I had anticipated, especially now knowing she was fighting a migraine. I don't think it looks raunchy, I think it looks pained.
Allison - Such a damn sweet heart. She has grown leaps and bounds as a model since her cycle. She did well in her original cycle, but I felt a lot of the pictures were just the eyes (even the ones the judges were over the moon about), this cycle though, she was like a different model to me, her shots were gorgeous and her music video was incredible, I know it was about the death of her father, but god dang it's catchy. I love how she quietly absorbs in the background and then works it the hell out on shoots.
Lisa - I actually enjoyed Lisa in C5, was she obnoxious? Boy howdy, and the diaper incident was gross, but she did have undeniable talent and charisma, this cycle though? Yikes, she honestly seemed pretty mean about the other girls, that likable spunk wasn't there, it was just 'how crazy can I be on shoots' and how insanely intense can I be about how I'm the best everywhere else. She still has undeniable talent and drive (she honestly reminds of Melrose this cycle with her intensity and laser focus, which is a desirable trait), but I don't think she should have won, her portfolio was pretty hit and miss, and her personality was just unpleasant.
Angelea - I did not see her original cycle, so I was very intrigued with all of the drama surrounding All Stars. Honestly, I don't think she should have won, she was in the bottom 2, 4 times and never really hit that mega high winner note for me. She was stunning, entertaining, and very relatable (she was talented but came across as approachable), but her pictures very rarely screamed amaze balls total winner to me. HOWEVER, the shit they pulled with crowning her and de-crowning her was fucked up, she should have kept her crown and I hope she enjoys the payday from the lawsuit. I also think she would have been a decent E correspondent, because she would have been relatable, while still being way cooler than the rest of us, ha ha. 'Bitch, I worked at a bank' is also amazing and I love everything about it.
General Thoughts - What was up with the prize not being revealed until filming? What the hell did their contracts look like without the prizes?
The Branding - GOOD LORD. I understand why it's important, especially in this day and age, but I think they pushed it too much and it was either too defined or too vague for a lot of the girls to model with the words well. Also, what was with Bre's branding as girlfriend? I feel like Bre's word should have been more than that, because she was more than that! Shannon being trust worthy, Laura being lovable, sure, but Kayla being free and Sheena being unexpected? Unexpected is a liability in the real word and it makes people nervous. Unexpected would have been her throwing the hot dog at whoever approved that weird shoot.
The Shoots
What the f*ck was up with that hot dog shoot? I'm sorry there is no way to eat a hot dog without looking sloppy, hokey, or like vaguely pornographic, it just can't be done. It's also just weird, licking chili off your forearm is not fashionable in my mind. Angelea had the best shot that week in my mind hands done. Bre for second, Bianca for third place.
The Stilts - The concept was incredible, but I didn't really love any of the pictures. Honorable mention to Bre and Laura for their outstanding poses.
Express - I loved almost all of the pictures from the Express shoot, I think they all did an exceptional job. I did not totally love Lisa's though, it was daring, but not 'one of the guys', guys don't carry each other like that.
The MJ shoot - I was obsessed with him as a kid, like creepy obsessed, so I was delighted about a themed photo shoot, until I saw the black face, like I understand that the MJ estate approved it and Latoya was there, but man... still not great. I mean, if they HAD to have done it, they could have had the white girls, be MJ later in life when his skin was super white, but even still, did he still identify as a black man? Too tricky, too risky, and honestly too offensive. I thought most of the shots were weird regardless of the black face, but I absolutely loved Bre's shot, she was outstanding.
The Fight - I didn't really like anything about it. Coco is undeniably incredibly talented, I mean hot damn, girl can pose, but I didn't really love any of their shots, Allison's was especially weird to me. I did love Bre's energy though.
The NeNe and Snooki shoot - What the ever living f*ck? I understand branding is huge to reality stars like NeNe and Snooki, but randomly putting them on the back of a motorcycle was ridiculous. The pickle incident was also weird and I felt bad for Allison who just needed some food :C
Music Videos - Pot ledom was dumb and weird and like most people, I didn’t like it one bit. I really liked Dominique and Allison’s videos, they way Allison sang pot ledom, it just sounded like a chorus note to me so I could ignore it, but obviously could not ignore “top model backwards” or the YouTube kid and Tyra who did not belong there. Honorable mention to Alexandria because although her video wasn’t great, the song was catchy.
The Infamous Salad shoot - WTF. I understand the concept, but it was still just weird to me. The girls pouring olive oil all over themselves felt weird and overly sexual even for an underwear ad. All I could think about was someone slip sliding around and getting cheese bits, olive oil, or tomato slop on/in their downstairs. I know they had skin tight undies, but still, oof. Also wondering how much Dawn they had to use to get the oil off their skin, or I guess since they were in Greece, Ajax.
The Olympians shoot - I like most of their pictures. I don't think Lisa's was all star material, but I don't know how much of that was the shot they chose. Her face was tilted too far and her expression was dead. I love Laura's shot even though I do agree that it made the dress look weird. I am also very upset with ~noted fashion photographer~ Nigel Barker for telling Dominique that she was doing a good job and then blasting her at panel 😡
Peer Review - That shit is solely to start drama, and asking who deserved it least would mess with anyone's head, especially since all of these girls feel that a little bit since they lost in their original cycle. It was also painful to watch that drama bomb explode. No one was nasty about Angelea, everyone told her she just needed to show that confidence and open up and she acted like they peed in her shoes, they even told her they loved her, it wasn't like it would have been if everyone said something about Lisa. I'd bet my next paycheck no one would have said they loved Lisa. I get why Angelea was upset, but I wouldn't call anything anyone said attacking honestly. (Except maybe when Lisa dog piled on)
Modelland - I understand the book was YA fantasy, and damn right Tyra should be proud, but the 'motion' was weird and not flattering to any of the girls involved imo.
Cover Girl - I don't like Lisa's shot one bit. I know she had better ones than the one they chose, it reads too old and too in motion for Cover Girl. I loved both Angelea and Allison's shots, they both looked easy, breezy, beautiful, though I think Angelea's was the best.
Final Runaway - It felt mean to make them swim in masks with wigs, and I understand the symbolism of it, but it felt unnecessary. I loved the rest of it though, Jay Manuel out did himself for this cycle. I thought they all did extremely well on the runaway, I thought Lisa was a little too over the top when her song came on, but honestly, I understand why, girl was feeling her song and herself!
Commentary - It didn't occur to me until half way through this cycle how weird it must be for non-winners, to talk about how hopeful they were thinking they had it in the bag, now knowing they lost.
I honestly don't know who should have won, the top 5 were all so strong in different ways, I def was not thrilled with Lisa winning, but I don't understand why Angelea won to begin with (honestly, not trying to be an ass, she has beauty and talent, but her portfolio seemed weak to me, especially for an All Star winner. The only shots that really stood out to me were the hot dog shoot, the express shoot, and her cover girl shoot). Who do you guys think should have won? Do you think Angelea's potential and persistence should have made her number 1? Do you think Allison's consistent portfolio should have pushed Lisa into that pool, or the small town girl in a big world should have lassoed that awesome prize package, or that Dominique should have just thrown that javelin at Nigel and then had Sheena come in and just unexpectedly throw hot dogs and chili at everyone except André ?
Do you guys think the NDA Angelea signed will ever expire? Lord, I wish she would write a book on what went down!
EDIT - fixed some words.
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2020.06.11 00:26 ap0lly0n Thoughts about BLM and how it relates to Asian Americans

Thoughts about BLM and how it relates to Asian Americans
  1. BLM is the controlled opposition. BLM could not have happened without white support. At the bare minimum, they have been granted legitimacy through the wholly white/Jewish controlled news media, which includes so called "alternative" media websites such as Vice, Huffington Post, etc. The fact that it is on anybody's radar at all means that some white/Jewish owner wanted it to happen. Why would they do that? Because they actually care about black lives and racial justice et? Hardly. If they did, then key statistics would change such as incarceration rates, income, home and business ownership, etc. I do not include education because education is basically useless if you aren't rewarded accordingly for it. It means nothing if it doesn't grant you access to power, wealth, and influence. These are reserved strictly for white/Jewish people. If the white powers that be didn't want Obama to win, they would have given him the Andrew Yang treatment.
  2. Black lives should not matter until all minority lives matter. Otherwise the purpose of this movement is to facilitate black ascendancy at the cost of all other minorities. Consider this. Blacks are only a minority compared to whites. They are actually the second largest majority. Replacing white overlords with black overlords not only would not help other minorities, but would probably harm them. Consider the number of blacks in positions of power relative to other minorities. Compare the number of black politicians to the number of both South and East Asian politicians. How about Supreme Court Justices? Attorney Generals? Mayors? Senators? Congressmen? Police Chiefs? How have they treated Asians and other minorities? Remember South Philadelphia High School and how the administration ignored and even abetted hate crimes against Asian American students. https://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/10/22/philly.school.asian.american.attacks/index.html
  3. Asian Americans priorities should be considered first and foremost. If you are Asian and aren't supporting Asians, then there is nothing further to be said, you are a traitor and should be driven out of the Asian community. You are betraying your family, friends, neighbors, and ultimately yourself and you need to deep self reflection to understand why. I suggest you watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCSOiN_38nE . If you put blacks, or absolutely anybody else who isn't Asian above Asians then at the very least, don't attack other Asians. Helping others at the expense of your own is despicable and self serving and ultimately helps uphold white hegemony. Remember, it is whites who taught you to hate yourself. They control everything.
  4. There are definitely black people who do support Asian Americans. Blacks are hardly a monolithic entity, just like us. Numerous examples abound, such as Tyra Banks supporting Asian American men, Wu Tang Clan, Muhammad Ali,etc. Even Obama has supported Asian Americans. And surprisingly, Kamala Harris as well. The problem is that their support is not widely known. Instead most of the news that I have anecdotally observed is black racism and attacks against Asian Americans. The problem is that we don't really know what is going on and we can never know unless we have quantifiable data. We can't really assess the situation without hard facts and numbers, which would probably be impossible to attain since every single information source is controlled by the white/Jewish power, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc. Their algorithms control information flow and decide what is trending. I sincerely doubt their trending tools actually report what is trending, but instead are used to decide what they want people to think is trending. We don't know how their algorithms function, or what they do. In a true free and open society, these algorithms would be made open source for public examination, but they are not. The only hard data that is available are the Uniform Crime Reports, and the rates of victimization by race of victim and offender, all of which show that blacks overwhelmingly target Asians while the reverse is almost non existent.
  5. Blacks are being used as a political weapon against Asian Americans. Black empowerment is achieved to the detriment of Asian Americans. This is by design. Just as Asian Americans, as the model minority, were designed to be a foil used against blacks in the arena of racial discrimination, social welfare etc., the reverse holds true. While Asian Americans are the perpetual foreigner, always identified with and treated as more loyal to their countries of origin (the term Asian and Asian American are used interchangeably), black (or African Americans, never Africans) identity and loyalty is never questioned. They are inarguably American, even if they are recent African immigrants. They were given American citizenship well over a century before Asians were. I suspect they were given many other things as well, such as land ownership rights etc, but I don't know yet. Meanwhile Asian Americans are being treated as spies for Communist China, even if they are not Chinese and are American citizens.
  6. Asians Americans are the scapegoat. Instead of actually giving blacks real empowerment, they are being given Asian Americans as scapegoats. White conservative racists hate all POC. In comparison, White liberals ally themselves with blacks and other POC to scapegoat Asian Americans. White hegemony supports itself by performing a racial balancing act with blacks and Asian Americans diametrically opposed to each other. If Asians Americans are overachievers in education, then enact Affirmative Action to take away Asian American enrollment at institutions of higher learning and give those spots to blacks. If too many Asian Americans own business in black neighborhoods, then let those businesses be looted and burned and deny them relief money and give that money to black businesses instead. If Asians do well on standardized tests, then allocate money and resources to help black students, but not Asian American students. Etc etc. numerous examples abound. Blacks and whites working together in a new America to disenfranchise and dis-empower Asians Americans. This is the new direction that liberals and SJWs along with traitorous Asian Americans are working towards. But always remember, the ones who hold all the power are whites/Jewish people. That there are blacks who are complicit in this new Faustian deal with the devil should not be a surprise to anybody, but a disappointment to those who remember "Yellow Peril Supports Black Power" and the POC coalition long ago destroyed by the FBI and Cointelpro.
  7. Sun Tzu - The Art of War. “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” This is how whites are winning. Rather than giving blacks real empowerment, they are being given an easier target, Asian Americans. Blacks still lose, but it is easier for them to attack Asian Americans. Remember what happened to Korea Town in the LA Riots after the Rodney King verdict. It is much easier to punch down than to punch up. This also works within the Asian American community. SJW and sellouts are being given an easier path to take rather than fighting the real battle. All they have to do is to betray the Asian American community by either denouncing them and/or marrying out to blacks, whites, any non Asian man. Asian American men are not given this option since by definition, Asian American men are the enemy, not women. This can be seen in various ways during war time, such as rape, comfort women and prostitution, war brides etc. Asian men were simply killed.
  8. Knowing all of this, we should still support blacks and others, but be careful and smart about how to do it. First of all, Asian Americans should never do anything to their own detriment. To do otherwise would merely be replacing a white overlord with a black overlord. Think of this in terms of game theory. If we assign relative power to the races on a scale of 1 to 10, then consider this
    Whites power = 9
    Black power = 7
    Asian Power = 3
    White power aligned with Asian power = 12
    White power aligned with Black power = 16
    Asian power aligned with Black power = 10
So herein lies the problem. Asian power is too insignificant. The only hope of removing white supremacy is to align with black power, but Asian Americans are still in last place, and black power will be dominant but only with help from others. This is just a very small toy model I created off the top of my head, but I think it is well worth looking into. Power can be quantified, just look at factors such as money, voters, campaign donations etc. These are the tools of the trade. I suspect that there are entire schools dedicated to this, but I am not an economist nor do I have access to the inner workings of The Rand Institute nor the AEI etc. Consider also that all these think tanks are tools of white hegemony. I strongly doubt that there are similar institutions dedicated to the empowerment of POC.
This is just a small sampling and cursory treatment of these topics. I don't have energy nor time right now to provide detailed and comprehensive references, but most of them can be found by simple searches. Note also that the Overton Window still remains intact. Nobody is talking about how to remove real institutional white power. They are just talking about the police, not political reform, third party candidates, tech monopolies, the military-Industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, the media/entertainment/Hollywood brainwashing propaganda monopoly, taxation, voter disenfranchisement, single payer healthcare etc.
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2020.06.03 02:05 purpleorcas melrose ig live pt 2!

Something behind the scenes that weren't shown: In the episode when she fell down, she asked to see her final film. production then yelled “CUT!” when she said that and asks "isn't this to pick the best model? how will you guys know from not seeing the film?" and production says they get to pick who they want to win, instead of picking the best model. When production started filming it again they told melrose not to say anything.
- before on the show, she says that she's never watched any of the top model episodes. she’s only watched the beginning of two episodes and she says that caridee has watched all the episodes
How did Bookings perceive her after the show: again she said the fashion industry doesn't respect the show. She said one of the girls told her "there's worse things to be than a bitch". She says that's somewhat right and the worse thing is to be seen as a bad model.
-she wanted tyra banks to have a show called BANKS and get the top 3 girls and sign them into agencies and earn the 20% from the client.
-she said she only got $150 of royalties from the show!
Why did she sign up for the show? - she claimed that she only wanted the money for the show and to start her own clothing brand, and do a little bit of modeling. production would constantly tell her not to say that.
-she would never do another reality show, she thinks it's completely toxic.
Naomi and Tyra: she knows Tyra could've done better. She likes Naomi better and her style better. She doesn't follow Tyra on Instagram.
Monique: Melrose is still afraid of her and she hopes she's doing better. She says it wasn't pretty to watch and that Monique went on a downwards spiral.
-Melrose was invited for All-Stars! She said she only wanted to do it for $100,000-200,000 and she said that they didn't message her again.
-She compares her time on ANTM to prison. She lost a LOT of weight when being on the show.
-She retired from modeling when she was 30. (She is now 37).
-She has a diary from Top Model, her diary is on her website.
-She thinks her Elephant picture with the old face was her worst picture, also she thought the Donald Trump one was unfair because everyone got younger celebrities. She doesn't like her Covergirl picture, she says they edited her lips.
Keeping in touch with other Cast Members: She's still in touch with Eugena and praises her! Melrose says she's a sweet and amazing person. Melrose says that her pictures are amazing, and Eugena was Playmate of the year, had a billboard in Times Square. They did a photoshoot together and she'll post it soon! She keeps in touch with the twins a bit and also Megan. She says a lot of the girls didn't have a lot of nice things to say about her and didn't reach out to her despite evil editing.
-She thinks modeling is a way to pimp women. She wants people to be smarter and that and voice out for change in the world.
-She hated her blonde hair.
- when she lost, she said she was super hard on herself. she just broke up with her boyfriend and lost a lot before going to the show and she was super devastated.
-she's only seen the J's in person after the show, she saw Nigel once when he said "it could've been any of you", but none of the other producers. Jay Manuel encouraged her about modeling when they saw each other once.
-she mentioned caridee was one of the girls that were different from the show. she then said jaeda was one of the funnier girls. she thinks everyone got a bit of a bad rep on the show.
- one of the moments she didn’t have seen on TV was her rapping and she says she wanted everyone to see that
-she felt bad for posting on blackouttuesday but shared a bit about fighting for minorities and women’s rights.
and that's it! She kept mentioning her future book! I'm excited what she has in it.
submitted by purpleorcas to ANTM [link] [comments]

2020.05.29 20:00 desesparatechicken A modern list of soft dramatic celebrities in 40 shades

South American descent

Denise Bidot (i)
1986 plus-size fashion model instagram
Sabrina Claudio (i)
1996 singer and songwriter instagram
Chiquinquirá Delgado (i)
1972 model and actress instagram
Eiza Gonzalez (i)
1990 actress and singer instagram
Sofía Vergara (verified) (i)
1972 actress and model instagram

African descent

Tyra Banks (verified) (i)
1973 model, actress and television personality instagram
Naomi Elizée (i) maybe D
1994 Vogue associate market editor instagram
Nia Franklin (i)
1993 songwriter and Miss America 2019 instagram
Imaan Hammam (i) maybe D
1996 model and global ambassador for She's the First instagram
Jennifer Hudson (i)
1981 singer and actress instagram
Aurora James (i)
1984 fashion designer instagram
Tracee Ellis Ross (i)
1972 actress, singer and television host instagram
Oprah Winfrey (i)
1954 television host and producer instagram

Middle East descent

Mariam Al Ferjani (i)
1989 actress and director instagram
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (i)
1990 model instagram
Cyrine Abdelnour (i)
1977 singer, actress and model instagram
Salma Abu Deif (i)
1994 actress instagram
Afef Jnifen (i)
1963 model and television host instagram
Ghada Abdel Razek (i)
1965 actress instagram
Carole Samaha (i)
1972 singer and actress instagram

European descent

Adèle (i)
1988 singer and songwriter instagram
Gemma Arterton (i)
1986 actress, activist and producer
Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert (i) probably D
1979 fashion editor and creative director instagram
Monica Bellucci (i)
1964 actress and model instagram
Ashley Graham (i)
1987 plus-size model instagram
Charli Howard (i)
1991 curve model, author, activist instagram
Iskra Lawrence (i)
1990 curve model instagram
LeeLee Sobieski Kimmel (i)
1983 artist and former actress instagram

South Asia descent

Kajal Aggarwal (i)
1985 actress and model instagram
Ileana D'Cruz (i)
1986 actress instagram
Jameela Jamil (i)
1986 actress, model and activist instagram
Yasmeen Ghauri (i)
1971 former supermodel

East Asia descent

Chou Tzuyu (i)
1999 singer
Han Eun Jung (i)
1980 actress
Kim Hye Soo (i)
1970 actress instagram not sure if it's a fan account
Kim Ok Vin (i)
1987 actress instagram
Song Dahye (i)
1993 singer instagram
Yura (i)
1992 singer instagram

First Nations descent

Linsay Willier (i)
1983 model and actress instagram
Marisa Quinn (i)
1980 actress
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2020.05.18 05:40 teddivan96 adrienne curry goes on an instagram rant and defends tyra banks

adrienne curry goes on an instagram rant and defends tyra banks submitted by teddivan96 to ANTM [link] [comments]

2020.03.04 06:17 mnvc2009 Anyone come here John and Ali fans?

I was really rooting for them insert Tyra Banks “we were all rooting for you” clip, but they keep showing their true colors. I know too many people (personally) that JJD has done dirty, so I wanted the underdog to rise up. I really felt bad for Ali and John having no one and seemingly being left in the dust. Instead all I’ve been given is egotistical, racist, delusional, non-stop whining children who think making insta stories dissing contestants on the bachelor is what the world is in need of. My final straw was today. Her saying the only reason she deleted her insta stories from last night about the “annoying” tornado warnings was because she didn’t want anyone “offended”. Not because she felt awful. And then on to numb nuts who ignored the fact that he heckled a weather girl on her Instagram page, and went on to talk about his fitness program. Because sales. No apologies to the poor weather girl or anyone who may have been hit by the devastating weather. His ego is much to fragile to apologize. So, goodbye Ali and John, I hope all of your Instagram partnerships dry up and you end up working a real job like the rest of us ✌️
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2020.02.26 00:17 jenizaro Tyra Banks Instagram Live Stream 24 February 2020

Tyra Banks Instagram Live Stream 24 February 2020 submitted by jenizaro to iglives [link] [comments]

2020.02.24 08:21 kermit54 Breaking down what modelland has to offer

This is what general access will get you:
This is what fantascene photoshoot will get you:
This is what fantascene dream will get you:

So basically general access gives you more shops in the mall. Fantascene gives you a senior photoshoot at the cheap studio the high school recommends. And dream gives you the expensive senior photoshoot.

I've been following Tyra for 13 years so I do want to go just to check it out. That being said, this is SUPER underwhelming. I was expecting it to crash and burn but at least for it to be unique and creative. This is just lame more than anything.

I could possibly see it surviving longer than I initially though given that it seems there's not a lot of overhead involved in it. Still probably won't last more than a year though.

Also, WHERE are the high end dining restaraunts we were promised???????? That's the one thing I was really looking forward to.

Also, what happened to Tyra's desire to bring modeling to the masses... from obscurity to fame? No way could a person in the middle of nowhere Kansas afford anything more than general admission... and even that's not cheap.
submitted by kermit54 to ANTM [link] [comments]

2020.02.24 07:06 hmmmm509672533 Modelland tickets = insane prices (just stop the madness and return to ANTM)

So Tyra just released her ticket prices for modelland and the prices are just as insane as I thought they would be.
General admission (adults) $59
General admission (children 3-12) $39
Fantascene? photoshoot $549
Fantascene? dream $1,495
This is what general access will get you:
This is what fantascene photoshoot will get you:
This is what fantascene dream will get you:
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2019.12.07 14:14 winksnwalksoff The “Era” of Influencers is fucking awesome

This is in response to a post I commented on yesterday. I would like to start out by saying. I am not an influencer. Reddit is the only form of social media I use regularly. I am aware that this is an Unpopular opinion which is why I am posting in the appropriate sub. Now, how fucking great is it that we live in a world where anybody can monetize their creativity, their progress, their style, their sense of humor, ect. Gone are the days where artists are subject to the opinions of studio/gallery managers. Any woman of any size can become a paid model, or monetize their weight loss journey! This is the embodiment of freedom! People are so quick to say the next person doesn’t deserve what they have because they got it through the internet! There is a lot of work that goes in to becoming and maintaining social media stardom. It’s not like the major TV networks where there are only so many choices. You are literally in competition to try and get people to click on your stuff when there are BILLIONS of other options at any given time. When an expensive marketing firm get you to spend $800 a month on a new car+full coverage insurance nobody attacks them. However when an average citizen who built a brand on their own gets you to buy hand cream they are the devil!!!! Come on man. If that is not Envy, Idk what is. Also, this fucking OBSESSION with hating the Kardashians is getting a little ridiculous. She is beautiful and she has capitalized on her beauty just like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, ect. The only difference is, instead of subjecting herself to agents, the judgement of magazine editors, and pressured, poked and prodded by every person in the modeling industry, SHE DID IT HERSELF, with the help of her mom. Then once she got on top she pulled her entire family up with her. Now she is going to Law school to help innocent people get out of prison. People are so quick to jump on a bandwagon that they refuse to see the big picture. The “Influencer” business model has taken the power from these mega rich executives and placed it in the hands of the people. A lot of these once huge institutions that we were forced to deal with for lack of a better alternative are being torn down by the people. Banks are turning into PayPal, cash app. Tv networks are being replaced by YouTube, billboards are being replaced by Instagram and libraries are being replaced by google. The power is in our hands. The world is changing for the better. I know the news would like you to think that the world is going to shit but it’s not. The shit has always been there, but now average citizens have the power to shed light on the shit so it can be taken care of. Our children no matter how rich or poor are being given opportunity that has historically never been available to them. People love to say social media isn’t a “real” job. Well then the entire field of Marketing isn’t real then. Most of what you would consider “real jobs” you might get, what, a monthly, quarterly, or yearly evaluation? Influencers get real time feedback, a lot of which is negative people who are committed to hating everything they do. All I am saying is, stop being jealous because you chose the wrong career, or you feel that someone else had some advantage that you didn't have and FIND the damn advantage. That thing in your hand right now that you are using to bash people online can also be used to find information on how to create an online presence, you choose how to use it.
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2019.08.26 23:29 sfs324 Chris Pratt jokes that Tyra taught him how to model

'I want to thank Tyra Banks for teaching me how to model. I will not be a no neck monster or limp noodle. As you can see I am not playing it safe. I create intensity without slouching. Even my hands are modeling their asses off. I’m f——ing working it girl https://www.instagram.com/p/B1j8va3H-Wq/

Tyra WON
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2019.08.05 04:41 amidstcalamity Was Light Balance underrated? Will Light Balance Kids meet the same fate?

Just seeing Light Balance Kids kill it on stage just like their adults did, I can't help but look back 2 years ago in AGT 2017 when the original Light Balance lost to Darci Lynne (who is a true talent in ventriloquism don't get me wrong but just nowhere near as technical as Light Balance is), and Angelica Hale (another ordinary child singer that we see all the time throughout all of AGT, absolutely overhyped) in the finals. Doesn't stop there, as it takes me back even further down the road when they competed back on Britain's Got Talent 2014, losing to Bars & Melody (pop singer duo who is more of charmers than singers), Lettice Rowbotham (really talented violinist, deserved her spot in the finals), and Innova Irish Dance Company (Irish dancers who I didn't think were better than LB) in the semifinals, eliminated right away.
They had a pretty crazy run, and their only lucky break was when they got a golden buzzer from Tyra Banks, in which, props to her, she had a great eye for talent despite being a horrible host. That's the only reason why they got so much recognition, and when people started paying attention to them. When I saw them on AGT winner predictions, in any of the YouTube comments, or on Instagram, very little talked about them compared to the other contestants who are so hyped, and yes, that includes those with sob stories. Thankfully, I think the reason why they got third place is because he fans who believed in pure talent actually chipped in and voted for them, which clearly wasn't enough. However, just imagine if they never got the golden buzzer. No one would really care for them, they wouldn't have much appeal to casual AGT fans, and probably would have placed much lower than they actually did.
Ultimately, I really think they rose above their competition whether it would be BGT or AGT, but certainly AGT was their shining point. And even then if they lost to two other seriously overrated acts, I remain with the thought that I swore, they had it in the bag. Their whole jest was leagues more technical than Darci and Angelica would ever be, and still wasn't so popular. To put together a light show with a well-synced and solid dance routine, with great positioning in the dark, and come up with interesting storylines and creativity for it? Something felt wrong when they lost.
So here I am, wondering if Light Balance Kids will lose to any absolutely-overrated act, and how many of them will beat them out.
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    9. Aqauria asks fans not to buy unofficial drag merch, mainsub discusses. (83 points, 78 comments)
    10. Sonique weighs in on the Scarjo/trans role debacle, mainsub discusses. (58 points, 150 comments)
  8. 1432 points, 2 submissions: Avy-Jorraelan
    1. Shea Couleé also thinks that there’s been too many shenanigans this season (893 points, 153 comments)
    2. Is Kim Chi talking about M&P as the tour with the shitty producers? (539 points, 37 comments)
  9. 1428 points, 6 submissions: mariahsworld
    1. Aja has another twitter meltdown about reddit. She’s unbothered btw. (404 points, 153 comments)
    2. Carmen Carrera outing Alexis Mateo as a transwoman? (347 points, 158 comments)
    3. Shea defends Azealia Banks from Lana Del Rey even though she’s still blocked and can’t see her tweets. (240 points, 177 comments)
    4. Aja and friend show up calling people idiots (160 points, 72 comments)
    5. Hey Qween looks for questions for Carmen. Mess ensues. (147 points, 83 comments)
    6. Aja responds to reddit- I mean her fans from twitter!!! Rants. (130 points, 70 comments)
  10. 1390 points, 8 submissions: amenvodka
    1. Shea Coulée & Tatianna call out Entertainment Weekly for excluding Queens of Color in their article about Drag Music (270 points, 68 comments)
    2. Biblegirl joins the racism discourse and shades Cracker, Mayhem likes her tweet (212 points, 91 comments)
    3. Aquaria calls out Travis Scott for photoshopping Amanda Lepore out of his album cover, alleges transphobia (186 points, 107 comments)
    4. Eureka comes for Vixen on Twitter (171 points, 328 comments)
    5. [Tepid] Trixie Mattel calls out Love Magazine for ripping off her mug for a cover shoot (164 points, 107 comments)
    6. Thierry Mugler comes for Eureka and her Mugler inspired bee costume (142 points, 107 comments)
    7. [Tepid-ish] Soju summarizes her drama with The Vixen & Willam (142 points, 110 comments)
    8. Shea Coulée recounts her recent beefs with Nina & Bob (103 points, 119 comments)

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2019.05.15 00:10 drjaycalvertmd Dr. Jay Calvert To Ascend To Rhinoplasty Society President

Dr Jay Calvert
BEVERLY HILLS, California, May 13, 2019 Dr. Jay Calvert, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, will attend The Rhinoplasty Society annual meeting on May 16, 2019 where he will take his post as the 23rd President of the Rhinoplasty Society. This year's annual meeting is held in New Orleans and is a gathering of the most prestigious society of rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. This top honor will be bestowed upon Dr. Jay Calvert for his work as an internationally-known plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and surgery of the nose. Dr. Jay Calvert is also an international speaker and will be presenting his work in Russia later this year.

Dr Jay Calvert, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, and President of the Rhinoplasty Society for 2019-2020. Dr Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Nasal Reconstruction, and rib graft reconstruction of the nose.

"I am inspired everyday by the amazing work my colleagues in the rhinoplasty specialty do and I am humbled and grateful for this appointment," said Dr. Jay Calvert. "The Rhinoplasty Society's annual meetings allow surgeons to share new ideas, learn advances in the procedure including technique developments and enjoy comradery with rhinoplasty surgeons from both Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology backgrounds. For these reasons and more it is my honor and privilege to guide our specialty into the future as President of the Rhinoplasty Society."

Outside of his work as a top-tier plastic surgeon, Dr. Calvert continues to make time to lead as a philanthropist. Last year, the Calvert family was honored by The Concern Foundation, an organization dedicated to cancer research. At the 2018 Concern Foundation Block Party honoring the Calvert family, Dr. Jay Calvert helped raise over $1.8 million and is committed to helping raise even more in 2019. Their son, Ace is a leukemia survivor and served as Boy of the Year for Leukemia Lymphoma Society in 2015 where Ace helped to raise nearly $80,000 himself. Dr. Jay Calvert and his wife participate in marathons for charities and have raised over $38,000 for Fred's Team and many other worthy causes.

About Dr. Jay Calvert:

Dr. Jay Calvert is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California. His main area of focus is on rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, facelifts, and breast augmentation surgery. Understanding that his high-end clientele also craves state-of the-art beauty treatments, Dr. Calvert founded Rox Spa, a state-of-the-art medical spa for non-invasive aesthetic treatments which also has offices in the heart of Beverly Hills and Orange County. He is currently volunteer faculty at the University of Southern California in the Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jay Calvert is frequently invited to speak at congresses around the world including being a regular speaker for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the IMCAS meetings (Paris, Shanghai), Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meetings, and many others.

Dr. Calvert attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN for his undergraduate degree in molecular biology. While attending Cornell University Medical College in Manhattan, Dr. Calvert realized his passion for plastic surgery and went on to complete his residency in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Health Sciences Combined Plastic Surgery/General Surgery program. He also spent two years in the lab where he wrote two patents with his co-researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in the Robotics Institute.

In high demand as a guest lecturer and plastic surgery expert, Dr. Calvert attends conferences and seminars all over the world, speaking everywhere from United Arab Emirates to New Zealand. He has been seen on national television on show such as THE TYRA BANKS SHOW and THE DOCTORS and is also currently the cohost of the official hockey podcast of Podcast One, Dr. HOCKEY.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjaycalvert/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jaycalvertmd/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/useDrCalvertTV/

For more information on Dr. Jay Calvert and his practice visit www.drcalvert.com or contact Lauren Renschler at 1.310.463.0863 [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or visit his website at http://www.drcalvert.com

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/expert-plastic-surgeon-dr-jay-120800944.html

story tags: Dr Jay Calvert, Jay Calvert, Jay Calvert MD, Jay Calvert Dubai, Jay Calvert Plastic Surgery, Jay Calvert Beverly Hills, Jay Calvert Plastic Surgeon, Jay Calvert Newport Beach, MD, CA, Instagram, Dr Jay Calvert Revision Rhinoplasty, USC, California, Orange County, Los Angeles, News, Doctor, Nose Job, Nasal, Implant, Breast, Implants, Facelift, Capsulectomy, Cosmetic, Augmentation, Cosmetic Surgery, Arm Lift, Botulinum Toxin, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction for Men, Brow Lift, Buttock Implants, Buttock Lift, Chemical Peel, Dermabrasion, Dermal Fillers, Ear Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Facial Implants, Laser Hair Removal, Lip Augmentation, Enhancement, Liposuction, Microdermabrasion, Nose Surgery, Skin Rejuvenation, Resurfacing, Spider Veins, Thigh Lift, Tummy Tuck, Endoscopic Technique, Reconstructive, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction Surgery, Burn Reconstruction, Cleft-Lip and Palate Repair, Free-Flap Breast Reconstruction, General Reconstruction, Head-Neck Cancer Reconstruction, Port-Wine Stain Removal, Scar Revision, Skin Cancer, Accent Laser, AlloDerm, Asian Eyelid Surgery, Body Lift, Botox, Breast Implant Revision, Breast Implants, Breast Reduction, Butt Augmentation, Butt Implants, Butt Lift, Chin Implant, Chin Liposuction, Chin Surgery, Ear Lobe Surgery, Evolence, Facial Reconstructive Surgery, Fat Transfer, Forehead Lift, Fractional Laser, Glycolic Peel, IPL, Juvederm, Labiaplasty, Laser Surgery, Latisse, Lip Augmentation, Lip Lift, Lip Surgery, Lipoma Removal, Liposculpture, Lower Face Lift, Male Breast Reduction, Male Tummy Tuck, Melasma Treatment, Mini Lift, Mini Tummy Tuck, Neck Lift, Nipple Surgery, Perlane, Photofacial, Pixel Laser, Pulsed Dye Laser, Radiesse, Restylane, Revision Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Scar Removal, Sclerotherapy, Septoplasty, Sinus Surgery, Skin Rejuvenation, SMAS Facelift, TCA Peel, Tumescent Liposuction, Tummy Tuck Revision, Vi Peel, Yag Laser
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2019.03.27 22:20 Ayikorena 190328 MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA 'Persona' Comeback Trailer Press Coverage & SNS Compilation



I'll continuously update this post as I find more, but if you found anything that I missed feel free to drop a link in the comments below!
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2019.02.19 19:36 afteri86 The Library is OPEN! (Long-form critical analysis REALNESS!)

I know this sub has a lot of fun with memes and discussion and shade, but I'm a neurotic and over-analytical Drag Race superfan who wanted to pick apart some recent thoughts I had on the show, the All-Stars situation, and the future of Ru's Drag Race empire. Girl, I know it's long - that's just how this bitch werks. Spoilers for literally all of RuPaul's Drag Race ahead, hunties.

My housemate and one of my all-time greatest squirrel-friends Tee asked me, upon our first and only viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular - “Is this the beginning of the end of Drag Race?” I wasn’t sure how to answer her then, and post-All-Stars 4, I’m still not sure - that’s a problem.

You Better WERK!
RuPaul’s Drag Race is more popular than ever before, helped immensely by the show’s move from Logo to VH1 two seasons ago (bigger budget, longer episodes, wider audience) as well as Emmy wins that have solidified RuPaul Charles as a true entertainment icon who not only helped pioneer mainstream drag for over 30 years, but has since elevated the artform to previously unimaginable heights. I’ve been watching Drag Race at-airing since binging the first three seasons on my sister’s unwittingly-life-changing suggestion then watching season four as-aired. Since then I have obsessively watched every season of Drag Race multiple times and seen how the show has evolved from a showcase of the nation’s best drag entertainers into a proving ground for rising stars.

This subtle transformation is due to longevity - earlier seasons included longtime celebrities of the drag world like Nina Flowers, Chad Michaels, Raja, and Victoria “Porkchop” Parker. More recent seasons feature their share of older competitors, but none of these queens have the name recognition or gravitas of the aforementioned legends who competed not to jump-start or broaden their careers, but rather to prove something to themselves. Then there was Bianca Del Rio who, from the first episode of season six, was very clearly the top queen amongst an already-impressive cast, and her nearly-effortless time on Drag Race proved the show needed to change how it presented itself going forward. Trinity Taylor (I’m not a fan of the unnecessary and clunky name change) is one of the most polished queens to compete on Drag Race, and while I can appreciate her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, her narrative very much mirrored Bianca’s - a legendary queen given the opportunity to prove her mettle on RuPaul’s Drag Race. And though Trinity didn’t take the crown in season nine, her impressive record exemplified why the show is leaning into casting younger, less-experienced queens without years (or decades) of reputation. More on that concept of ‘legacy’ in a moment.

Since the seventh season when wunderkind fashionista Violet Chachki beat out glamour toad Ginger Minj and perpetually over-it Pearl, RuPaul’s Drag Race has been about finding the freshest, most innovative new queen on the scene. Prior to Violet, the only queen to win Drag Race that hadn’t been working the clubs for years was Tyra Sanchez - Bebe Benet, Raja, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, and Bianca Del Rio had all been performing for at least nine years when they won. In contrast, Violet Chachki, Bob the Drag Queen, Sasha Velour, and Aquaria all had eight years of experience or less when they won their respective seasons. I don’t illustrate this point to throw shade, but rather to show how much Drag Race has changed while also staying the same - it’s still the goofy, over-the-top, dragged-out eleganza it’s been since the moment it premiered, and yet each season finds a way to get bigger and crazier.

And today, RuPaul’s Drag Race is like gay football season - there are super fans, fantasy leagues, a seemingly endless stream of professional and amateur analyses, gatherings at bars to watch live airings, and huge blowout parties to celebrate the live finale. Yet, just like football fans, Drag Race devotees have also experienced disappointments through the years. Namely, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars.

All-Stars 2 is one of, if not the best season of RuPaul’s Drag Race to-date (though, main season three will always be my favorite, followed closely by season six), and it comes down to the cast and rule twist: Ru abstained from eliminating queens by forcing the top two contestants of the week to lip-sync for the ability to send one of the bottom two queens home. This ‘Ru-velation’ gagged the entire Drag Race fandom and made All-Stars 2 one of the most electric seasons of reality television I’ve ever experienced. And while my personal pick for winner lost (love you, Katya!), Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 is one of the best drag queens I’ve ever seen, showed versatility and humility, showed her ass for a moment, and absolutely deserved the title. But this second season aside, All-Stars as executed is a complete train wreck.

Season one was immediately undercut by its team-based premise that forced giant drag personalities to compromise their talents to ‘work well with others’ which ended up seeing some of the best queens (Nina Flowers, Manila Luzon, Latrice Royale) go home in unceremonious and heartbreaking fashions. Sure, Chad Michaels deserved a crown in lieu of season four (which she could have legitimately won), but the road to glory was paved with awkward challenges, disappointing performances, and an overall feeling that the entire production was forced.

All-Stars 3 could have been amazing had it done something different. Instead, Ru and new network Vh1 decided not only to rush a third season only one year after the second (with only season nine in-between), but also change nothing about the format - the same ‘queens eliminating queens’ rule was in effect, and the twist return of the eliminated queens halfway through the season was outshone by perma-martyr BenDeLaCreme sending herself home - you know, a real twist. And then Ru brought back the eliminated queens once again to decide which two queens would lip-sync for the crown, and everything fell apart. Clear frontrunner Shangela was robbed of a top-two spot when Kennedy Davenport was chosen to challenge Trixie Mattel. Fans were outraged, and rightly so - had she been the one to lip-sync against Trixie, Shangela would have been the winner of All-Stars 3 without a doubt. Instead, some fans began to resent Trixie’s win, others inappropriately resented Kennedy for ‘taking’ Shangela’s spot (even though she had no choice in the matter), but most simply moved on hoping future All-Stars seasons would improve.

Not the case, it seems. After the Holi-Slay Spectacular left a bad taste in my mouth, I was more than ready to cleanse my palette with a new season of All-Stars. And though I went in without expectations after season three, my hopes were high that a quality cast could redeem the show’s reputation. In fact, the opposite occurred.

Including fan-favorites Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon seemed like a good idea in theory, but their personal relationship and respective reputations influenced their output on the show - Latrice was resting on her laurels and getting holier-than-thou about her influence on the drag world, while Manila’s double-standards for elimination came back to bite her in the ass even though she was a clear frontrunner. Casting queens from seasons nine and ten was also a mistake. Yes, Monique Heart and Monet X. Change were both fierce competitors, but bringing back these fabulous queens so soon undermined their time on season ten and robbed viewers of the chance to see real growth and improvement had they been cast on season five or six of All-Stars - the Monique and Monet I saw on All-Stars 4 were basically the same Monique and Monet I saw on season ten less than seven months earlier. And though season nine aired in 2017, it’s obvious Trinity was brought back to win while Valentina and Farrah Moan were cast off the potential for drama based on the season nine Reunion that went nowhere. Then, of course, there was Gia Gunn, a queen whose attempts at sparking inorganic tension were transparent from the start, and whether it was Gia herself who chose to turn into an unlikeable bitch fans didn’t even love to hate or the producers who pushed her to be nasty for no reason, the result is the same - Gia Gunn detracted from All-Stars 4 instead of adding to it.

What’s in a Queen?
RuPaul’s Drag Race is currently faced with a major obstacle going forward - legacy. As I mentioned earlier, queens with an established legacy competed on earlier seasons of Drag Race to prove their ability to themselves. Latrice Royale may have been a hometown hero prior to season four, but it was her time on Drag Race and the exposure it brought that vaunted her to legendary status as the Oprah of drag. But unlike Latrice, Chad Michaels never used her celebrity or brand power to justify her mistakes - Chad knew that even with 20 years of experience under her belt, she would always have more to learn. I’m not saying Latrice doesn’t deserve every ounce of love she gets, just that it’s disheartening to see her take advantage of her status to try and influence her spot in a competition even though others were clearly outshining her at almost every turn. As fans have pointed out online, it’s possible to be an amazing drag queen and also just a mediocre Drag Race contestant - Latrice exudes presence, poise, and glamour, but that doesn’t always work in a competitive atmosphere and banking on her reputation instead of stepping up her pussy is what eventually brought her down.

Tee and I got into a debate over Latrice’s first elimination in All-Stars 4 - I believed Monique’s decision was justified based on Latrice’s ‘report card’, while Tee felt Latrice’s reputation outside the show was reason enough to keep her in the competition. I follow dozens of queens across multiple platforms, study Reddit threads as an observer gauging fanbase reactions, read interviews, and try to keep up with World of Wonder viral content. I agree with Tee (and much of the Drag Race fanbase) that what the queens do outside the show is important and interesting and worth engaging with - what I don’t agree with is how this meta-content should affect the outcome of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Aquaria didn’t win season ten because she was Instagram famous - she won because she served fierce lewks, gave us amazing acting performances, killed the Snatch Game, and went through a journey of personal growth that truly influenced her output at the end of the season.

In the same way, I absolutely do not believe Latrice deserved to win All-Stars 4 based solely on her career outside Drag Race - it’s reductive reasoning, especially considering the show is the reason Latrice gained international celebrity. I have undying love for Latrice-Motherfucking-Royale, but actions speak louder than words and her choices (cue Tatianna meme) on All-Stars 4 made it clear to viewers and her fellow competitors that she would risk giving the same silhouette each week by banking on her reputation to carry her to the top four. Entitlement is not a good look (see; Alaska’s meltdown in All-Stars 2, Roxxxy Andrews, Valentina), and Latrice seemingly fell into its trappings when the other contestants judged her on her output instead of putting her on a pedestal like her fans and, ironically, RuPaul herself.

While it’s impossible to know without discussing it with Ru personally, her audible gasp at Latrice’s elimination by Monet spoke volumes about expectations for All-Stars 4, how Ru and the producers most likely intended Latrice to be in the top four facing off against either Trinity or Manila for the crown - you know, actual high stakes. And while it makes sense on paper to want this kind of fan-service-heavy battle of the favorites, All-Stars 4 is a master class in how editing can ruin good reality entertainment. Instead of a real competition between deserving queens for a second shot at a crown, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars became an overproduced mess too concerned with what the producers and Ru thought fans want instead of letting the show write itself. Sure, Trinity was a frontrunner to win from the start, but the way it played out felt hollow and unsatisfying - not unearned, just unexciting. I even think Monet X. Change’s win is deserved, and the double-crowning could have worked if the finale was live or the twist unexpected, but it was neither of these things - a last-minute, pre-recorded, poorly-edited ‘tie’ left viewers extremely frustrated. Just like it’s possible for a queen to be incredible while not being great at Drag Race, it’s also possible to believe Trinity and Monet are worthy of their titles while still hating how the dual-crowning was executed.

Don’t Fuck It Up!
As I said, the problem RuPaul’s Drag Race faces going forward is legacy, more specifically how Ru and the producers will choose to handle legacy and therefore reputation in future seasons both main and All-Stars. The Holi-Slay Spectacular was a poorly-conceived, highly-scripted, frustratingly-commercial exercise in product placement and weird Christmas (read, not really holiday) tropes that can most be forgiven due to its anomalous nature (though, I’ll be more wary if more of these cookie-cutter specials start popping up), but All-Stars 4 truly made me question the future of Drag Race as a fan and amateur critic.

Being the international sensation it has become, Drag Race isn’t going away anytime soon, nor would I want it to - this show has been a staple of my life for seven years, a show I am invested in beyond almost any other because it is inspiring and entertaining and dramatic and exciting. What scares me is oversaturation, knowing that All-Stars 4 just ended in mid-February and season eleven is set to start just two weeks later, aware that Drag Race UK will premier this fall as the second licensed spinoff after Drag Race Thailand already in its second season, wary that Ru and Vh1 will attempt to shove yet another dissatisfying season of All-Stars down our throats before the end of the calendar year. And that’s not even speaking to RuPaul’s Drag-Con eclipsing the last two main seasons of Drag Race via editorialization through social media and fan interaction, with a very good possibility it will happen again this year.

RuPaul’s Drag Race used to be an ‘event’, a show to anticipate when it was on hiatus and obsess over while it was airing, something special that fans waited for and indulged in and celebrated, flaws and all. I used to believe more Drag Race would always be better, but I’m now worried that a lack of ‘off-season’ will dilute what makes the show unique and surprising and exhilarating by turning what used to be special into commonplace. Instead of exploring other facets of the drag world like with RuPaul’s Drag U (a good concept executed poorly), RuPaul’s World of Wonder productions has focused on pumping out more and more of what they know works to diminishing returns - All-Stars 4 was worse than All-Stars 3 was worse than All-Stars 2. The main seasons remain engaging and fun, but All-Stars needs to go away for a while, come back after a few years with fresh ideas, possibly a new format, full of queens fans are actually ready to see return instead of meme-fueled filler contestants and entitled legacy girls.
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Tyra Banks - Hot Models of Instagram Tyra Banks : ‘Shake Your Booty’ When You Do The Perfect ... The Truth Behind Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell's FEUD ... 'Smize' - Dictionary Hour with Tyra Banks - ANTM Cycle 19 ... Tyra Banks & Erik Asla's Cute Son York Banks Asla - 2018 ... Naomi Campbell & Tyra Banks - Runway Walk - YouTube Tyra Banks 2019 SI Swimsuit Photos - YouTube Tyra Banks Talks ModelLand, Being Rejected Early On, Kobe ... Tyra Banks - Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian - YouTube TYRA BANKS FINALLY EXPOSED - YouTube

Nope, Tom Bergeron will not rage out against Tyra Banks ...

  1. Tyra Banks - Hot Models of Instagram
  2. Tyra Banks : ‘Shake Your Booty’ When You Do The Perfect ...
  3. The Truth Behind Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell's FEUD ...
  4. 'Smize' - Dictionary Hour with Tyra Banks - ANTM Cycle 19 ...
  5. Tyra Banks & Erik Asla's Cute Son York Banks Asla - 2018 ...
  6. Naomi Campbell & Tyra Banks - Runway Walk - YouTube
  7. Tyra Banks 2019 SI Swimsuit Photos - YouTube
  8. Tyra Banks Talks ModelLand, Being Rejected Early On, Kobe ...
  9. Tyra Banks - Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian - YouTube

Subscribe NOW to The Breakfast Club: http://ihe.art/xZ4vAcA Get MORE of The Breakfast Club: WATCH MORE: https://www.youtube.com/user/breakfastclubpowerfm ... Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian dish about rumors, love and there reality TV show and Kim talks about her romance with Reggie Bush! Please subscribe♥ Follow Me On Instagram: supermodelsfanatic Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks - Runway Presentation Tyra Banks (IG: @tyrabanks), aka BanX, is an American television personality and actress, former supermodel-----See her monthly position in our hot models of Instagram ranking: Hello Guys, This channel doesn't have the Monetization. So, we are hoping your valuable Donations for carrying on this channel. Give us Your Hand to Stand. T... Instagram @empressivetv #EmpressiveHottopics #tyrabanks #naomicampbell #empressive #beingnaomi Tyra Banks Discusses Naomi Campbell, ‘Modelland’, and TV WSJ... For all of you still commenting and asking what a 'smize' is here's the definition from Tyra herself! America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition, Fri... TODAY’s Take guest co-host Tyra Banks teaches Sheinelle Jones and Keir Simmons how to do a perfect model runway walk. The key is to pretend you’re “angry, bo... Supermodel Tyra Banks returns to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue at age 45 looking sexier than ever! Photos from Sports Illustrated. I do not own the m... Stream my single ‘pablo’ : http://hyperurl.co/bfdjti Follow me : Instagram @itzkeisha_ If you see this comment ‘you can’t trust no one ‘ Livestream : https:/...