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ICP Miscellaneous The Dating Game *Host* Let's meet contestant number one! He's a skitsofranic serial killer clown who says women love his sexy smile!Let's find out if his charm will work on Sharon.Sharon, whats your question? *Sharon* Contestant number one, I believe that first impressions last forever. The Neden Game Insane Clown Posse cover art, cover version finding. Who Sang The Neden Game? Insane Clown Posse × Credits release date: 1997-8-12 ... Insane Clown Posse lyrics - 462 song lyrics sorted by album, including 'Fly Away', 'Miracles', 'Hokus Pokus'. The Dating Game The Dating Game is an ABC television show that first aired on December 20, 1965 and was the first of many shows created and packaged by Chuck Barris from the 1960s through the 1980s.ABC dropped the show on July 6, 1973, but it continued in syndication for another year (1973–1974) as The New Dating Game.The program was revived three additional times in syndication afterward. “Neden” is ICP’s recurring slang term for female genitalia. In the context of this song, “The Neden Game” is a dating show, where Shaggy and Violent J are competing for a juggalette ... Insane Clown Posse Dating Game lyrics & video : (Host Intro) Let's meet contestant #1 He's a schitzophrenic serial killer clown Who says women love his sexy smile. Let's find o... General Commentwho ever thinks this song is called the dating game most be a big ass fuckin poser, ANYONE who actually listens to ICP knows it called the neden game! poser_876 on September 22, 2002 Link Download ICP (Insane Clown Posse) - The Dating Game lyrics. The Neden Game Host: lets meet contestan number 1, hes a schizopherenic serial killer clown who says women love. The Dating Game lyrics. by song title. Home News Updates. Home >> Artists starting with I >> ICP (Insane Clown Posse) ... ****THIS IS NOT MY SONG!!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO INSANE CLOWN POSSE AND PSYCHOAPTHIC RECORDS*** BRAND NEW TRACK FROM THE ALMIGHTY 4TH JOKER CARD OF THE SECOND DECK, FEARLESS FRED FURY!!! BANGING TRACK ... The Great Milinko, the second and third guys right about it, but only half, it originally The Dating Game, then was later called Neden Game!

The Fake Marvelous Missing Link

2020.04.04 08:15 Urine8 The Fake Marvelous Missing Link

Fuck it. I know you disagree, but I think the Marvelous Missing Link is one of the best eras of ICP music.
I am a huge fan of the Missing Link era and I wanted to do something to open your mind so maybe you could appreciate these songs for what they are. Between the two albums and the Outtakes I think there is a Joker's card that can hang with the best of them. I believe that this album is ICP making music for themselves. Notice how most of these songs have musical themes and choruses that aren't like anything else in their catalog. You don't hear Legz Diamond and the crowd chanting types of chorus, and that's a good thing. They've already made songs like that again and again. The Missing Link, in my opinion is them stretching their wings and not relying on the staples. I think when all is said and done these songs will last a lot longer and won't get played out anytime soon because they are deeper, smarter and meaningful.
I'm asking you to listen to this playlist like it's the 3rd card of the second deck. I believe in this and I hate that ya'll are missing out on some of ICP's best music to date. Here is the link what I call "The Fake Marvelous Missing Link"
Here's my Missing Link Joker's Card that should have been, along with why I chose that song. To listen along click here as long as the link isn't missing ;)
  1. Lost Intro - The Outtakes - It's obvious that Lost is a Hell's Pit and Found has a Shangri-La vibe. Then you have the Outtakes which doesn't have a them but does include just as many good songs as what they put on the Joker's Card. In my opinion, they messed up with how all of this is organized, especially with Lost. Regardless, if you're turning the whole mess into one dope ass album, J singing the Lost Intro and Shaggy singing the Found intro is the only way to go.
  2. Get Clowned - Found - All the Joker's Cards hit with a dope ass carnival friendly track that exemplifies what is about to go down. With Get Clowned, you gotta sit your ass down and get slapped as the carnival sounds and the dope ass chorus set the tune for a journey to the Dark Carnival years in the making!
  3. Lost at the Carnival - Lost - First, you were having fun, now you are lost at the carnival and shit is going down. With the album starting like this, it hits like the Great Milenko. It's all about entertainment with the dark undertones that shit is about to get dark. Bonus -- this is one of the best hook/chorus in ICP's catalog. Play it loud, play it proud. The Carnival is real.
  4. Falling Apart - Lost - The fun is over. Allow Violent J to showcase his skills as you fall in love with another ICP song about your body falling apart. Literally J could make an entire album about dying and it would be the best thing you've ever heard. If you don't like Falling Apart that's cool but holy shit! this song is a level above. A true classic my friends. Now we know -- we are Lost. We are falling apart and who knows what will become of us!
  5. The Dream - The Outtakes - Alright, what the fuck is this track doing on an Outtakes album. It's clear to me that J and Shaggy didn't know what the Missing Link was or how good this song is. This song is one of the best dark, atmospheric tracks they've ever made. It's Dark Lotus. It's Hell's Pit. It's dark and I love it. Pick this track up at the 3:30 mark and tell me it isn't the ICP you fucking love. But the haters are upset because we are 5 tracks in and no Legz Diamond or crowd chants? FUCK IT -- we have hundreds of those songs. Sleep is like a curse! I don't wanna die here.
  6. Vomit - Lost - Starting with an exorcism, it's obvious we are still Lost. Will we ever find our way? fuck no. Not until after we listen to J and Shaggy's tales of Erica - the hot chick who sold her soul and died a bitter lonely lady, John the wealthy kid who grew old and neglected his son who eventually committed suicide. This song could easily be on Hell's Pit, it's a direct continuation of the themes and sounds they explored back then. But it's really just a scratch on the surface as we are lost but still hopeful.
  7. You Should Know - Lost - Alright. It's dark as fuck and I don't even remember how I got to the carnival. All I know now is that you and I both have been the asshole in a relationship before. None of us are the piece of shit in the song, but a-lot of us are damn close. The thoughts are there for us and for J too. This song is fucking brilliant, scary and deep. Relate to it? Yeah, because you've been lost before...maybe you still are.
  8. Why'd I Have to Die? - The Outtakes - This song bumps. The chorus is legit and the theme is on point. Right now we are on a carnival ride that has gotten darker and darker. I cannot understand why it's an outtake. It's got the emotion and it exemplifies Lost. You're dead. You're angry because you weren't ready. Because your shit wasn't in check. All of us will leave this way...if we are lost. Think about that.
  9. I See the Devil - Lost - Man most of ya'll won't like this song. I can't tell you why, but I can hear the bitching about how it sounds whack. It's different. But you are missing out. This shit is so dark and so banging it will set your soul free. Sure, it's not the song you bump for your friends, but you can bump this shit on headphones or while your playing games and holy fuck you'll start to appreciate the music and the freshness that this song is. At this point, we are so fucking lost it's not funny. But right around three minutes into this song, hope. This is the turning point of the whole Missing Link. The Devil's Grip is tight...can't nobody hide from the Devil inside. That's fucking right! Now...are you tired of this dark void? Are you tired of being Lost? Alright well this track is fresh as fuck. But you play that shit all the way out! Starting at 5:45, J sings and the light shines. There is hope...there is a light and there is a link that is...
  10. Found Intro - The Outtakes - SHAGGY 2 DOPE SINGS THE SWEET FUCKING MELODY OF THE MARVELOUS MISSING LINK, FOUND. TAKE A LOOK AROUND, YOUR LINK IS FOUND, YOU ARE FINALLY FOUND, LOOK AROUND, JUST LOOK AROUND. THE WORLD IS FULL OF WONDERS AND NOW IT'S ALL MINE, I ESCAPE THE DARKNESS NOW LOOK AT ME SHINE. I swear to God this is the best of all three albums. If you hate my Fake Missing Link, the least you can do is play this on repeat 100 times and fucking find yourself!!!!!!!!!
  11. The World Is Yours - Found - Oh shit, it's one of those tracks that ends a Joker's Card except we are only on track 11. Shit man, we are found and life is good. This song fucking bangs. Enjoy the melodies my friend, The World is Yours.
  12. Juggalo Party - Found - Well fuck me. I think this is the song that inspired me to do this whole thing. I hear this song and I'm found. No matter where I am at, I am found. Juggalos behind me, up front and on the side. Man when I first heard this song I thought it was the worst shit ICP ever made. Now...shit I need this song. It's my life. We're getting old and our shit that was cool is turning into some shit we can never let go. Let the Faygo reign, ICP 4 Ever. MMFCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S DO THE DAMN THING!
  13. Mr. White Suit - Found -- This is one of the songs that most of ya'll already like. And if you don't like it, well fucking realize it's a true story bitch! It's a songumentary ;)
  14. Immortal - The Outtakes - Always blows my mind that this ended up on the Outtakes. I feel like this is a perfect Joker's Card track. It's fun, it's got both J and Shaggy featured and it bumps.
  15. I'm Sweet - Found - Well this is a Band of Horses Sample which to me, at first was pretty stale. But then I stopped being a bitch. All rap uses samples...and this track uses the sample well. As we clearly near the end the Fake Marvelous Missing Link you can hear the emotion set in and the mood change. The ride...well it's coming to an end and the Missing Link comes to a close...but are we lost or are we found?
  16. How? - Lost - You know what? You've probably slept on this song because it was on Lost. But you put this song here, sandwiched between two dope ass songs, it really shines. We've seen the bad and we've seen the good, but how do we know if we've done good in God's eyes? Are we lost or are we found? Are we going to Hell's Pitt or are we going to Shangri-La? Or does any of it fucking matter? You gotta admit, this song explores exactly that. Shit at 2:30 bumps, you can't convince me this song doesn't bump. You may not like the chorus but you can't expect ICP to make the same damn hook again and again. This is the shit. Bump it loud.
  17. Found - Found - The indisputable champion of the Missing Link Lost and Found. "This career, I believe God let me have it." "Whatever was missing before it ain't missing now" This is one of the best songs ICP has ever made, period. You will survive the darkest times with this song. You will be okay with this song. Keep it in your rotation, it's necessary and it's fresh as fuck.
  18. Time - Found - Shit, I guess most cards end around 17 but this time you get more fucking flavor to wrap up the legendary dark carnival experience. Where Found is the best track of the bunch, Time is no slouch. If this isn't your style I understand, but I bump the two extensively. These are anthems that keep me sane, I don't have two of these on any other Joker's card.
  19. Flamethrower - Lost - **Bonus track. I had to put it here because you nerds are sleeping on it! This shit hits hard and let me tell you, it may not be the track you remember the words to, but you headphone this song and play the Division 2 and son of a bitch you will be right at home!!!!!!! **
Well there you have it! I've spent more time making this playlist than ICP spent recording the whole album!!!!
Here's what didn't make the cut: Shoulda coulda woulda...put I'm Sorry and/or OK on here but too many good songs already.
Lost Tracks: Intro, Lost, Apocalpyse, Shock, Confederate Flag, Explosions, I'll Keep My Hatchet, Neighbors are Fighting Found Tracks: Intro, OK (this would be the first one I'd add), Pineapple Pizza, The Midway, I Fucked a Cop, Dreams of Grandeur The Outtakes: The Missing Link, Six Pedophiles, The Monster, Joey the Butcher, Let Loose, Dead Heather, The Carousel, Hooker, I'm Sorry (Honorable Mention!!)
Alright, well hope you enjoy my friends.
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2020.03.04 04:15 anonymous9384 AITA for telling my mom that my stepdad was playing ICP in the car?

My stepdad was driving me (15M) my sister (17F) and my brother (6M) to school. A bit of history: my sister and I have always had trouble getting along with our stepdad. He was a bit of an asshole when we were younger, and we never fully got over it. Aside from being a chainsmoking alcoholic, we don't mind him much nowadays, but we still have some beef with him, so we usually rat him out if he does something bad.
During the ride to school, my stepdad said he wanted to play a song on my sister's phone (we always have her phone connected to the car's Bluetooth.) We decided to let him. Apparently, he wanted to play Dating Game by Insane Clown Posse. With my little brother in the car. Who's in first grade.
My stepdad would try to drown out the cuss words by screaming when they were said, but you could still hear the words, and it just added stress to what had already been a stressful morning (we got out of the house later than usual, and my sister and I thought we might be late to school.) Additionally, even without the cuss words, the lyrics were definitely not appropriate for my little brother to hear.
My sister ended up grabbing her phone and turning off the song after a short while since it was too inappropriate for out little brother to hear. My stepdad thought that was a bit of a buzzkill, but we were all uncomfortable. He didn't make us turn the song back on, but he wished we had let it play all the way through.
After school, when my mom picked us up, I told her about what happened. I know I could've just let it slide as this was the first time he'd done this, but I wanted to say something about it. She talked to my stepdad about it and he was upset. He tried to argue and defend his actions, but my mom told him that songs like that were completely inappropriate to play with my little brother around. He tried reciting some of the lyrics, and my mom said "Yeah, that's really not okay."
My stepdad obviously wasn't happy about it, and he was pretty bummed that he couldn't play ICP anymore. He acted like he was betrayed and we took away the fun.
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2019.01.04 18:01 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 25, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000
5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000
6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 7-10-2000
7-17-2000 7-24-2000 7-31-2000 8-7-2000
8-14-2000 8-21-2000 8-28-2000 9-4-2000
9-11-2000 9-18-2000
  • The Delaware Supreme Court ruled against the USA Network in their appeal to prevent WWF from accepting the Viacom deal. The decision makes it official that WWF is moving to TNN next week and ends the 17-year WWF/USA relationship. The appeal process has been lingering for over a month and because of it, USA, Viacom, WWF and ECW were all pretty much paralyzed and waiting to see how things turn out. But now that it's all finalized, ECW's final TNN show will air on 9/22 and the first Raw on TNN will air on 9/25. It doesn't give Viacom much of an opportunity to promote the move. They had set aside $7 million to promote Raw's TNN debut but because of the lingering court proceedings, they kept having to delay it and now there's almost no time. On Raw's final show on USA, Jim Ross mentioned repeatedly that this was the last episode on the network and plugged the move to TNN (and hyping that Austin will be there live). But that's pretty much it so far. During the next few days, you can expect Viacom to bombard all media outlets with as much promotion as they can cram into the short amount of time, but it's going to be impossible to promote it as much as they'd hoped to. And considering they're moving from the #1 rated network to the #15 rated network, they need all the promotion they can get.
  • Needless to say, this all gives WCW a golden opportunity to put their best foot forward for Nitro on 9/25 and hopefully gain some much-needed ground (in case you're want spoilers for next week, Russo uses this opportunity to make himself the WCW champion). In the short run, Raw's ratings will almost certainly fall, but in the long-run, being with Viacom is going to be hugely beneficial to WWF. As for ECW, this opens the door for them to continue negotiations with USA. They desperately need a TV deal, on a strong network, and most importantly, they need outside financial support if they are going to survive. Having a TV deal is useless if you can't afford the production costs. As mentioned last week, ECW missed payroll and has had to cancel several house shows due to the financial crunch they're under.
  • Also this week, TNN announced that it's renaming itself The National Network (instead of The Nashville Network) and will be moving its base of operations from Nashville to New York. They're planning to debut a new logo and target their programming to a more diverse audience. Dave recaps the history of WWF on the USA Network, dating back to 1982 when they aired monthly WWF MSG shows. Then WWF got a weekly show called All-American Wrestling on the network in 1983, which then became Prime Time Wrestling and Tuesday Night Titans, the creation of Raw in 1993, the Monday night wars, and now to this.
  • There was a frightening moment at WCW's Fall Brawl PPV with Paul Orndorff suffering a stinger that left him motionless in the ring. The good news is that it was only temporary paralysis. He was treated and released from the hospital that same night. It was reminiscent of the injuries suffered by Droz and Buff Bagwell in recent years, but fortunately for Orndorff, it didn't end up being as bad. There was immediate suspicion that the whole thing was a work, which Dave thinks is a pretty sad reflection of WCW these days. When Orndorff went down, everyone else in the match basically panicked and continued working the match on the other side of the ring, taking bumps that kept jarring the ring, all while the EMTs and trainer were trying to tend to Orndorff. Finally, almost 2 minutes after he collapsed, referee Charles Robinson finally took charge and ordered the match stopped. The match was scheduled to go several more minutes and run-ins were scheduled, but it all got scrapped when Robinson ended it. The injury happened when Orndorff tried to piledrive Mark Jindrak but Jindrak didn't go up correctly for the move. Orndorff had to deadweight lift him and when he did so, his hamstring went out. He completed the piledriver but landed awkwardly, causing something with his neck and spine to jam up and that was it. Dave talks about Orndorff's health problems over the year, specifically his arm injury that caused his right arm to atrophy severely and never recover. He retired twice before due to health issues (87 and 94) only to return both times when he probably shouldn't have. (This was his final match for 17 years. But it looks like he came out of retirement last year and worked a 6-man tag match at an indie show in Canada. But otherwise, this Fall Brawl match was the end of the road for Orndorff).
WATCH: Paul Orndorff injury at Fall Brawl 2000
  • This whole thing brings up questions about Nitro this week, which has a match scheduled between Booker T and Vince Russo. Just a few weeks ago, Russo suffered a concussion during an angle and has been dealing with headaches and such ever since, and it's probably not a good idea for him to be in the ring. They could probably work around it, but Dave thinks it's bad enough to have untrained people in there doing moves anyway, much less ones who are already injured. Dave notes the recent example of Kurt Angle wrestling on Smackdown 2 days after getting severely concussed at Summerslam, which he never should have done and led to him getting another concussion because you're always more susceptible to further concussions during the period after suffering one. Russo has openly claimed to have had 3 concussions in the last year and has only worked about 6 matches. If that's true, he probably shouldn't be in there taking bumps again. But maybe they'll book something safe that doesn't require it. Either way, Dave is just concerned about the overall safety of all these guys.
  • Oh yeah, other notes from Fall Brawl: crowd was 8,600 although only about half of that (4,311) was paid, the rest were freebies. Dave notes all the excitement people in WCW had last week when the Nitro rating was higher than usual, and points out how it obviously didn't mean dick when it comes to ticket sales. TV ratings are nice but it's a vanity metric. The real numbers that matter are the ones that make money. Ticket sales and PPV buys. And, well, those are still horrible. There was a guy in the crowd facing the hard cam who was seen constantly throughout the show wearing a Destroyer mask. Destroyer was a famous wrestler back in 60s and 70s who wore a red and white mask. Anyway....turns out that was the real Destroyer (real name Dick Beyer), just sitting in the crowd at a WCW PPV at 70 years old, still doing his old gimmick. Kevin Nash cut a promo earlier on the pre-show claiming he was hungover from hanging out at the bar last night and essentially telegraphing that he was going to lose his match (he did). Right after the Orndorff match, Shane Douglas cut a pre-match promo saying Kidman would be joining Paul Orndorff at the hospital. Even his partner Torrie Wilson seemed to drop her TV smile and give him a "what an asshole" look for that one. The scaffold for the scaffold match was way wider than any other ones before and the area underneath was padded and safe, but Torrie still seemed legitimately terrified up there. After Madusa took a bump off the scaffold (which the crowd booed because it was clearly gimmicked for safety), the announcers also tried to compare her injuries to Orndorff's injury earlier in the night. Dave is just disgusted. Torrie never took a bump off the scaffold, which was the original plan but she refused, and good for her Dave says. It would have meant nothing for the match anyway. Negative 1 star. They did a segment with David Flair beating up a mailman in his yard and Dave says the whole segment was actually hilarious and more interestingly, it was all David Flair's idea. ICP did commentary on Vampiro's match again, which once again was funny. Mike Awesome came out with former child actor Gary Coleman. There's been a lot of news stories lately about Coleman working as a security guard for $6 an hour these days, so at least WCW probably didn't have to spend a lot to get him. Naturally, he got involved in the match and it was hilarious because he knew he was going to take a guitar shot from Jarrett. So he had a hat on with a towel folded up in it to cushion the blow. But during the chaos, his hat got knocked off. So just before the guitar shot, he picked up his hat, calmly put the towel back in, put it back on, and took the hit. Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner was a shockingly good match and Dave gives it 4.25 stars. And of course, Booker T won the title from Nash in the main event.
WATCH: Fall Brawl 2000 highlights
  • We get the usual long obituary for Professor Toru Tanaka, one of the biggest heels of the 60s and 70s, who died at age 70 in California. Dave recaps his career and of course, he was a Hawaiian who got booked as a typical salt throwing Japanese heel. Worked for WWWF feuding with Sammartino, won titles in all the territories, etc. He also tells an interesting story from 1977 when Pat Patterson returned to the San Francisco territory after being gone for 8 months and was supposed to face Mr. Fuji in a show that ended up drawing 12,000 people. But Fuji had a falling out with promoter Roy Shire and left the territory 2 weeks before the match. So Shire brought in Tanaka and put him under a mask and tried to pass him off as the real Fuji. The crowd didn't buy it and the media got ahold of the story and started claiming fraud and the athletic commission got involved. Shire nearly lost his promoter's license but he claimed he didn't know and thought it was the real Fuji under the mask. Tanaka and Shire were both fined but the commission seemed to buy the story (others backed it up to protect Shire) and let them off with just the fine. The real Fuji caught all the heat and was legitimately banned by the commission for life from wrestling in California, but that was overturned in 1984.
  • The current plan for AJPW's Triple Crown title is to hold a tournament soon, which is expected to be won by Toshiaki Kawada, who will then defend the title against NJPW champion Sasaki in a title vs. title match at the Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show. And the plan from there is for Kawada to get the surprising win, since most people don't expect NJPW to book their champion to lose to AJPW's champion. But the way Riki Choshu (NJPW booker) sees it, AJPW is pretty much doomed and he's not too concerned about them as competition anymore, and he's well aware that this inter-promotional feud is the only thing keeping AJPW alive right now. But there's still money in an AJPW/NJPW feud and they want to prolong it, so Kawada will have to win. The idea is to keep Kawada strong because NJPW loves the gimmick of a strongly booked outsider coming in and shaking things up. In the past, that person has been Naoya Ogawa but Choshu is tired of the headache that comes with dealing with Antonio Inoki and Ogawa because Inoki is intent on making Ogawa an unbeatable superman and NJPW can never get him to put anyone over. Choshu is pretty much trying to do anything he can to get Inoki's influence as far away from the company as possible. So the idea is to keep Kawada strong and milk this angle for all it's worth.
  • New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman officially signed into law the bill to regulate so-called "extreme wrestling." The bill bans children under 18 from attending extreme wrestling shows. It also adds an athletic commission tax to promotions running extreme shows, mandates an ambulance and 2 doctors must be on hand at every event, and even though it's a state law, the city officials where the show is to be held must specifically give permission for the event. This bill doesn't affect ECW, which was categorized as one of the 3 major companies which are exempt from the law. The bill is a not-so-subtle effort to drive Jersey All Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling specifically out of the state, JAPW in particular. They're planning to still run shows but will be forced to get rid of bladejobs, no more light tubes or thumb tacks or barbed wire, etc. JAPW owner Frank Iadeavia has said they are considering legal action. But at this point, if they want to continue to run shows as they have, they're going to be forced to leave the state of New Jersey to do so.
  • Raw did well in the ratings again, facing stiff competition from the Olympics and Monday Night Football. But they had one segment that was a major bomb. Mick Foley came out, cutting a promo once again trying to get George W. Bush and Al Gore to appear on Smackdown for a debate. The segment was right before the main event and caused a full 700,000 homes to change the channel, which is an unheard of drop for a Raw episode. That led to the Rock/Undertaker main event that followed to be the lowest rated Raw main event of the year.
  • The Wrestling Observer Hotline has been officially killed off. 1-900 hotline numbers have been dying anyway and the numbers were down and Dave says more importantly, he needed to stop because he's so busy with the newsletter and the Eyada online radio show and wants to concentrate fully on those and the daily hotline stuff took up too much time.
  • Motoko Baba threatened a lawsuit against Nippon TV over their decision to drop AJPW and start airing NOAH instead, and due to the lawsuit, NOAH currently isn't airing on NTV, which is a major blow for the fledgling new company. In the meantime, Misawa has started negotiations with TV Tokyo, which is another one of the major networks in Japan.
  • Former WWF and ECW wrestler Nicole Bass made headlines after being arrested in New York after getting into an argument with someone on a street corner. It turned into a fight and when the police tried to break it up, she allegedly bit one of the cops. Bass was one of several people arrested.
  • Notes from OVW: Jim Ross did announcing on some of the shows there this week, because he was down there scouting talent. Shelton Benjamin is showing a lot of promise and Jim Cornette says Benjamin is progressing even faster than Kurt Angle and believes he's guaranteed to be a big star. Brock Lesnar still hasn't debuted on TV there yet but Bob Orton's son Randy Orton recently did. They're also strongly pushing Leviathan (real name Dave Bautista) and Jim Cornette predicts he will headline Wrestlemania within the next 5 years. (yup, exactly 5 years later in fact)
  • Ed Farhat, better known as The Sheik, is said to be in very grave condition. He's down to 150 pounds and can only communicate through blinking his eyes or lightly squeezing if you hold his hand (he ended up living another 2+ years after this. His Wikipedia page says he was working with a biographer and did extensive interviews before he died, with plans to have a book on his life released. But it says the interviews "provided a highly explosive look" into the business and as a result, the interviews and draft of the book were sealed at the time of his death and to this day it's never been released. Interesting. When I originally wrote this up a few months ago, I tweeted Dave about this and he responded saying he didn't know anything about it either. I'd love to find out more.)
  • The latest revival of Stampede Wrestling is in bad shape. They have no more shows scheduled and have only done 10 shows in the last few months. Their TV show has been airing old tapes rather than new episodes lately.
  • Ken Shamrock broke his silence on his recent PRIDE loss to Kazuyuki Fujita. Shamrock pretty much blamed himself and admitted he wasn't in proper shape to fight and said things happened which contributed to him not having time to train properly (he doesn't go into detail but I think Dave mentioned something in an earlier Observer but I can't find it right now. But I think Shamrock was going through some personal shit around this time. Something like a divorce or a custody battle or something. That doesn't get mentioned here, it's just something I vaguely remember reading awhile back, I might be wrong).
  • Nobuhiko Takada has announced he's going to face Igor Vovchanchyn at next month's PRIDE show and that if he doesn't win, he'll retire. Takada had a reputation as a shoot fighter from his years as the founder and star of UWFi, which was a worked shoot promotion. But then he started doing real shoots and it's been bad news ever since, including 2 high profile losses to Rickson Gracie. He's had a couple of wins, but they were worked matches. His real MMA fights have all been losses and Dave says the real fighters in PRIDE have pretty much no respect for Takada as an actual fighter. He doesn't like Takada's chances next month (indeed, Takada gets punched into submission in the 2nd round. But he still didn't retire).
  • Notes from Nitro: the building was mostly full, with not that many freebies. But only because it was a small arena that only holds about 5,000 people. It was also in Canada and the crowd was pretty much only there to see Lance Storm (who ended up jobbing to Jim Duggan in an undercard match) and Bret Hart (who wasn't there at all). They hated Goldberg with a passion, probably due to the Hart stuff, and booed him mercilessly.
  • On his personal website, Mark Madden apologized to Lou Thesz for his comment on Nitro last week where he joked that Lou Thesz beats up women. Madden said he was only joking and that he has a ton of respect for Thesz.
  • Pamela Paulshock apparently injured her ankle doing an angle on Thunder last week. Dave thinks it's bad enough when they have untrained wrestlers in there getting hurt, but now untrained ring announcers are getting hurt too.
  • WCW is pitching an angle for Vampiro to team with singer Billy Idol in a feud against Mike Awesome and David Cassidy, of Partridge Family fame (Never happened but.....yeah. That was a thing evidently).
  • Dave only has a couple of thoughts on this week's Thunder: he begs someone in WCW to PLEASE send Major Gunns to get acting lessons. He also wants someone to save Mike Awesome from a gimmick worse than the Red Rooster. And finally, I guess there's been a lot of commercials for the new Meet The Parents movie and Dave thinks it looks funny.
  • Various WCW notes: DDP is likely being brought back soon, though Kimberly won't be. Nitro Girl Spice was released. She was being groomed to co-host WCW's Saturday morning show, but then the show got canned and they didn't have anything else for her. And after being world champion for a couple of months, WCW has finally decided to start making some Booker T merch. Seems like a good idea to finally get around to. The Harris Twins taped segments for both the Maury Povich and Jenny Jones shows, no word on what they are or when they'll air. Goldberg will be on an episode of The Daily Show this week. Gene Okerlund is expected to be given a grumpy old man gimmick where he swears a lot.
  • Next month might be a surprisingly good month for WCW ticket wise. They have shows in Australia that are expected to do big numbers because Australia is so starved for wrestling that even WCW can do big business there. And they have a PPV in Las Vegas which will do good because the casinos are buying up a lot of tickets to give away.
  • Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are reportedly being total team players right now, because there's concern that a regime change could come at any time (a lot of people are pushing for Johnny Ace to replace Vince Russo) and they're basically being on their best behavior until they see who their next new boss might be. The only person right now who's really stirring up shit is Goldberg, who is said to be openly pissed about pretty much everything and isn't shy about expressing it (yeah, even Goldberg has since admitted that he was frustrated and probably wasn't very pleasant to be around back then).
  • Scott Hall is expected to return to Nitro next week. Brad Siegel reportedly gave up on fighting with Nash about it and is willing to bring Hall back. Siegel and Hall spoke last week and Hall was basically told this is his last chance and if he fucks up one time, he's gone for good. Of course, Scott Steiner has been told that a dozen times in the past, so you know how that goes (Hall doesn't end up coming back. Not sure if it fell through or Dave got bad info or what, but it never happens).
  • They held a Miss WCW Pageant in Las Vegas last week with Carrot Top as one of the judges and of course there was a bikini contest. Nitro Girl Chae ended up winning over Torrie Wilson, Major Gunns, Baby, Chiquita, Midajah and Stacy Keibler. Pamela Paulshock was supposed to be in it but no-showed due to her ankle injury (there's some good catty drama coming out of this in the next week or two).
  • So the deal with Konnan is....pretty messed up, actually. He had tricep surgery a few months ago and has no business back in the ring yet. But WCW cut his paycheck in half so....he came back and he's wrestling. But here's the problem. The doctors still haven't given him a medical release yet because, well, they're doctors and he's still fucked up. They're like, "Dude...no." Anyway, because he doesn't have his medical release, WCW is still only giving him half his pay. But they're still allowing him to wrestle. He's hoping to get a medical release this week so he can start getting full checks again. Dave just thinks this whole policy is so screwed up on so many ways.
  • Disqo Inferno has been bringing out some plastic duck to the ring called the Disqo Duck. (I should stop for a second and explain something for the younger readers. R&B singer Sisqo had a HUGE hit called "Thong Song" around this time and WCW, in their infinite wisdom, capitalized by changing the spelling of Disco to Disqo.) Anyway, the duck is fucking stupid and apparently at Nitro this week, Konnan literally handcuffed himself to the duck backstage to try and keep Disqo Inferno from taking it out to the ring. Someone had to try to save him from himself.
  • Jeremy Borash will be doing announcing at this week's Thunder tapings. Dave says there's a lot of heat here because Borash is close to Vince Russo, so he's getting a lot of chances to do things like commentary even though he hasn't really earned it yet and hasn't shown any real aptitude for it. Dave says if Borash ends up replacing one of the main announcers on Nitro, there'll probably be a meltdown.
  • Steve Austin and Debra got married last week in Las Vegas (fun fact: same wedding chapel Triple H and a drugged out Stephanie McMahon got married in. Funner fact: also the same wedding chapel I got married in).
  • The plan for Sunday Night Heat, now that it's moving to MTV, is for it to be more of a humor and skit type show, with a lot of Tom Green-style humor (oh man, 2000 was such a weird time). They want to bring in musical guests and celebrities for it and will do a lot of the stuff from the WWF New York restaurant as well as at MTV's Times Square headquarters.
  • Notes from Raw: a lot of the show was built around trying to seemingly bury Kurt Angle, by turning him into a goofy heel character and implying that he's gay. They showed a lot of footage of him crying at the Olympics and had Triple H make fun of him and all that stuff. Dave thinks it's a pretty weird thing to do one week before the biggest match of Angle's career (he's got a No DQ match with Triple H at next week's PPV) and sure didn't do him any favors for people taking him seriously. Hugh Hefner was on to plug Chyna's upcoming Playboy appearance and Dave thinks it's nice that Playboy and WWF could come together again in the interest of making money after all the nasty legal issues they had with the Sable fallout. And finally, Steve Regal debuted.
  • Since we were talking about WCW's injury policy, Dave decides to let us know what WWF's policy is. A WWF wrestler that is out with an injury receives their downside guarantee. WWF contracts give you a guarantee (say, $300,000 per year for example) but you can make a lot more money on the road because everyone gets a cut of house show gates and PPV revenue and whatnot. So if you're injured and not on the road, you won't get all that extra money, but you still make the $300,000 guarantee. Of course, that leads to the same incentive for guys to sometimes come back before they're ready, because they're losing money by being at home, but from everyone who talks to Dave, there's not nearly as much pressure from the WWF to hurry up and come back as there is in WCW.
  • Various WWF notes: Big Boss Man will be out for a few weeks after having his knee scoped. Grand Master Sexay needed 14 stitches in his ear after getting legit cut from the belt shot on Raw. Tori should be back in Oct. or early November after shoulder surgery. Billy Gunn should be back in a few weeks. Road Dogg's wife had surgery for a collapsed lung so he's out tending to her. Davey Boy Smith was in a motorcycle accident last week and Dave says if you know how many times Smith has been in and out of the hospital this year, it would scare you to death.
  • Four different wrestling promotions have videos in the Billboard Top 20 charts....and none of them are WCW. Of course, WWF is all over the charts with their various releases taking up 12 of the 20 spots. ECW has videos at #5 and #7. XPW, which currently isn't running new shows and doesn't even have a building to run shows in right now, has videos at #12 and #19. And Insane Clown Posse's JCW promotion has a video at #13. All that, but no WCW.
  • Kurt Angle and Taka Michinoku worked a UPW show in California along with a few other WWF developmental signees who started out at the UPW school (I decided to look it up and see who else of note worked that show: Franie Kazarian, Simon Dean, Rocky Romero, Mike Knox, Vic Grimes, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and John Cena were all on the card. 2000/2001-era UPW had a ton of future stars come through the doors).
  • One of the XFL teams is already moving before it even starts. The San Jose Demons have now been renamed the San Francisco Demons and will be playing in San Fran after negotiations with Spartan Stadium in San Jose fell apart. Dave thinks it might be a bad move. San Jose is a wealthier community with a large population and their hockey and soccer franchises do huge business. San Francisco already has a major team in every sport and he doesn't know if a B-level football team is going to draw as well there as it would have in San Jose. He also notes that in the spring, the weather is a lot warmer in San Jose at night than it is in San Francisco, and California isn't exactly the type of place where people want to sit out in the cold weather at night and watch football games. This isn't Green Bay or Chicago where freezing to death for football is almost a tradition (the cities are, like, an hour apart so I can't imagine the weather is that much different? Although I guess San Francisco is right there on the bay so maybe wind? I dunno. Anyone from the area care to chime in?)
  • A New York newspaper reported that Vince McMahon tried to stop VH1 from airing an episode of "The List" because the show featured appearances by Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, and other WCW stars. VH1 is owned by Viacom, which now owns 3% of WWF's stock and McMahon decided to try to throw his weight around and get the episode canned. Didn't work and it actually was one of the highest rated episodes of the show ever. But he did succeed in getting VH1 to agree to not air reruns of that episode. A WWF spokesman responded to the story, saying, "It is highly unlikely that took place. It's not something we would do." But of course, you'll note that they didn't outright deny it and the idea that Vince McMahon wouldn't do something like that is laughable since he has a long history of doing exactly that sort of thing.
  • The Slam! Wrestling website wrote an article criticizing the WWF policy of not allowing wrestlers to do interviews with other websites without company approval because they see all other websites as competition to their own WWF.com site. The article noted they had an interview with Gerald Brisco awhile back and Brisco told them he could talk freely about his pre-WWF years but if it has to do with WWF, he'd have to clear it with the office. Jim Ross responded on his WWF website column, saying not a single interview request has come across their desk from any other wrestling websites. Dave talks about when the policy was put in place and says WWF told him he could still get anyone he wanted to interview on the Observer website, but he would need to go through the office first. Since that time, Dave says he's talked to wrestlers who agreed to appear, but when he tried to get it cleared by the office, it stalled and has been pending approval ever since with no answer sooooooo......
  • WWF is wanting Big Show to drop down to 400 pounds. At his heaviest in WCW he was 505 and currently weighs a legit 480.
  • Someone writes in with a conspiracy theory. He thinks Shane McMahon's death-defying fall from the TitanTron at Summerslam was done to prove a point given the upcoming Owen Hart wrongful death lawsuit, with the idea being that the WWF side can point to it as an example that, "See! Even Vince McMahon's son is sometimes asked to perform stunts like this and they're usually done safely." Dave responds, saying that normally he'd think that's reading too much into things. But the day after Summerslam, several people in WWF as well as a couple of legal experts he talked to all had basically the same theory and said they wouldn't be surprised if it gets brought up in the trial. But time will tell, Dave says.
  • Dave Lagana writes in, talking his experience working on "Friends" and talking about how most TV shows are written by writing teams and how stories are crafted in TV writing rooms and so on and so forth. Basically, it leads to the one big question every writer, booker, and performer should ask themselves: how will the audience react to the long-term story? Not how loud the momentary pop is or how much you were able to swerve the audience with a surprise that doesn't make any sense, etc. The point he's trying to make is that Vince Russo is doing literally everything wrong and he has no idea how to write television. He's also pretty fed up with Russo's constant everything-is-a-shoot booking, where they openly acknowledge scripts and bookers and shit in every segment. He's not the only one.
  • Lots of letters talking about what a total trainwreck WCW is. Russo isn't the only problem. From management to marketing, the ball is being dropped everywhere. None of the stories are coherent. Characters change gimmicks or go from face to heel from week-to-week with no explanation, fans have no idea what's happening. Wrestlers themselves are out of control backstage. Merchandising is dead. Basically, the ship is sinking and the worst part is that nobody seems to care. Everyone is just drilling more holes in the ship. Even when they luck into something that works, they always manage to fuck it up immediately. So there's all that. But also, a lot of piling on Russo from a lot of people who think he's killing the company.
MONDAY: Raw debuts on TNN, Steve Austin returns, ECW not yet cancelled on TNN after all, WWF Unforgiven fallout, and more...
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2018.07.20 18:03 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 30, 1999

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 19911992199319941995199619971998
1-4-1999 1-11-1999 1-18-1999 1-25-1999
2-1-1999 2-8-1999 2-15-1999 2-22-1999
3-1-1999 3-8-1999 3-15-1999 3-22-1999
3-29-1999 4-5-1999 4-12-1999 4-19-1999
4-26-1999 5-3-1999 5-10-1999 5-17-1999
5-24-1999 5-31-1999 6-7-1999 6-14-1999
6-21-1999 6-28-1999 7-5-1999 7-12-1999
7-19-1999 7-26-1999 8-2-1999 8-9-1999
8-16-1999 8-23-1999 8-30-1999 9-6-1999
9-13-1999 9-20-1999
  • Dave opens this issue with a close examination of WCW in this new post-Bischoff era and how deep the problems run. It's not just a matter of a wrestling company that had a hot couple of years suddenly cooling down. It's way more complicated and much worse than that. WCW cut its own throat with bad booking, bad TV, and not caring to satisfy its audience anymore. The casual fans are all gone and the hardcore fans are bleeding away quickly. And nothing they have seems to work. The golden goose has no more eggs to lay. They haven't made any new stars and the ones they have are meaningless now. Hogan vs. Nash in a career vs. career match didn't even draw a decent buyrate. Neither did Hogan vs. Sting this past month. Goldberg, Hart, Flair, none of their comebacks even made a blip on the radar. There's not a single big money marquee match that WCW can put together with the stars they have that will mean anything to fans. The only solution is to create new stars, but that's going to take a long time, especially considering WCW has spent years establishing that none of the midcard guys are ever to be taken seriously. All the stunts like bringing in Master P and KISS and Dennis Rodman were disasters. And even if they had worked, they were only short-term money boosts. They still didn't solve the real problem, which is that WCW needs new stars. Which means stealing people from WWF again. When those big contracts for guys like Austin and Rock come due, WCW needs to be able to outbid WWF for them. But even that might not be enough because everyone in WWF is well aware of how WCW has fumbled people like Bret Hart and no one there is chomping at the bit to go to WCW. But that's only a small part of the problem. The company needs a complete overhaul. Nothing feels fresh in WCW anymore, no matter what. WWF has an exciting anything-can-happen atmosphere. WCW feels asleep at the wheel. Dave compares it to the same problems they faced when Ted Turner bought the company from Jim Crockett in 1989. Years of bad booking and Dusty finishes had all but killed the company and it didn't recover until several years later when Bischoff stepped in and made radical changes to every aspect of the promotion. And Dave says current WCW has alienated its fanbase and self-destructed far worse than Crockett did in 89.
  • The big problem with WCW is that they can't afford to just be a comfortable #2 company. They have so many huge expenses, especially with so many big guaranteed salaries, that they can't stay profitable long-term at the level they're at. Dave also notes that "it would be the worst thing for the industry, and particularly for the wrestlers, for WCW to give up." Without the option of playing the 2 companies against each other, wrestlers will lose the advantage of making big money and the business as a whole will grow stagnant. (Man, is this a prescient paragraph or what?). So what's the solution? There's no easy fix. To be competitive again, WCW has to be willing to lose a lot of money in the short term and invest in rebuilding, but new WCW head Bill Busch is known to be fiscally conservative and he's been put in the position to stop the bleeding immediately, so it doesn't look like WCW is going to be willing to do that.
  • Either way, the present is dead and no magic bullet is going to change that. It's time to focus on the future and some major changes are going to be necessary:
1. There's no sense in having huge contracts for guys over 40 that aren't willing to be team players. You need guys who are willing to work with and elevate younger wrestlers rather than protecting their own spot. Hogan, Luger, Sting, Nash, Savage, Piper, Hall, DDP, The Steiners....these men are NOT the future of WCW. They still have plenty of value, but that value needs to be used to create fresh match ups with younger wrestlers that they can build the next 10 years around. That's not to say they should be buried or cast aside or anything, but they can no longer be the company's central focus anymore.
2. Some people won't like to hear it, but Dave says there's some truth to the fact that some guys just aren't going to be believable headliners due to their size. Smaller, cruiserweight guys are just not going to be believable to American audiences in headlining matches against more traditional bigger wrestlers. Guys like Rey Mysterio or Dean Malenko probably aren't going to be the future headliners of WCW either but that's okay. One of WCW's greatest advantages over WWF in the early days of Nitro was the cruiserweight division, which protected smaller guys by putting them against each other and they got over huge. But WCW never treated the cruiserweight division with much respect and have all but destroyed it in recent years.
3. Someone needs to basically reinvent the concept of wrestling again. WWF did it in 1997. Before that, there was no audience clamoring for half naked women, beer drinking, swearing, and middle fingers until WWF suddenly started doing it and changed everything (Dave points out that, of course, ECW was doing it first but he's talking on an industry-changing national basis). WWF basically re-invented what audiences thought pro wrestling was. Dave also takes this time to shit on WCW's terrible commentary and says they should probably fix that as well.
4. Wrestlers should be wrestlers, not bookers. The inmates are running the asylum in WCW and that can't happen. For starters, there's so much TV now that booking a major promotion is more of a full-time television writing job. It's not something that an active wrestler can just devote a couple of hours a week to in between everything else. Dave recalls a conversation with a WWF employee who predicted Kevin Nash becoming booker of WCW would be the death of the promotion, not because he disliked Nash (the WWF guy says Nash is a great guy) but just because it's too big a job for one man who isn't devoting his full attention to it.
5. Create and recruit new stars. Dave points to WWF's process of hiring guys, running them through developmental training in OVW and Power Pro, spending some time working small shows and dark matches before eventually debuting them with a gimmick and a push. WWF's process has given them guys like The Rock, Edge, Christian, Test, The Hardys, Val Venis, the soon-to-debut Kurt Angle, and dozens of others to a lesser degree. Most of the roster is made up of guys who went through Dory Funk's training camp and worked in developmental. Meanwhile, WCW's Power Plant has produced almost no one of note (some guys, like Goldberg, spent a little time training there but nothing to write home about. He didn't work any developmental shows or anything. Nothing he learned in the Power Plant was ever relevant to him becoming such a huge star. That was all booking and charisma). Pretty much everyone else that's a real Power Plant trainee usually works a few throwaway Saturday Night matches and then disappears never to be seen again. WCW needs to make deals with a smaller promotion to send guys to get experience in front of real crowds. Creating new stars isn't an easy process and 99% of the people will be flops, but you only need one Austin or Rock-level success to turn things around.
6. In all caps, Dave insists: PROTECT THE WORLD TITLE. When all else fails, a carefully protected world title can still be a consistent draw. Take care in who has the title, when it's defended, and when there's a title change, it should be a huge deal. WCW hot-potatoes the belt around constantly. WCW could learn a thing or two from ECW in this regard.
7. Move Thunder to Sunday. They're already getting killed on Thursday anyway, and if they move it to Sunday, hopefully they'll already have Nitro mostly booked. So they can use the Sunday night Thunder show to hype up Monday's Nitro. The creation of Sunday Night Heat allowed WWF to do that with Raw, which contributed a lot to its success.
8. Scour the world for any wrestler that can help the product. Even if you can only sign them for limited dates, just bring in as many of the best wrestlers you can get and showcase them in the best way possible. Dave says this list is only the start and he could list dozens more. But at this point, nothing short of a complete overhaul of this company can save WCW.
  • ECW's Anarchy Rulz PPV is in the books and was one of the best PPV shows in company history and was also in front of the largest crowd in ECW history. Nearly 6,000 fans for a gate over $200,000. It featured the surprise return of Mike Awesome to ECW and he won the ECW title from Taz, who was booed heavily when he came out because the fans know he's leaving. After Taz was eliminated from the match, the rest of the ECW wrestlers emptied out of the locker room to give Taz a heartfelt and classy goodbye and Taz handed Awesome the belt after the match, completely turning the crowd around and nearly overshadowing the title match itself. Mike Awesome is largely unknown in the U.S. but has been a star in Japan for the last decade under the name The Gladiator in FMW. The uppercard matches were all good but ECW has a glaring lack of depth in the undercard.
WATCH: Taz vs. Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka - ECW Anarchy Rulz '99
  • Other notes from Anarcy Rulz: Chris Chetti was injured doing a moonsault that caused his back to go out and he lost all feeling in his legs and spent the rest of the match laying down outside the ring. A backstage promo by Steve Corino was interesting. Corino said that his mystery tag team partners were supposed to be the Insane Clown Posse but when ICP's manager Alex Abbiss found out they would be facing Raven and Tommy Dreamer, he said ICP backed out. Turns out it's somewhat true. ICP appeared on Mark Madden's radio show that afternoon and Violent J said they were going to jump from WCW to ECW, and in fact, they even posted it on their website. But when they found out they were going to be getting squashed in 2 minutes, they backed out and chose to stay with WCW. Joey Styles really went out of his way to bury ICP on commentary after that, saying that Bill Busch should fire ICP from WCW since they were planning to leave without giving notice. Dave thinks it's kinda shitty for ECW to try to get ICP fired, but on the other hand, WCW wouldn't necessarily be in the wrong if they chose to do it. But Dave doesn't think it will happen. ICP are cult celebrities who don't really bring any mainstream attention anywhere they go, but they're actually pretty good workers by celebrity-standards. After that, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was shown in the crowd because apparently he's a wrestling fan (just a bit). Dave is genuinely concerned about Francine's health because she's so obviously anorexic. Chicago radio DJ Mancow showed up at one point, which did nothing for 95% of the PPV audience who doesn't know who he is. Francine got her ankle injured on a powerslam from Rhino.
  • The TV ratings news isn't good for ECW. Their 3rd week on TNN did a disappointing 0.72 rating, which is a 26% drop in only 2 weeks since the debut. And remember, before it premiered, TNN was expecting them to do around a 2.0 rating. Instead they debuted at half that and have been going downward ever since.
  • WWF is now tied up in 2 more lawsuits. First up, WWF filed a lawsuit against Playboy Magazine over the 2nd Sable issue. WWF attorney Jerry McDevitt said the two sides had been negotiating a deal for Playboy to use the name "Sable" for the magazine but they never actually reached an agreement before Playboy just went ahead and did it anyway. So WWF is suing for a percentage of the revenue. Playboy is also planning to put out a 96-page issue next month solely dedicated to Rena Mero, that will be called the Woman Formerly Known As Sable and WWF is trying to get an injunction to prevent that also (maybe they succeeded at this? I don't remember it. Did WWF rob of us of even more Sable/Playboy material?)
  • The other lawsuit came from Nicole Bass who sued the company for $120 million for sexual harassment, then went on Howard Stern's show talking about it. On the surface, it seemed to many like a publicity stunt after seeing all the media attention Sable got for hers. Bass claimed she was groped and humiliated and claimed an unnamed male wrestler grabbed her breasts and threatened her if she complained about it (later alleged to be Steve Lombardi) and also claimed she was hit with a non-gimmicked guitar that cut her but they wouldn't allow her to go to the hospital and instead super glued the cut shut.
  • WCW Nitro hit an all-time low this week. The over-run during the Ric Flair vs. DDP main event did a horrendous 1.73 rating. It's the lowest rated Nitro main event in the history of the show. And what makes it even more incomprehensible is that the competition wasn't an issue. The Monday Night Football game was already a blowout at that point. And the rating that Raw did during that segment was a 6.65 which is good, but not any different than usual. And yet for some reason, people just dropped out of that FlaiDDP match in record numbers. Furthermore, even though everything in WCW does bad ratings these days, Flair has always been consistently one of the top ratings draws. And this was his first match back in many weeks, so most people expected the over-run segment to do higher ratings than normal, but instead it did a record low. Dave doesn't really have an explanation.
  • The live WCW Thunder taping was cancelled due to Hurricane Floyd last week, so instead they aired a clip show with highlights of various PPV and Nitro main events over the last few months.
  • Dave notes that they have put together the beginnings of an Observer website at wrestlingobserver.com but it doesn't sound like there's much to it yet. Here's what it looked like back in March of 2000:
LINK: Wayback Machine web archive of Observer website
  • AJPW legend Jumbo Tsuruta, who retired last year, had moved to the U.S. for a job as a professor at Portland State University. Well, he's leaving that job to go work for the University of Southern California in June. Tsuruta has a Master's Degree in kinesiology and studied under a Nobel prize winning physician. Tsuruta's career was derailed after he contracted Hepatitis B but he had made enough money in wrestling and real estate to be financially set for life (sadly, he wouldn't have needed that much money. His life gets cut short within the next 8 months from kidney cancer).
  • Jesse Ventura is putting together his own record label and will produce an album called "We Rocked The World" which will have songs from local Minnesota musicians and quotes from Ventura. They're also planning to do a documentary of similar name called "We Shocked The World" that will detail his election (I got the album cover but can't find the album. But here's the documentary).
PHOTO: Jesse Ventura - We Rocked The World album cover
WATCH: Jesse Ventura - "We Shocked The World" documentary - 1999
  • Minoru Suzuki, who hasn't fought in almost a year, will make his return to Pancrase in December. (It goes poorly for him but if he asks, I never said that.)
  • There's some friction between ECW and TNN. One of the main issues is that ECW feels TNN is spending more time and resources on advertising and promoting RollerJam than they do ECW, even though ECW draws higher ratings (the reason is because ECW was already an established product that TNN simply put on TV. RollerJam was fully created and funded by TNN and was a huge flop and they were desperate to recoup their investment on it, so they promoted the shit out of it, ahead of ECW, even though the ratings were garbage). There are also issues nearly every week with TNN officials complaining about the content of the show. So the relationship isn't off to a great start (it doesn't get better).
  • Dawn Marie is now going by that name, rather than the old Tammy Lynn Bytch name. They had also been setting her up to feud with Beulah, but that has been dropped since Beulah is retired from wrestling and they couldn't convince her to come back and do the feud.
  • As you can imagine, things are a little chaotic backstage in WCW right now, with lots of people maneuvering and politicking for power now that Bischoff is gone. Kevin Nash, Dusty Rhodes, and Kevin Sullivan are mostly handling the booking. Nash has blamed his failed tenure as booker so far on Bischoff, saying he prevented Nash from pushing younger guys and always insisted on pushing Hogan as the top star and now that Bischoff's gone, Nash is said to be planning to create new stars. Hogan is also angling for more power over booking, as are both Jimmy Hart and Ric Flair. As far as morale goes, things are said to be a lot more relaxed and peaceful now with Bischoff gone, but there's not necessarily any hope that things will change either.
  • Notes from Nitro: the show opened with a great match and angle with Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera, Mysterio, and Kidman leading to a mask vs. hair match next week between Psicosis and Kidman. Psicosis lost his mask last week in Mexico so the result is predictable but it was still really well done and the crowd was hot for it. They were also nuclear hot for Goldberg. Sting vs. Benoit was good too. In fact, most of the show was pretty great. There were some typical dumb stuff as WCW tends to do but overall, this was the nicest Dave has been when reviewing Nitro in at least a year. You can also see the beginnings of long-term planning being formed, since they set up a match for Thunder and even promoted 2 matches for next week on Nitro, which is more long-term planning and promoting than WCW has done under Bischoff in ages.
  • The latest on the Nitro Girl drama is that basically everyone hates Kimberly, who is the boss. Several of the women complained to Turner's HR dept. about how she allegedly treated them but Dave has no details.
  • Ted DiBiase appeared recently on the 700 Club and confirmed he is no longer with WCW.
  • On Nitro a few weeks ago when Hogan pinned DDP with a leg drop, you might have noticed that referee Billy Silverman stopped the count at 2, but the match ended anyway. The story is that originally, the match was supposed to have a different finish. But just before they went out there, Bischoff changed the finish to Hogan pinning DDP with a leg drop. Both Hogan and DDP knew this, and at least one of them was supposed to tell Silverman (who was already in the ring and didn't know) but nobody told him. So he didn't know that the original finish had changed, so he purposely stopped his count at 2. Speaking of shitty communication, the "fan" who runs in during Lodi's matches lately had some trouble there. WCW security was aware that he would be jumping the rail, but nobody clued in the local venue security, so they chased the guy down and punched him in the face, giving him a black eye. Dave says it's almost unforgivable that WCW wouldn't plan for that by making sure everyone was aware. Say it with me everybody: because WCW.
  • Speaking of DDP, it's no secret that he originally got his big push because he and Eric Bischoff are good friends and they're actually next door neighbors. With Bischoff gone, the big joke in the locker room among the wrestlers is that now DDP is going to buy a house next door to Bill Busch.
  • Kevin Nash is going through a divorce (nah, they separated but ended up getting back together). Scott Hall's divorce just became final this week and he should be back on the road soon. Dave wonders how long Hall will be on the road before there's another incident (not long).
  • Random WCW notes: Torrie Wilson has a 3-year contract and gets first class plane tickets, which almost no one except the top guys have. Ric Flair's daughter Megan is getting married this week (sorry Conrad). Scott Steiner's back is in terrible shape.
  • Bret Hart has a role in a music video by a hip-hop group called The Rascalz.
WATCH: Rascalz - "Sharpshooter" music video
  • Speaking of Bret Hart, his latest Calgary Sun newspaper article was about the boxer who recently died at a show in Kansas City and Bret had this to say:
"The boxing world is saddened by the death of super middleweight Randie Carver. Carver was 25. It happened in Kansas City. The show did not go on. The fans did not riot. So much for Vince McMahon's lame excuse that he had no choice but to go on with the show as soon as they wiped Owen off the mat or else the fans would riot. Only an idiot would believe that. Vince is a lot of things, but he's no idiot. I don't even think he believes the fans would have rioted. It's a pathetic attempt to blame the wrestling fans for his own tasteless decision to continue the show. An insult that the fans don't deserve. I've heard form fans who were there when Owen was dropped to his death and they were revolted that the show went on. In fact, a lot of people left. I applaud the dignified way that the fans in Kansas City handled the Randie Carver tragedy. They've proved my point that McMahon's riot story is a cop out that uses the fans as his scapegoat. McMahon didn't even have enough respect for the live audience to tell them that Owen was dead. They heard about it on their car radios driving home from the matches, while the replay of the show was already on television. The show didn't just go on. It went on--twice."
  • Gorilla Monsoon suffered a mild heart attack last week which then led to some serious kidney and liver issues (almost the end of the road for Monsoon, sadly).
  • Notes from Raw: Test and "Stephanie Von Erich" beat Jeff Jarrett and Debra in a match, with Stephanie pinning Jarrett. Dave adds, "I've seen this stuff a million times when the promoter and his family become TV stars and it's never good. In this case, they spent a month building up for Debra to finally blow her cool with Jarrett and help Chyna win the IC title, and they blow it off by having Stephanie already pin Jarrett one week before the match." (Speaking of Jarrett, nobody seems to realize how hard he's about to stick it to Vince). Triple H has been cutting great promos the last few weeks but getting no heat, as the crowd is just not biting on the idea of him as a top star.
  • After recently being charged with not paying child support, Steve Williams is requesting a DNA test to prove the paternity of the 8-year-old girl that is alleged to be his daughter. Williams claims the woman slept with several wrestlers back in 1991, including Buzz Sawyer (not sure why he's specifically mentioned and no one else is). Williams says the judge ruled against him in the case by default because he was in Japan and never knew about the legal issues to respond to them. Speaking of, Williams is still under WWF contract but isn't being used. They tried to book him to work an FMW tour in Japan recently and he refused to go, saying he wouldn't work for any company competing against All Japan. WWF tried to push it but he refused out of loyalty to AJPW, and now WWF lawyers are arguing that he is breaching his contract and are working on releasing him from his deal.
MONDAY: WWF Unforgiven PPV fallout, Mankind/The Rock "This Is Your Life", details on WWF vs. Playboy, and more...
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2016.07.14 00:06 Alkomb Album Discussion - The Great Milenko

Album - The Great Milenko

Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album Wiki
Release Date: August 12, 1997.
Tracks: 16.
Label: Hollywood, Psychopathic, & Island.
Purchase: http://www.hatchetgear.com/digital-download-icp-the-great-milenko
# Title Performer(s) Time/Length
1. "Intro" Alice Cooper, Deb Agoli 2:00
2. "Great Milenko" Insane Clown Posse 1:56
3. "Hokus Pokus" ICP, Deb Agoli, Kim Marro 4:21
4. "Piggy Pie" ICP, Steve Jones, & Rich "Legz Diamond" Murrell 5:46
5. "How Many Times? ICP, & Legz Diamond 6:21
6. "Southwest Voodoo" ICP 4:00
7. "Halls of Illusions" ICP, Slash, & Legz Diamond 4:21
8. "Under the Moon" ICP 5:00
9. What is a Juggalo?" ICP 3:57
10. "House of Horrors" ICP, Deb Agoli, & Legz Diamond 4:20
11. "Boogie Woogie Wu" ICP 4:24
12. "The Neden Game" ICP 4:05
13. "Hellalujah" ICP, & Legz Diamond 4:57
14. "Down With The Clown" ICP 3:52
15. "Just Like That" ICP 1:34
16. "Pass Me By" ICP, & Legz Diamond 6:42
Total length: 67:31

[Chart Position(s), & Certification(s)]

Chart Peak Position
US Billboard 200 63
US Catalog Albums 22
Country Certification
United States Platinum
Year Song Peak Positions (UK Top 40)
1997 "Halls of Illusions" 56
1998 "Hokus Pokus" 54


Previous SONG Discussions
Album Discussion Page

What are your thoughts?

  • How do you rate it?
  • Favorite track?
  • What's your favorite memory from 1997?
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2016.04.11 11:12 clearliquidclearjar WEEKLY EVENTS 4/11 – 4/18

This is LGBT Pride week, so go enjoy the fact that you don’t live in North Carolina.
Happening this week: WVFS Quadrennial Pledge Drive: The WVFS Quadrennial Pledge drive will kick off at 6:00AM on Friday, April 8th and run until 8:00AM on Friday, April 15th! During this time we will solicit listener support around the clock, asking donors to log onto www.wvfs.fsu.edu to make their contribution, or call 850-644-1837 to have a volunteer guide them through the process. As a thank you to our supporters, we are offering a selection of premium merchandise, exclusive to the pledge drive, most of which include the stations iconic winged logo. Almost all donations go directly toward station expenses. Past donations have helped the station upgrade power (from 270 watts to 2700 watts to 7000 watts!), purchase a new broadcast transmitter, repair equipment in emergency situations, and purchase station merchandise for the purpose of fundraising. With recent budget cuts, and a more than $10,000 cut from the WVFS budget, we are more dependent than ever on these funds for otherwise normal expenses and daily operating costs. Our goal for the 2016 WVFS Quadrennial Pledge Drive is $50,000— an easily achievable goal if our many dedicated listeners are willing to donate!
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
Check here for the current run of excursions offered by Camp Folks. If you want to check out the local outdoors, this seems to be a good group to go with.
  • Jim Moran Institute: Tech Talk for Entrepreneurs. 11:30am
  • Wolf’s Den (Dixie Dr): JEFF ZAGERS / Cleats / Burundanga (1st Gig) / Ignu. 7pm/$5/all ages
  • Tallahassee Buddhist Community in RR Sq: Power Flow Yoga hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU. “This a series of WEEKLY classes hosted by the Yoga Club and taught by our exec board member Leah Means. Classes hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU are always 100% free/by donation to both FSU students and members of our community! Appropriate for all levels! Donations are always accepted, especially since the TBC is saving up for a new larger meditation and retreat space.” 5pm/free or donations
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Win a pizza! Use your brain! 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. This is a fun, lively night. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Atmosphere Pub: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. 9pm
  • Applebees on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • HalfTime Pie Pub: Flippin Tuesday! w/Black Tarzan. “The finest selection of Trap x Twerk x EDM x BassWave vibes.” 10pm/$3 guys, free for ladies/18+
  • Giggle Indoor Play Center: The Ultimate Book Swap with Elmo & Cookie Monster! “KIDS: Do you have a book you no longer read or you've outgrown? Bring that book to Giggles on April 12th to exchange for a new one! Choose from over 200 books! From babies' and toddlers' board books to graphic novels and chapter books..ALL AGES ARE WELCOME! Feel free to curl up with your new book and start reading! There will also be a Sesame Street Storytime for those who want to listen, plus a special visit with Elmo and Cookie Monster!! I hear Cookie Monster is even bringing some of his fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! YUM!” 4pm/$5 per child
  • Juicy Blue Tapas Bar: Summer Gill. 5pm
  • Dave’s Pizza Garage: Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament. Sign-ups begin at 6:00 PM, tournament will begin at 6:30 PM. $2 venue fee, $3 entry fee. First place gets the pot. Free large pizza coupon of your choosing for second prize. Tournament will be standard double elimination. Highly recommeneded that you bring your own controller!
  • Skate World: Tallahassee Pridefest Family Skate Party hosted by Sigma Nu Beta, Inc. 6:30pm/$6.50 and Skates $4 &, mention Pridefest or Sigma Nu Beta at the door
  • Ruby Diamond: University Concert Band Concert. “Come dance with the University Concert Band as we perform works by Dello Joio, Ewazen, Gorb and Williams.” 8pm
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Wednesday Night Lab Session Hosted by Jim Crozier, featuring Lori Kline. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • The Junction at Monroe: $100 Cash Prize LIVE BAND Karaoke. 7pm/$10 coveBYOB
  • The Fox and Stag: Ladies Night with DJ Loden. 7pm-9pm.
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Bar Trivia With Hank. ONE WEEK ONLY! (Proof has a private event.) Eat house-made sausages and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. 7:30pm/no cover
  • Krewe de Gras: Trivia with Mr. Matt. $40 first prize 8pm
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke With Nathan. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • 201 Diffenbaugh: V89 Summer Cattle Call. “If you're interested in getting involved with WVFS Tallahassee, now is your chance! We are hiring in all departments: Announcing, Production, News, Sports, Public Relations, Development, and Continuity. No experience is required! Join us at the date/location listed below to learn more information about our different departments and to apply. Attendance is required for the opportunity to apply for certain limited-access departments. Hope to see you there!” 6pm
  • Doubletree: Essence of Spring Fashion Show. 7pm
  • Aloft: Jason Taylor. 8pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday featuring Tall Combo. 6pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic. “The only open mic that pays the performers! Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room!” Doors and registration open at 7pm/$10/BYOB (no coolers, cups, or non-alcoholic drinks allowed)
  • HalfTime Pie Pub: Trivia. Check the Pub FB page for a theme and possible bonus points. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Thursday Evening Sessions with Libby O'Neill. 8pm
  • Gaines Street Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank @ Warhorse Whiskey Bar. With a picture round! Sound round! Speed round! Hoarder’s Delight drawing! And all the other trivias! Win a delicious 18” pizza! 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke Hosted By Jumpin Jams. Some of the most diverse and longest running karaoke in town. 10pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke with Davin. 10pm
  • Coosh's Bayou Rouge: The Big Easy IPA Tour. “We’ll be rolling into Tallahassee with the music of the Young Pin Stripe brass band, free samples of our new Big Easy Session IPA, Abita giveaways and plenty of Mardi Gras beads and mayhem!” 5pm
  • 621 Gallery: Climate Change: a lecture by Dr. Jeff Chanton. “Come down to 621 Gallery on Thursday April 14th to hear a lecture by Dr. Jeff Chanton on the subject of climat change. Dr. Jeff Chanton is a professor at FSU's department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science.” 6pm/free
  • Proof Brewing: The Fried Turkeys. 6pm
  • Civic Center: An Evening with James Franco. 6pm
  • FSU CGE: Intercultural Program Series: Islands of Indonesia. “This ICP features members of the FSU Gamelan Ensemble! Come to the Globe Auditorium 4/14 at 7Pm to learn about the Islands of Indonesia through music, dance, food, and more!” 7pm
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get ready to dance your A$$ off at the Club-Side Party from 9pm to 2am with high energy music from DJ Carben and DJ Double G along with the best show in Tallahassee at midnight starring Ms. Debra Adams and members of our fabulous Queen team!” 9pm/$5/18+
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bill’s): Karaoke with DJ Scott Long. 10pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • B Sharps Jazz Café: FRISKY FRIDAYS (LGBT Party). “CALLING all LESBIANS, GAYS, BISEXUALS, TRANSSEXUALS, and Curious of Tallahassee---> new GAY spot for the men and women...bois and girls!” 11pm
  • Integration Statue: Florida State Hug Fest. 11am
  • Cigars of Tally: Espinosa Cigar event with Eric Espinosa! 4pm
  • Cascades Park: Southern Shakespeare Festival Comedy of Errors. “The world of midway carnivals are competitive and cutthroat! If you’re a magician looking for your long-lost twin brother, don’t even THINK of setting foot on rival carnival grounds! It’s going to cost you, just like your father’s death sentence for the same offense. This is the Southern Shakespeare Festival’s backdrop for The Comedy of Errors, coming to the Capital City Amphitheater at Cascades Park on April 15, 16 & 17, 2016. It is one of the Bard’s earlier plays and is full of exuberance, mistaken identities, and slapstick humor, sprinkled with some of the poetry of the human condition that Shakespeare is best known for.” 5:30pm/free
  • Giggle Indoor Play Center: Princess Party Family Night! “Pizza Dinner, Dessert, Open Play, & Meet the Princesses!” 6pm/$25 per family
  • Oglesby Union: Spring Fling 2016. “Join Union Productions in the Oglesby Union for our annual Spring Fling! This year’s event will feature hot dogs via Dog Et Al, popsicles courtesy of DIVA POPS, funnel cakes, french fries, a rock wall, a ferris wheel, carnival games, face painting, and Paint-a-Pot.” 7pm/GP $15/all ages
  • 926 Bar & Grill: VIXENS & VIBES Tallahassee PrideFest 2016 Women's Variety Show. “As always, we will have a hot mix of old favorites and new favorites performing everything from Burlesque & Poetry to Hip-hop & Bellydancing! Good Vibes, Naughty Vixens. Enough Said.” 7:30pm
  • Ruby Diamond: University Symphony Orchestra Season Finale! “The program will not only feature works by all British composers but these works also have a unique theme throughout them: war. Each of the works featured on this concert tie back to war as these gifted and observant composers saw it.” 8pm
  • Club Downunder: Elle King w/ Clear Plastic Masks. 8:30pm/GP $15/18+
  • Side Bar: V89 Presents: Menace Beach - One More Time! 9pm/$5 general public, free for FSU/18+
  • Carolina Haus: Rotten Collective Presents: VILE BODY/SPEW Tape Release w/ Bruiser, Spooky Action Space Captain, ECHO BASE, and BRODOG BDAY. 9pm/$5/all ages
  • Atmosphere Pub: ELISIUM, ERA 9 and Days to Come, The Helvetica Effect, & TBA. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Mac Arnold. 9pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” I bought some beet jelly there last week, and it’s delicious. 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke With Devin. If you want to sing and drink cheap beer and liquor and not have to wait for huge crowds, this is your spot. 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). 10pm
  • Messer Field: Gulf Winds Track Club's 2016 Palace Saloon 5K. 8am
  • Quincy: Red Eye Velo Stage Race 2016. 8am
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: STOMPing Out Type 2 Diabetes. Bunch of fun stuff. 8:30am/free admission
  • Gramlings: Gramlings Spring Celebration. “Celebrate Springtime down at Gramlings! We'll have plants, seed, and booths to explore!” 9am-3pm
  • Wakulla Springs: Wakulla Wildlife Festival "Go Native". “Great family events with exhibits, music, tours. Book tours early.” 9am
  • Downtown Parks: 16th Annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. “Come down to the 16th Annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival! April 16th & 17th from 10 AM to 5 PM. Rain or shine! Free admission. Walk under Tallahassee's majestic oak trees & see 150+ juried artists displaying & selling their fine art. Check out The Village which holds Demonstration Row with arists demonstrating their art process, our Community Partners & 10 Children's Pop-Up Studios with free make & take crafts for the kids! Don't forget to meet our namesake Jacques LeMoyne at his 1560s encampment!” 10am-5pm
  • Camp Folks: Camp Folks' Gear Swap! “This is an opportunity for Tallahassee's outdoor community to meet up, chat about outdoor stuff, and exchange/sell/buy gear. Whether you're into hiking, scuba, kayaking, climbing, biking, camping, or looking for a new outdoor hobby, this is going to be an event you're not going to want to miss! FREE to enter! $10 for a whole table, $5 half table, $0 BYOT (bring your own table) to sell your gear. Register to sell online at http://campfolks.com/gearswap. Camp Folks will provide tables (bring your own chair), snacks, and drinks. Outside vendors are welcome! We ask that you keep your items limited to outdoor gear only and that you clean your gear and have it in selling-condition. Please do not bring knives, guns, or anything that can be used as a weapon.” 10am-5pm
  • Giggles Indoor Play Center: Meet FireFighters & Fire Truck Display! 10am
  • Kleman Plaza: Colors of Faith - Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2016. “Join Tallahassee's open and affirming faith-based congregations for an interfaith service leading up to the kickoff of Tallahassee PRIDEFEST's Pride in the Plaza event!” 11am/free/all ages
  • Kleman Plaza: Pride in the Plaza. “This is THE premier event of Tallahassee PRIDEFEST! Come to Kleman Plaza, in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, and join us as we celebrate pride! Entertainment all afternoon on the main stage, food and vendors throughout the park, a Kids Zone, and more! With a family-friendly atmosphere, it’s free and open to everyone!” Noon
  • Athena’s Garden: A Day of Tarot and Tea at Athena's. 1pm-5pm
  • Proof Brewing: Pints for Pups. “Spring is finally upon us and beautiful weather means awesome events to attend. We would love if you could come out and support us as we put on a great event for a great cause! Enter the bocce ball tournament or just come to proof to have a few pints and hangout with friends. Proceeds will go towards a donation to the Leon County Humane Society. Information and volunteers will be present to ask questions about how to donate to the shelteadopt animals. FYI: Bring your dogs! Proof is dog friendly.” 2pm/Tournament Entry Fee: $12 per team
  • Cascades Park: Southern Shakespeare Festival Comedy of Errors. “The world of midway carnivals are competitive and cutthroat! If you’re a magician looking for your long-lost twin brother, don’t even THINK of setting foot on rival carnival grounds! It’s going to cost you, just like your father’s death sentence for the same offense. This is the Southern Shakespeare Festival’s backdrop for The Comedy of Errors, coming to the Capital City Amphitheater at Cascades Park on April 15, 16 & 17, 2016. It is one of the Bard’s earlier plays and is full of exuberance, mistaken identities, and slapstick humor, sprinkled with some of the poetry of the human condition that Shakespeare is best known for.” 5:30pm/free
  • 621 Gallery: Art for Dinner. “Art for Dinner is 621 Gallery's spring benefit featuring good food, good drinks, and fantastic art!” 6pm/$50 for members and $60 for non-members
  • Atmosphere Pub: Invented Truths EP Release Party! W/ Timid Tongues, Turkey Scratch, and TBA. 8pm
  • The Wolf’s Den: Woset, Roamer X, Deterritory, Blair Sound Design. 8pm
  • TV Land: Caffiends, Nostradogmus, Seattle Fucking Supersonics, Fraidykat, Tragwag. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Club Downunder: D∆WN w/ Lord Raja. 8:30pm/GP $20/18+
  • Krewe de Gras: Highway 85. 9pm
  • Just One More: PUBLIC ADDRESS BAND. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: The Damon Fowler Group. 10pm
  • The Moon: TRICK DADDY & TRINA. 10pm/$30
  • Mint Lounge: Pridefest Official After Party. 11pm/$5 21+ $10 18-21
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch. “The Spring Concert Series is here! Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music!” 11am-2pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Downtown Parks: 16th Annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. “Come down to the 16th Annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival! April 16th & 17th from 10 AM to 5 PM. Rain or shine! Free admission. Walk under Tallahassee's majestic oak trees & see 150+ juried artists displaying & selling their fine art. Check out The Village which holds Demonstration Row with arists demonstrating their art process, our Community Partners & 10 Children's Pop-Up Studios with free make & take crafts for the kids! Don't forget to meet our namesake Jacques LeMoyne at his 1560s encampment!” 10am-5pm
  • Bradley’s Country Store: Bags for Wags a Fundraiser for the Leon County Humane Society. “Join us for our first tournament of the year at Bradley's Country Store to raise funds and awareness for the Leon County Humane Society. Proceeds from entry fee to cornhole tournament will be split 50/50 between the winners of the tournament and LCHS.” Noon-5pm
  • Cascades Park: Southern Shakespeare Festival Comedy of Errors. “The world of midway carnivals are competitive and cutthroat! If you’re a magician looking for your long-lost twin brother, don’t even THINK of setting foot on rival carnival grounds! It’s going to cost you, just like your father’s death sentence for the same offense. This is the Southern Shakespeare Festival’s backdrop for The Comedy of Errors, coming to the Capital City Amphitheater at Cascades Park on April 15, 16 & 17, 2016. It is one of the Bard’s earlier plays and is full of exuberance, mistaken identities, and slapstick humor, sprinkled with some of the poetry of the human condition that Shakespeare is best known for.” 5:30pm/free
  • Ruby Diamond: With Good Company. “Join The Florida State's University Singers in a joint concert with the Universidad de Puerto Rico en Arecibo's Cantoría for a night of worldly music and good company, featuring conductors Kevin Fenton and Joamel González-Soto.” 8pm/GP $10
  • 217 Cactus St: Jordy Searcy, Lyss & Rob. “The Voice Contestant and Nashville based singesongwriter, Jordy Searcy (Season 7, Team Pharrell), will be touring through to play an engaging concert showcasing his favorite originals!” 8pm
  • Club Downunder: SALES w/ Surface to Air Missive & Naps. 8:30pm/GP $10/18+
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7 :30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke With Nathan. Drink specials and the best selection of songs in town. 9pm
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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2015.12.12 03:13 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are ONYX and M.O.P. Ask us ANYTHING!!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-12-12
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Any favorite producers in the industry right now? Why do you like them so much? Sticky: My favorite producer is Dr. Dre and this new kid called Mike Will Made It 3) It is too hard to think about right now because there's so many. Once we figure it out we'll let you know!!
The Pete Rock mix of "Shout" is one of my favorite of his mixes. Any chance of working with him again? I (Fredro) actually did that beat. Pete Rock didn't do that one. It's one of those things that is incorrectly attributed on the internet. I can see why it sounded like a Pete Rock beat but I did that whole beat myself (and most of the 2nd album). Sticky did work with Pete Rock though on the song "Strange Fruit". Thanks for the question and the love!
How much you miss, the old school rap? We miss the old school culture of hip hop, but we don't miss the music because we live in old school hip hop. We don't tune into the radio. We don't miss it because we live it ever day. It's part of us, so we can't miss ourselves. Surround yourself in something and you can't miss it.
Sticky on the track 'Kirk Jones Vs The State' Did you write all the verses and get the featured rappers just to rap them or did everyone write their own? Me n a friend was talking about this awhile back. I wrote the verses and got everyone to say it, but everyone made their own adjustments. But Canibus wrote his own shit entirely. Canibus came to the studio and did all the research necessary to find out about the story so he could write his own shit, because basically it was a script and played parts and their stories needed to fit.
What are your all-time favorite rap songs (not made by yourself, of course)? La Di Da Di by Slick Rick, R.A.W. by Big Daddy Kane, and Shook Ones by Mobb Deep - Sticky.
Ain't no Half Steppin' by Big Daddy Kane, Kick In the Door by Biggie, and MC Hammer U Can't Touch This (haha just fuckin' around on that last one) ; and "Cry" by Jay-Z - Fredro
whats the most craziest shit thats happened to all of ya'll on tour? 2) We are working on a documentary about our hip hop career, and the craziest shit that ever happened on tour is in it. But for now to answer your question: Link to www.youtube.com
What's going on with Sonsee? Sonsee is my man and we got love for him but he don't fuck with us. -Fredro.
Edit: when we started Onyx we were friends. We never see or speak to Sonsee like you would with friends, even though we got mad love for him and wish him well.
I get it.. so this situation sucks .. and my second question.. are you planning to write autobiography or book about the Onyx? Funny you should ask because yes, it will be called "Slam Boyz". We're still writing it though.
What was it like touring with das efx and insane clown posse in the 90s? Shit sounds wild. Das Efx was our main competition back in those days, so going on tour with them and we actually shared a tour bus; it was crazy. As for the ICP question: soda was being thrown everywhere and we were like "what the fuck"? Those dudes are crazy.
Will there be an ONYXvsMOP tour after the album? Yes,
Our hopes is to have the hardest hip hop album ever, and base a whole formula around it, with a tour.
This is the first time that two groups that don't really like each other who are gonna do an album together.
What did you think about this east coast vs. west coast situation than, and what do you think about it now? East coast west coast beef back then was real. There ain't no beef now. It was one of the most masterminded beefs caused by several corporations in hip hop history. They capitalized on it. Media, record labels, everybody got paid off that shit.
How has the rap game changed over the years? The rap game is always changing as it has been over the all years. 80s, 90s, 2000s, it keeps changing. It changes almost by the year, the second. Mostly, these new mother fuckers are wearing some tight-ass pants!!
How did the Biohazard collab happen? Lyor Cohen of Def Jam said we should work with them; they are the grimiest mother fuckers from Brooklyn and do a remix. At first we said hell no, but that changed as soon as we met them. The realest dudes.
Sticky, is your wife ok with the name of your son Onyx? We searched and searched and searched for a name and one day I was just like "fuck that, what about Onyx!" and we both loved it. She thinks she came up with it and I'm like "I came up with it 23 years ago!" haha.
I'm a 90s kid and remember many more bangers than slam, which was of course a breakthrough hit for a reason. One of my favourite movies is 'clockers' by spike lee that obviously you were in. It's a lame question but I really wanted to hear any behind the scenes memories you had? Also one scene in Clockers I did that didn't make the movie, I had to foot race one of the big fat cops because of a bet. I remember my legs were so fucking sore I thought they were gonna fall off and they didn't even bother using it for the movie!!
How does it feel to be the only one to have shot up The Source Awards? My thoughts are: I'm going to the Grammy's next!!
For real though, we shoulda got that Source Award that year and they jerked us! But it's aight because we won a Soul Train award instead for best rap album.
I always wondered who makes your beats? Do you have a set producer or whoever catches your ears? It actually depends on the album! 1st album was mostly Jam Master Jay, 2nd album was Fredro, Sticky, and 8-Off, 3rd album was a mix of producers, and our 2014 album was entirely Snowgoons.
Any plan's for some new collab's with Mobb Deep Or CNN? We just did a song with Mobb Deep! And we did a song that's not out yet with Noreaga called "I Don't Give a Shit" and Chyskillz, our producer from Bacdafucup did the beat!
Which song was that? Or are you talking about 'Canadian Ties'? Look forward to hearing that one!! Yeah the song "Canadian Ties" was the last joint we did with MOP. The Noreaga track is gonna be on my next solo album! -Sticky.
Fredro, How come 'What If 2' wasn't on the album 'Made In The Streets'? Couldn't clear the sample. And Made in the Streets was supposed to be on the Firestarr C.M.B. (Count My Blessings) album that I finished a few years ago but never put out.
Was Fredro high when he went at Charlamagne? Does he regret getting so reckless? I wasn't high, it was mad early in the morning. Charlamagne pushed my buttons and I don't regret shit I do in life; I deal with it and keep it moving.
Do you think you'll put that album out? Yes, it's definitely gonna in 2016.
I'm not sure if you two are the ones I should be asking this but what happened with X-1's unreleased material? Will it ever see the light of day? His family has all his masters. My brother Whosane from Gang Green has a lot of his unreleased shit. I don't know if it will ever be released...most likely not but you never know.
Who have you been diggin out of the newer rap artists? Thanks for the question. Vado is hot, and we're putting out Ali Vegas' new album, Merkules from Canada, and this kid from Atlanta called Sick Flo!
How did the Big Pun collab come together? We called him to the studio and he just came. Simple as that. We were in the video for "Don't Wanna Be a Playa No More" video before that.
Yo ONYX!!! Have you ever been requested to play in Scotland? I'm 34 now and been waiting since bacdafukup I still listen to all we got us every couple days on the way to work, best album of all time. Any plans to be in the UK or Scotland what so ever? We're doing a European tour next summer with Dope D.O.D. and the UK is a definite stop! We'd do Scotland if a venue was interested, but even in the Bacdafucup days we never were asked to go to Scotland.
What sports you guys watching? What about hockey? Basketball, boxing!! And we're fucking with football too. But mostly basketball and boxing!
Yo sticky! when will we hear the FULL "whole damn new york" track? Files got corrupted on the hard drive I work on. But I am going to work on getting it out just because you asked!
Is Vince Carter the nastiest dunker of all time? DeAndre giving him a run! Top 5 dead or alive: This new kid Levine is crazy, Dr. Jay, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and my man Spud Webb.
What are your working process? I mean how do you come up with lyrics and rhymes? We dig deep inside and just pull it out (no homo haha). We smoke and drink on the job!!
Yo ONYX ! Is there any chance we can see you live in Greece ? ONYX 4 LIFE ! Message the Onyx Facebook page and we will figure something out my dude: Link to www.facebook.com
Did you take sides in this east coast-west coast shit? or did you really got into any beefs? Yeah! We were on Earth's side! We've had plenty of beefs but not because of coasts.
How did you lot meet X-1? R.I.P! His bars >>> We met X1 on Rockaway Blvd and 1 thirsty 1st. And the whole Gang Green clique.
Any chances of a Paris venue? We got mad love for Paris. We are gonna be there in 2016. Mad love.
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2015.08.27 22:04 BackOnTheBacon Can we have an open-minded discussion about the Insane Clown Posse?

Hello all, I am new to this sub. I've always wanted to have this conversation, but have never been able to find the right outlet through which to do so.
Basically, I feel that the Insane Clown Posse (more specifically Violent J) is an extremely talented group in their own right. Mike E Clark's production is incredibly well layered. Violent J has a way of conveying emotion through his lyrics and inflection that is unparalleled in hip-hop.
Yes, they are often simple, straightforward, and vulgar, but does that mean they should automatically discredited? I'm not saying J is Ernest Hemmingway, but Hemmingway did use very simple language that still created vivid imagery. When I listen to the music of the Insane Clown Posse, it is so easy to create a mental image of the song in my head. That is the POINT of ICP: theatrical dark humor and horror as told through hip-hop.
These are a few of their tracks that I feel beat exemplify these qualities:
http://youtu.be/9du3g5UjJ_o "Prom Queen" is a story of a senior high boy who asks a girl to prom, and the consequences of when she rejects him. Short, simple lines,like "My high school prom is coming and I heed my daddy's warning" tell a lot about the environment that the "character" J is portraying. There are many references in the song to his father's abuse, which likely affects how the character deals with situations.
"Under the Moon" is, once again, about a high school student. This time, he commits a crime because of his girlfriend, and deals with the reality of the consequences. J's inflection makes the listen picture the angry, despair, and insanity he is experiencing.
"The Neden Game" is a vulgar, sexist, and crude song, without a doubt; however there is a reasoning behind this. First of all, they are portraying these characters. Insane clowns, for god's sake! On top of that, though, they are deconstructing the typical "Dating Game" game show where the contestants try their hardest to impress these women, whereas the clowns are just clowning.
"Terrible" is a song about the sensationalization of the media, and the emphasis on very asinine subjects as terrible. They speak on the Bill Clinton sex scandal, the OJ Simpson trial, Nancy Kerrigan, and the protesting of musicians juxtaposed with the ideas of corrupt police, bombings, everyday people who are having atrocities, and rampant racism. They were denouncing the confederate flag before it was cool.
These are just a few examples of what I would call the "uneducated genius" of the Insane Clown Posse. I even think Miracles is a fairly decent song, but that would be a whole other post in and of itself. Regardless of what you think about juggalos, I feel it is disingenuous to say that the Insane Clown Posse is talentless group. I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this.
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2014.05.07 18:10 tabledresser [Table] IamA former Walt Disney World cast member, AMA!

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Questions Answers
What was the most shocking or unusual thing you learned while working at Disney that the common person probably doesn't know? Hmmm, There is a lot that comes to mind but one thing I always found pretty interesting is that Magic Kingdom is actually built on a second level. Disney always wanted the underground tunnels for his park because he didn't want the chance of children seeing more than one character walking around. But if you live in Florida, you know if that if you dig anything, its going to become a lake. So instead of digging underground for the tunnels, the built the tunnels on the ground level, and then built all of Magic Kingdom on top of that.
Was there a moment that you witnessed/happened that made you think wow I'm glad I work here? During Christmas in Hollywood studios they have the Osborn Festival of Dancing Lights. Which is basically a million Christmas lights strung up over the streets America and synched up to go along to christmas music. It's pretty much the most awesome thing ever. They Kept it going even after Christmas for a few weeks and that was nice because the streets get really slow and just a few people going to see the lights. On one of the last nights the lights were up the streets were almost empty and they were playing a really slow happy Christmas song. I turned around and saw this very old couple probably in their late 80's slow dancing in the middle of the empty street to the music. And with the fake snow falling, god dammit I cried like a little girl.
Where is the nearest bathroom? I worked in Hollywood Studios, there was usually two bathrooms on every street in the park. If you really want to know they are next to The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, ] next to Tower of Terror, right when you walk in the park, right in the middle of the park, next to the star tour ride, next to the muppets movie, next to the streets of america, next to the toy story ride and right by the exit of the walt disney bio movie.
Which "actress" had the reputation for being the sluttiest Disney princess? (My money's on Ariel.) Prolly Belle. I mean she hooked up with a Beast after all.
Did you ever go in the underground place in the Magic Kingdom? Yea a couple of times. On your first day of training they take you down there and then I had a friend who worked in MK so I went down a few more times. It's pretty cool since you can get to one section of the park and back in about 2 minutes, you just got to be careful where you're going because there are trucks and golf carts and tones of people driving around, its pretty much looks like a factory that has fancy offices and a nice cafeteria.
I was a College Program intern in Magic Kingdom and let me tell you this, it is NOT cool having to run all the way down that motherfucking hall if you're 5 minutes late. Another reason I was glad I didn't have to work in MK.
Did you have a hatred for any employee there? Oh plenty. Mainly just the other interns who hated the job. I worked with one guy who used to be in the military and he constantly complained that how much the internship sucked and how little he got payed and then I found he was 30 and still doing the college program where everyone else was usually no older than 23. It just made me mad, if you hate this so much why not just go home?
Was there ever a kid who just pissed you off so much you felt like drop-kicking them? If so, what did they do? You know, I don't know what it was but I never met a rude guest. I know it's crazy because Disney is like the mother of all retail places. But I've lucked out and all the Guest I have met were actually happy and enjoying themselves. Now one of my friends who worked there got slapped by a Guest during a convention while she was asking them not to climb on the fences. The person turned around and said "What are you going to do about it" and slapped her hard across the face to the point where she fell back and he ran. The Security team did like a mass sweep of the park but could not find him after.
What's the best behind the scenes secret you've discovered working there? The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom is actually built around a big oil rig.
How often do you have to clean up someone's puke? Not as much as you would think, but more than I would like to admit. Cleaning it up outside was so much easier than cleaning it up inside. Outside you just pour this sawdust like thing over it and it absorbs it in like a minute and you just sweep it up, inside you gotta get down on your hands and knees and really get into it. But again it wasn't that much. Cleaning up shit? now that's a different story.
Do tell this "different story" of yours... You asked for it. I just got in for my shift the I was heading over to my bathroom where I was assigned for the day. My morning shift guy was there and just about to head out. He looks at me and points to the last stall and says "there has been a guy in there for about 30 minutes and I think he made a real big mess" I asked him how he knew that and he said that he called his wife from inside and she came up and talked to him. My co-woker said he would stay and help but he is already 30 minutes over his end time so he had to leave. I waited about another 20 minutes when the guys wife came back with a new pare of pants she bought in the gift shop. She asked me if I could bring it in and give it to him. Now I was really starting to get worried, I mean how bad could this be if the guy had to get new pants?? So eventually the guy left and he apologized before I came in. The guy was about in his 50's and seemed like a normal person. I opened the stall door and there was a giant pile of shit about 5 inches in diameter literary on the floor two feet in front of the toilet. The toilet was perfectly clean, this guy didn't even hit the toilet he just shit all over the floor. There were streak marks over the floor too so I assumed that he like used his pants to kinda mop it up or move it into the giant circle. It took me about an hour to clean up. And then I died.
On another story, someone once drew a smiley face in shit on the wall. But that was just silly.
Did you say "That is one big pile of shit".? DID YOU SAY IT, or did you miss the best opportunity of your life? I actually wondered how could a human produce such a huge pile of shit, but I simply said. "Life uh... Life finds a way.
Oh sounds like he tried and couldn't make it. The poop smile was probably an autistic kid saying he was "having a great time, thank you for bringing me, mom. Sorry for the poop, but it's the only way I can tell you how I feel". That would have been nice, but it was during a convention for cheerleaders and there was an open bar. So yea...
I had a friend that did this and he can't stand the company now. Do you feel differently about Disney as a company now? You know, I still like it. I know a lot of people who really hated Disney after. My girlfriend really disliked the company after we left. It might be because I had some shitty jobs after that and it was nice to look back and see how well Disney treated their employees but I think it's a great company to work for, if you want to work for them. If you're not into being all happy and friendly for 8 hours a day then you might end up hating the job, and your life.
Do you draw faces on the floor with a wet mop ? We were trained, but I was horrible at it. All my characters looked like they were in some horrible accident.
Was there any "background music" you heard so much you started hating it ? Christmas... The endless Christmas song. From November 1st till January 15th... Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still hear them singing away...
Did you find Walt's cryogenic container? Walt was cremated sorry. But regardless, the rumor is that he was frozen and buried under Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney Land. I was in the wrong State.
Always wondered how employees get into the parks, do you park in a special section and get shuttled in, or have a special private road to get to an employee parking area? I have a hard time imagining you go through the main gates, especially how bad traffic can get at times. It's kinda different for each park. There are no specials roads to take you into the park, with the exception for Magic Kingdom. In MK you still got to go though the car entry way (you just show them your ID and they let you in with free parking) but you don't go to the parking lot, you actually drive behind the park to the Cast Member parking lot which is HUGE. You then take a shuttle from the parking lot that takes you to the underground tunnels of magic kingdom and from there you can get changed or go to your section of the park. For any other park it's a lot more simple. Usually there is employee parking (EPOCT's is in the back of the park, which a shuttle can take you to the front if you want but you can just park and go in though the back door into the costuming building) Hollywood studios is just on the side, just mixed in with regular parking, and you just enter though the costuming building which just off to the side. And I've never actually gone though the Employee Entrance of Animal Kingdom, from what I hear they don't have much of a parking space it's just kinda everyone for yourself.
So if there's heavy traffic, you're just fucked and have to wait? Or are you required to show up X hours early? Just kinda fucked. With the college program they provided you with housing and buses to the parks, and you could also bring your own car down and drive to the park. You really just gotta use your judgment it's just like any other job. Like during Christmas when there are 40,000 people in just one park and the roads are full of tourist who don't know how to drive, you better leave early. It once took me and hour and a half to get to work, and I only lived 15 minutes away. Disney is pretty chill with you being late though, if you are up to two hours late you only get a 1/2 point on your record card, which is nothing.
Was there ever a moment you thought that something at Disney World was creepy? I had a Fantasmic shift. (Fantasmic is just the night time show at hollywood studios that uses a lot of the characters) And during the day if you have the shift you are up there just prepping for the night, making sure the bathrooms are ready and the trash has plenty of extra bags. But one day I was up there just looking at the stage and I saw some of the actors practicing. Now if you know anything about the show, at the end all the characters come out on a steamboat and wave to everyone. Well the boat was behind the stage but I was to the side so I still saw it, and I saw all the characters in their costumes but with no heads and they were practicing dancing and waving. But there was no music, no sound. So just A Steam Boat Micky version of Mickey mouse, without the Mickey mouses head and some woman where Mickey's head should be with a completely emotionless face doing her dance routine and waving with no sound or music at all. Totally creeped me out.
What was the biggest meltdown that you saw at Disney world? So I actually wasn't working for this but I was at Magic Kingdom as a guest watching the parade. The parade audience control people (PAC) is a pretty hectic job because you gotta make sure everyone is out of the way before the floats come in. Now I was just there watching the parade when one PAC cast member polity came up to a guest and asked if he could move back a bit more since he was in the road. And the guy just went off! something how he had moved about 5 different times and just wanted his kids to watch the parade. He basically yelled at her to the point of her crying and she ran away back stage. The man didn't care and just kept on watching the parade.
Is there a rule about having to keep your shirt on while riding Space Mountain? There is actually a rule that shirts have to be on at all times during the parks and no bathing suites, unless you are at a water park obviously. I actually spoke to the people who get the photos ready at the end of the rides and they said they get girls flashing the cameras all the time and they just delete the images before they get off the ride.
Did you go just for fun while you were there? On an day off or something along those lines. Yea defiantly when I was new,I went to the parks pretty much every day. I mean unlimited free entry, you gotta use it right? A few months in and you kinda get tired of it. I ended up getting a seasonal pass to Universal as well so I could go to that park as well. But it was a fun thing to do on your day off thats for sure, Birthdays or taking advantages of the awesome discounts for the fancy restaurants.
I'd get bored of going to the normal parks but I don't think you can get bored of the water parks can you? Just relax on a lazy river etc. Well you can only go in the water parks a few times out of the year for free. Like turning the summer they don't allow you to go, just during the fall.
Did you know you were going to be a janitor when you applied/accepted? Is the purpose of the program to get people a start in potential careers at Disney? You can pick your top three positions you want when you apply. I believe I put down Merchandise, attractions, and character. When I had the phone interview I said that I used to work at a movie theater and was a janitor there and the woman asked if I would want to put that down just to have a larger field of job options and I said sure. And yea I know plenty of people who were once interns and became Disney mangers and great full time position. I even grew to be one of the few interns that became a trainer so the position has plenty of chances to grow if you want to.
What is your favorite Disney movie? Classic Disney: Lion King. Disney/Pixar: Wall-e.
1) Is it true Disney is a very difficult company to work for? I've heard nightmare stories about being fired for putting drinking water on the job or for putting your hands in your pockets. Disney is a pretty great company to work for and their discipline rules are pretty fair I think. I've put water on my hands plenty of times. And they actually require you to have a water bottle with you since it can be so hot down there . As far as being fired they have a point system, 4 points equals 1 reprimand and 4 reprimands results in a termination. So as long as you don't do anything stupid that was cause you to get fired at any other job its pretty normal I think, you can get in trouble for not always smiling or if you are slouching and things like that, but you wont get fired over that.
2) Are the underground tunnels creepy? For some weird reason I've always been curious if they were decorated given that Disney goes into such great detail on everything. The tunnels look just like a big factory, you got forklifts and such just driving by, office rooms here and there, nothing really creepy. The amount of attention of detail that goes in for onstage, if 100% reverse for backstage.
3) Do employees get to see the room in Cinderella's Castle? You gotta be a pretty important person just to get inside that room.
Out of curiosity, what's special about the room in Cinderella's Castle? Check out the pictures, its beautiful! Its very elegant, diamonds. And you're sleeping in fucking Cinderella's Castle! I'm sure people would pay big bucks for that even if the room was a cardboard box.
Just saw the pictures, and it's pretty cool. What's it used for, though? Do VIPs get to stay there? (If so, can you name any names that have...?). I don't know who has stayed there, you cannot book it though you have to be invited to stay there. so you must be pretty darn important to stay there.
So, College Program...nine years ago word was the College Program dorms were supposedly full of interns screwing each other's brains out. Any truth to that? Was there a curfew or something? Source: Worked for the GCSD when they started pushing employees out the door from it. From what I hear there used to be no curfew with the apartments. You could have guest stay over as long as they were form the other College Program Apartments. No outsider guest but if you were a intern you could stay in any of the housing complex. And then Playboy Magazine published the top 100 places to get laid in America and Vista Way (one of the three disney college apartments) Made the top 10. Shortly after that the housing complex put forward a rule that nobody is allowed to stay over in anybody's apartment. Doesn't matter even if you are on the same complex or not. This wasn't made by Disney but by the people who owned the complex. Disney actually finally took ownership over the 3 complexes the year I left and they took out that rule again. Now as far as I understand you still can't outsider guest after 9 but people can spend the night if they are interns again.
Sadly this is incorrect. No one who doesn't live in your same complex is allowed to be in the apartment past 1 am. Source: Will be starting the CP in a week. Oh maybe they changed it back, I know for a fact that they changed to overnight allowed for CP cast members because I was so pissed because it was right when I left, but that was in 2012.
Are there any dark secrets of the park that most people don't know about? Some people know about this, but in Magic Kingdom their is the famous statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands right in front of the statue. If you go to the left of the statue and walk a little bit and look back at it so you are facing the side of Walt's face. You will be unable to see Mickey except for his nose which is coming right out of Walt's crotch. So it just looks like Walt's dick is sticking out.
Overall,would you say the experience of working there positive? For me, yes. I know some people will walk away from this and hate it and not even want to go back to Disney for a vacation. Custodial believe it or not is one of the best jobs you can get as a Disney Intern I think with Hollywood Studios being one of the best parks to work in. Sure, I had to clean up crap every day, but I got to walk around the park, have freedom from my mangers and just talk to people about their vacations give out stickers to the kids and just bring happiness to people. I know I sound like a Disney spokesmen right there but it's a great opportunity to make some memories and to build a career with disney if you want. If you are just doing it to get out of school for 6 months you might end up hating it.
Handling out stickers as janitor? They give everyone Mickey stickers to hand out. The thing about the Custodial department is, they are the most friendly people you will meet there. During training we actually tell our employees cleanliness comes second, customer service comes first. I once had a 45 minute conversation with one guest just about their visit and I got rewarded for that. What other job can you say that happened?
That completely make sense and brilliant,really.People probably more likely to see janitors than anything else considering its a huge public place filled with trash. Since you said that cleanliness comes second,im assuming either its not really dirty most of the time or its just because the parks have alot of janitors to compensate that mindset? Yea I mean the Custodial staff is huge. And the parks do get dirty a lot but the Guest never see it. There are enough to keep the park clean. And the guest help too believe it or not. When Walt Disney was first planning Disney Land the custodial team was the first thing he though off cuz he hated how dirty all the theme parks around him were. He even went as far as going to other parks seeing how far people would walk with trash before they would just throw it on the grown. That is why you can usually find a a trash can about 3 feet away from another trash can. There was a quote from disney that was something like "If people see something that is messy they will add to the mess, if they see something that is clean they will help keep it clean, trash breeds trash"
What are you doing with your life now? I'm a photographer for a notional company doing school portraits, yearbook, senior, proms, graduations. Nothing to do with disney but the customer service experienced I learned there was probably the most valuable thing I could ever learn.
What time is the 3:00 parade? 3:30 in Animal Kingdom.
How did you get the internship? You just look up Disney College Program online and apply. There are only certain times of the year when you can apply and you have to be in college or no more than a year out of college to actually be qualified. It was my graduating year when I applied so I went down in the Summer after I graduated. It's a pretty great experience, You first gotta apply online (Link to cp.disneycareers.com theres the link of you are interested. And then if you pass that application you do a phone interview and then you find out about a week later if you got the job.
So you only did it for a summer? No I was there from August 2011 -May 2012. Then I went back in December 2012 for a month because I was a seasonal worker.
So its only a yearly thing? You can't do it for just a summer? There are different options on how long you want to stay, I think the shortest time is like September - December. But I don't think there is just a summer option.
Are there still no 8:30 times for the Indiana Jones shows? You know, I don't really remember that one. I wouldn't think so because Hollywood Studios Closes at 9 most nights, I think I remember the last show being at 7:30?
So I've heard some stories from a buddy that did the college program about the housing for interns being like the Olympic Village in terms of people letting off steam and going crazy. Did you find that to be the case? There are three housing compelx, Chattham square, Patterson, and Vista way. Chattam and Patterson are right next to each other and they are very nice and new. Vista is the first complex and its age shows. And that one is the crazy place. Its the only apartment complex that has a hot tub but no one ever goes in it. Ever.
That's all you need to know.
Did your work at Disney have any relation to your major in college? Do engineering students get to work with imagineers? I was a Cinema Major. So I was very interested in things like Broadcasting and filmmaking. I learned about disney's production team for florida and I even took a tour of the Roy Disney Production building which has like a 50 Terabyte storage system for films and crazy edit labs and things like that. But its like a 5 team member job and the guy said the really don't hire that much unless one person leaves.
I'm leaving tomorrow to go to the parks for the first time in 10 years (I was pretty young the first time I went). What kind of cool secrets should I keep in mind to make the trip even more memorable for my family? Look for the hidden mickeys. They're everywhere and its a fun little game if you have kids to find. They are just little Mickey ears that are hidden although out the park and some of them are really well hidden, might be in the wallpaper, or on a building side or even on the street.
What do you hate most about your job? One might think that working at Disneyland / Disneyworld is a dream job, which is why I'm curious about what you hate most about it. The heat mainly. I came down in August so I got the last stretch of the heat but that was pretty horrible and then I stayed until May, and I got to tell you it was unbearable how hot it gets. Besides that, just cleaning up other peoples shit. The perks of the job outweigh that, and it doen't happen that often. but it still sucks when it has to happen.
I read an article written by a Cast Member that people tell their problems to Mickey and other mascots, like "The wife and I are getting a divorce. We wanted to do something nice for the kids. Thank you for hugging them!" Has this ever happened to you? Sadly I don't think people ever come to custodial worker for their life problems. However at the end of the night would all line up to say goodbye and people would take to take pictures with us or get our autographs, that was always fun.
Do you think being in the DCP really makes a difference in pursuing a career with Disney? I think it helps and it lets you know if this is the right place for you. You can totally make it without it but it defiantly helps get your foot in the door and gets you more in touch with the management. If you really want to start a career with Disney and you're in college I would recommend it just be prepared because the internship is kinda like slave labor, you work full time and get shit pay (you know, like any internship) But if you are a hard worker it will totally pay off.
What happens when you say, "Andy's coming!" near someone dressed as Woody or Buzz? They say all the toys would drop to the floor and act lifeless, but they stopped doing that for saftey reasons, if this is true or not we shall never know?
I imagine working at WDW you hear music 24/7. Do you eventually tune it out? Also, what kind of discounts do you get? Yea after a while you Tune it out, each section of the park plays different music though so with Custodial you are all over the park so at least you get to hear different music every day. Discount, You get a 20% discount on all merchandise and sit down restaurants. and 50% all hotel rooms plus unlimited access to the parks. as a College Program you get 6(?) Main entrance passes which one of them is good to get 3 people into the park for free for the day, those are also a park hopper passes, I say 6(?) because I'm not quite sure if that is the exact amount cuz It has been a while but I believe that is what the interns get, might be 3 though. And during. Christmas you get 40% all merchandise and 60% off all hotel rooms.
Have you met any celebrities? Sadly, no. I saw Bog Iger Walking by one day during a convention but I didn't get to say Hi. A lot of my friends saw Neil Patrick Harris when he was there.
Is the "magic" gone now that you know the In's and Out's of the parks? Not at all.
After working there everyday, does Disney World still feel magical, or are u now bored of it ? I stil love it, havent been there since December of 2012 and all I want to do is go back for a vacatoin.
In your experience of working there, what is the best park and the best attraction at Walt Disney World? Haunted Mansion. I loved it before I worked there but I had the chance to take a walking tour of the whole ride and learn all the secrets and how the ride works. The place is a marvel of technology and its truly amazing how they pull off all the things that ride can do.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
Is it true no one has died in Disney World that we know of? Yes and no. Whever an accident happens that reults in a death the persono ususally dies off the disney campus. Weather or not they acutally died on Disney ground is one thing but they are not officaly produnced dead untill they are in the hosptial off grounds. So nobody has had a head blown off or graphic death where it was evident that they were dead right then and there.
Why do you have to point with an open hand not your pointer finger? I've always heard this to be true. They ask you to point with an open hand or two fingers because in some countries pointing with one finger is considered rude. They also say pointing with an open hand makes you look more friendly and open. Plus Disney was a smoker and he always had a cigarette in his hands so he was often seen pointing with two fingers so there is that.
There are a ton of questions and answers about the shitty aspects of working for Disney parks but what are some of the best/cush jobs you can get at a park? Also did they require regular drug screenings? Well I might be biases but I really think custodial was one of the best jobs you can have their. You get to walk around all day insited of staying in one spot all day and you get to talk to a lot of different people. It's not great in every park however, most postions in Magic Kingdom suck no matter what you have because it's such a busy park and the park hours are so long. Working in a hotel I hear is pretty awesome, like guest services or front desk. Lifeguard is a great job and the highest paying job. Character performer is the easiest job you could ever ask for and you get paid a lot. When you get hired you gotta go though pretty much ever background test/drug screening possible.
You've probably been asked this a million times: What is the best time of year to go (date wise) to avoid crowds? September - Halloween. Mid January - Mid March. Super Empty.
As somebody who's considering applying for the ICP (from New Zealand) what tips do you have, and is it worth it? Totally worth it, I had a few friends from New Zealand. do it and they loved it! Nice thing is there is no New Zealand location at Epoct so you won't be doomed to work there.
I'll actually be applying for the college program in December! How hard is it to be cast as a face character? Very hard, You need the right facial features and the right shape of the face. You also need to be the correct high and if you are a inch to high you might just be cut off.
Awesome! Mind if I PM you? Feel free.
I live in Florida, when is the slowest time of year to visit. My daughter is high functioning autistic and hates huge crowds. Thanks! Definitely in the fall if you go in early october (make sure to get their before halloween) or even mid September, your average wait time will be about 20 minute for everything, or less. Late January - Mid March is also very slow too.
As a person who goes to Disney alot no questions just want to say thank you. You probably know this, but some little thing you did made a childs lifetime. Its the greatest part of working there, and you get to have that for the rest of your life! Thank you! little things like that made the hard parts totally worth it!! =)
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2014.04.14 04:17 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hi. I'm the Rap Critic. Go ahead and ask me anything.

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Date: 2014-04-14
Link to submission (No self-text)
Questions Answers
1 What do you think of rappers like Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, and Killer Mike/El-P/Run the Jewels? Don't really listen to 'em, so no opinion.
2.You should do a review of The Roots album "Undun", it seems right up your alley. If you've heard it already, what do you think of it? A review, prolly not, but I might check it out sometime.
3 You seem to have what some would call a "backpacker" taste in rap. Are there any trap, drill, or mainstream rappers you really enjoy? Would you call yourself a backpacker? People usually change their minds about that when they hear I like songs from Nelly and Lil Wayne.
Edit: 4. Who do you think has the best flow in the game right now? Chance the Rapper. It's so strange and off-kilter, I cvan't help but dig it.
What's your thought on Linkin Park? More specifically, Mike Shinoda's rapping? Did you hear that they did a song with Rakim recently? Link to www.youtube.com Link to www.youtube.com -Some of Mike's best rapping Link to www.youtube.com -Their song with Rakim. I liked Fort Minor, but I never listened to much of his work with Linkin Park. However, I'm not currently taking listening requests. I'd be here all night, ya know?
What do you think of Macklemore beating Kendrick for the Grammy, and the ensuing furor? Overblown, is what I think of it.
What's your favorite song on Because the Internet? Mine would have to be "Zealots of Stockholm" or "Crawl." Probably "Telegraph Ave." Honestly...
Seeing how MMLP2 proved to be Eminem's best received album in years, could you picture him making a sequel to Slim Shady LP? Also, what's your favorite rap song of all time? Oh HELL no. It'd be too predictable and... jsut lame.
Also, "Lose Yourself".
I mentioned this on the other AMA, before, well, shenanigans happened... There's a small subgenre of hip-hop in Britain called "chap-hop" - basically taking a Received Pronunciation accent and crossing it with hip-hop delivery. Recent I got pretty into Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, who, among other things, covered seven rave classics in five minutes on a banjolele. Link to www.youtube.com - have you encountered this subgenre before? If so (or even if not) - what do you make of it? "Fighting Trousers" was a hot joint.
Did you ever do anything with Samurai Champloo? Would you? I watched the shit out of it, that's what I did with it...
What does Todd's face look like? Surprisingly well shaven for a man with 8 eyes.
Got another Outkast-related question: would you ever consider doing a Top 10 Best Outkast songs list, since their your favorite group and all? That's a good idea. I'll think about that.
Also, has anybody ever told you you sound like Del the Funky Homosapien when you rap? I remember when I first saw the video to "Cut Down", the vocal resemblance was UNCANNY. Yeah, I've heard it a lot, which is funny, because I didn't listen to him that much growing up.
1.Have you listened to any Canadian rap? What do you think of Classified? Uh... Drake? and.. uh... K-os?
Do you think Chance the Rapper could become the next Kendrick Lamar? Chance should be the next Chance, not the next Kendrick, and I don't think he's trying to be him.
(Let's try this again lol) Long time viewer of your stuff and honestly a big reason as to why started to take rap more seriously as an art form, so thanks for that! My question is kinda simple, where do you see your show going in the future? More collaborations, eventually getting more fancy set ups like Linkara or Angry Joe, or is the show more to help with your rapping career? Eh, I don't have huge aspirations for it, just my own weekly 2 hour show on VH1, is all.
Hey Andre. How's it going? Will you ever do a review of Nelly's 'Tip Drill'? It's just begging to be torn to shreds by the Rap Critic! :D. I don't think there's a lot to say about that song...
Outside of rap, what music do you enjoy listening to? Jazz, old chinese pop music, gospel, german/italian romanticism, things of the like.
What rapperap group has disappointed you the most? Someone who has just wasted their talent/momentum? Jay Electronica. But he's, like, banging billionaire chicks, so I'm sure he's fine.
Is DJ Mustard a genius or has the production really fallen off in recent years? I really wish he'd let the production speak for itself, or at least stop making it say his own name before every song.
Hey, I'm the troubleshooter from twitter. Well, that was an adventure. Anyway, what's your most anticipated album of the next few months? Well, currently, Wu-Tang's new albums. I'm gonna see if I can get into one of the museums showcasing the album. As a critic, I think it's important to do so.
What do you think of rappers basically taking another song's chorus to use? Like Eminem does with Stan, Sing For the Moment, and bit in Beautiful and Berzerk? Also, Sing For the Moment is my favorite Eminem song. Do you like it? I... I actually don't mind it, if it's done tastefully, like Sing For the Moment, which is perfect in every sense of the word. That third verse, dude.
Hi RC! Thanks for your videos, I really love your review videos. Some of my current favourite artists have come from your recommendations too! (Like Lupe Fiasco, Angel Haze etc) Anyway here are my questions! How do you justify/reconcile in your mind liking artists who are frequently sexist or homophobic? I find it hard because I think of some rap artists as really great but then they're also kind of insulting me or entire groups of people a lot of the time. It's hard for me to justify to other people why I'm a fan sometimes. Do you think that the rap scene will change over the next few years to be less offensive? There's really no justification for it, ya just kinda deal with it, like watching old movies from Hollywood, which didn't care about anyone who wasn't a white man until about 1985.
What do you predict the next big trend in rap is? Throat singing/rap collabs. It's gonna be huge.
1.Can you make a song that shows how fast you can spit(Kinda like Rap God and You See Me by Gambino)? What, right now? Over the internet, where you can't hear me? uh... sure. Matta fact, I just released it! Link to www.youtube.com
My favorite rapper is Tech N9ne. What is your opinion of him? He's a Mental Giant.
Can you please do more ICP reviews? They were my absolute favorite. Thought about doing a list of top 10 best ICP songs. Yeah, I said it. "Best".
Why do you choose not to review more underground artists on your show? Is there any particular reason behind it? My goal has become to look at the face of Hiphop in how it's been presented to the mainstream.
I know you touched on it in the "Bitch Bad" review, but I always considered it strange because unlike Todd, you never specifically said that you were a chart watcher or that you focused solely on Billboard. Yeah, I watch the charts, but mainly the Rap song charts, and the R and B /Hiphop charts, because I guess billboard is too nice to say "mainstream black people music"
Why do you hate "Beautiful"? That was an honorable mention on your Eminem video. I know one fact I'll be one tough act to follow...
One tough act to follow...
I'll be one tough act to follow...
Here today, gone tomorrow But you'd have to walk a thousand mAY-UHLS...
The rhymes were just weak as water.
Who are some generally critically acclaimed rappers that you don't care for? Are there any critically acclaimed rappers/groups that you just haven't listened to? Haven't listened to a lot of Odd Future. Just not really into it, except for Tyler, the Creator.
What do you think about Tyler's violent and often misogynistic lyrics? Do they bother you, or does the music redeem it? They do kinda bother me, but it's not the music itself that redeems it, it's the overall exploration of his mind that pulls me into his character.
What's your opinion on Three Six Mafia? Have you listened to/heard about their quasi-reformation as Da Mafia 6ix? I remember people telling me they were supposed to be a demonic group and whatnot, but in their lyrics by themselves, they just sounded kinda typical to me, and Juicy J's flow always seemed kinda stilted to me. Dunno, could never feel their material.
I used to watch your show all the time, but I was kind of put off by the fact that you seemed to be judging trap rap and the like by it's lyrical content, even though lyrics are clearly not the major focus. Do you feel that these ratings should be used as an accurate representation of the quality of the song? (Ex. Waka Flocka) As someone who writes lyrics, it doesn't make sense to me that someone would waste time writing an entire song, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, and be okay with wasting ink/paper on words that have absolutely no importance and should be completely disregarded when listening to the song.
Who do you think has the best solo career out of the Wu-Tang clan? Ghostface Killah, just because the man puts out albums nonstop. Gotta respect that.
Have you gained a lot or any street recognition since joining "TGWTG"? NOt much, but some guys at my school were surprised to know I went there.
How do you feel about Lupe Fiasco's recent work? Like THOT 97? And that he's gonna have a song featuring Rick Ross on Tetsuo And Youth? I... I don't...
What do you think of Dr. Dre's 2001? Better than The Chronic, purely because of Eminem's input, and a reinvigorated Snoop Dogg. Also, X to the Z.
I know that you and Todd have stated pretty avidly that you do not like Eminem's song "Just Lose it" and have little interest in the Encore album as a whole. That being said, would you be willing to do a full track review of said album? Already did a top 10 worst Eminem songs list with Mues, and I talked about the worst tracks on that album. Would like to never have to listen to it again.
If you had the chance to dictate what the next rap single would be about, what would it be, and why? The next rap single from... who?
What is your opinion on Nick's new... "edgy" album that he is making.. cuz.. its definitely close to Kanye insane decision in my opinion... Meh...
You would you be willing to do an opera review? Maybe just a top ten or something? There was an opera reviewer on blip a little while ago. I wish she was still posting videos. But as for me, I don't have access to professional recordings like that. And, damn that would take a while for me.
What are your thoughts on Rap Metal/Rap Rock bands (I.E., Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Nonpoint)? I used to like a lot of the early 2000's nu metal stuff, actually (I know, I know...)
What is your opinion on the current state of rap? Link to www.youtube.com
If you're OK with it, who's your favorite One Hit Wonder rapper? Like Sir Mix-a-Lot or House Of Pain? Also, what kind of beats do you like? Natural or Techno sounding? "Back in the Day" by Ahmed Link to www.youtube.com It was a minor hit, but I still love it. And natural or techno? Eh, it makes no difference, as long as it bangs.
Do you like Death Grips? What do you think the industrial hip-hop bandwagon will affect hip-hop for the next few years? I dunno, maybe it'll lead to a Nirvana style revolution in Hiphop, going back to grittier beats and rhyming styles.
Hi Rap Critic huge fan :D I am Australian and I am wondering if you have heard any Australian Rap? Does... Iggy Azalea count?
I asked this the last AMA, but did you ever have any fangirls? Met a really cute girl at magfest this year that was a huge fan, so I'm guessing there's more somewhere haha. Much love to ya, girl I met at magfest!
Do you strike a balance between 'entertaining, funny rants on bad tracks' and actual 'reviews and analyses of good tracks'? It feels like you need the former to get views, while the latter is what you're really about. Well, I actually enjoy doing both funny rants and actually doing lyrical analysis. Both are fun for me.
Do you keep up with the current rap battle scene, like Grind Time Now, King of the Dot, URL, etc.? If so, who is your favorite battle rapper out right now? Naw, I don't keep up with it, sorry.
Hey Rap Critic! How long have you been a fan of Spill, well what was Spill, and Korey Coleman? A couple of months before it got cancelled, unfortunately...
What is your favorite music video? Rap or otherwise? Probably "Triumph" by Wu-Tang Clan Link to www.youtube.com
As a rapper, what did you do when Control happened? Because it seemed like everyone and their mother had a response to that. I was waiting for the people he actually mentioned to do something...
I remember Meek Mill and Drake getting kind of butthurt about it. Yeah, but Drake didn't directly DO anything about it. No verses, nothing direct.
What was your take on some of Lord Jamar's recent controversial comments? WEll, which ones? He's had a lot lately...
Regarding the stuff about gays. Video?
Ooh... yeah... not a great line. Also, what do you think of "Space Bound"? It seems like it's the one track off Recovery that everyone hates. YEah, I didn't like that one either...
I'll do you one better: Video and NewsGenius page. Link to www.vladtv.com. Link to news.rapgenius.com. Wow, that went down a... weird and twisted road...
Hey rap_critic. How do you rate music that only thugs relate to? Very slowly.
Is Jay-Z in the illuminati? Yep. Ain't no other explanation.
Any chance of a proper crossover between you and Linkara? (As opposed to the brief cameos you guys have done) It is possible.
Why don't you do more "worst lyrics I've ever heard" I only do them per month.
If you were to become a successful fulltime rapper what label would you sign with. Strange Music, no doubt. Tech seems like a great artist to have overlooking your stuff.
Who is your favorite "rapper." Why the quotes? Should I answer this sarcastically?
You bet you should! Oh, well, then, my answer would have to be...
Tina Fey: Link to www.youtube.com
Sorry for the bugging, that was my last question. You can ask anything, dude. AMA.
I like rock, How can you call rap "music" ? ( serious question ) Because.. it is music. I don't know how else to answer that...
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2012.08.03 06:09 tabledresser [Table] I am a 19 year old girl who ran off and joined the carnival.

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Date: 2012-08-02
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Why did you join the carnival? I get asked that question quite often yet i still do not have a solid answer.. but for one, i was spending most of my days just sitting in my room doing nothing. My friends never wanted to hang out with me and were always blowing me off. So after working as a 3rd party vendor with my uncles business at a carnival i decided then and there that i thought it was be a crazy adventure, get me out of the house, and be a great story to tell 20 years down the line.
You said "ran off" in the title. Do you miss your family/people you left? I miss my cat more than anything! but yea, i do miss them, but i know that i will see them again, so i just like to stay happy and enjoy my time here.
I've made up my mind to move out of my home though! (Living in PA) And moving cross country all by myself! I'm really excited about it :) I was more or less worried about fitting in, but after spending a night out with everyone all worry was gone. just be yourself and keep your head held hight. accept everyone for who they are and do what you have to do.
Was there anything you were really worried about before actually taking off to work for the carnival? How did you overcome the worries? Good for you!! dont let anyone tell you anything to bring you down. just do what makes you happy and just hope that everyone will be happy that you are happy.
Upvote for missing your cat more than family. And i totally asked my mom to text me a picture of him because i miss him so much! :D.
Well, you definitely know how to cater to the Reddit audience. This is my first time on this site, ever. so i have no idea what that means hahaha.
Lolz you'll find out :3. That scares me slightly hahaha.
time on this site yet knows, and is willing, to come do an IAMA? My cousin told me to do it a while back, and we finally have internet where we are so i decided to go for it.
Do you love to run? and little bow ties on the cats? Not so much into running. and i am very agains dressing up my cat, or any animal, in any sort of clothing, ect.
What is your mutation or ability that made you think you would be a good carnie? Hahah mutations and spectacular abilities are for the circus. us carnival folk do not really need anything out of the ordinary to press a button on a ride, serve people food, or run a game. :D.
I just simply thought the adventure would be a crazy exciting one, so i went for it.
You don't have any gimick at all? Are you at least called the bearded lady? Nope all those gimicks go to the circus. the carnival is more filled with normal people just doing a summer job. and the company i work for hires foreign students on work visas, so they are all 20 somethings just happy to be in america.
So you're a carnie. Have you ever seen that Simpsons character who is a carnie? Nope, i have not seen this character.
What sort of things do you do in the carnival? Well as far as my job goes while the show is on i work on the bottom of the Monkey Maze. There i take money, it is an attraction so it is cash only, 2 dollars each. Not only do i take money, but i get to see kids run face first into a mirror or window hahah. and often times i have to help them through the maze (which i know like the back of my hand)
During the day before we open, we can do whatever we want. usually we just hang around, watch movies, bullshit, play cards, go get something to eat, bitch about whatever.
And after the show we all sit back and crack open a beer. sometimes we go out to the bar but usually everyone is out of money 2 days after payday, so we just kick it out infront of our bunks and get drunk.
Out of money 2 days after payday. . .what in the world does everyone do to blow their money in 2 days? Ringtoss? Hahaha, a lot of them get money put in savings so their paycheck is about $100, and after paying back what they owe to whomever, loading up on snuff and cigarettes, and hitting sheetz, and buying beer, they just about run out.
So before you just sat in your room and did nothing, and now you sit infront of your bunk drink beer and do nothing? Hahaha it just depends what spot we are in. at the fairs we would go to the races and shows before we opened, so no i was not sitting in front of my bunk. and during the day before work we are not drinking :P but if we are in a location with nothing to do and no where to do, then yea we just sit around. but here youre always with people and have a close bond with all the others, where at home i was pissed off that my friends were blowing me off and never hanging out with me unless they wanted something.
Oh how i miss sheetz. What i would do for two hot dogs and mac and cheese bites from there right now. I could totally got for some sheetz mac and cheese!! but im sorry to hear that you are without a sheetz!!!
Whoa, how did your family and friends feel about this? Also, you're living my dream! :P. Well, my mom of course was like oh my god my child wants to join the carnival. but she knew that once i get an idea in my head there is no stopping me. so after she researched the company i would be working for she quickly felt better about it. i dad simply told me "YOLO" and said as long as im not a lifer it will be okay! my friends are probably judging me but whatever, they are part of the reason i joined, so i dont really care too much what they think. my grandparents probably said a rosary every night, but they are happy that i am happy. My brother reacted worse of all those. He is my big brother and of course was like what the hell is wrong with you?! but i guess he has come to terms with it and is living his life. and as for my aunts and uncles they all thinks its hysterical and think im sort of crazy, but are very fascinated.
And if working for a carnival is your dream, then go for it!!! do not let anyone hold you back, its your life and you have to do what you have to do.
"YOLO" I was interested until i saw this. Hey, i'm not the one who said it, my dad did. i am 100% anti yolo and all that other crap. i was just telling you how it happened.
Did he actually say "YOLO" or "You only live once"? He actually said "yolo"
Your dad is a grown ass man (i'm assuming) and should know better! You're probably better off as a carnie. My dad has sever brain damage from a car accident he was in, so no, he doesn't really know better.
Tell me he tried to make a gang sign to you when he said it. Hahahaha, no, no he did not.
Hey, you're answering questions, not telling us what to do here. Oh well excuse me for trying to clear up the situation and put an end to the people going nuts over it..
Dude. Rule #1 don't feed the trolls. Ignore the yolo shit. You already explained it. Move on to the legit questions. For example: will your carnival be in Illinois? Would u like to meet up for a night of sexual pleasure? You know, legit shit. Sorry bud, only here in PA. hahaha.
How much have you traveled thus far? My frist day was June 13th and we have moved to a new location every week, so you do the math.
Is there a tour? What exactly do you mean a tour? We have a lined up schedule of just local carnivals and there are a few big county fairs mixed in.
What exactly do you do? I work on the bottom of the Monkey Maze where i collect the 2 dollars that it cost to go through!
But i dont like math, thats why im a psychology major, and because of your picture i read every one of your responses in a high pitched voice and you keep running out of breath and speak so god damn fast stop it!! slow the fuck down lady cheezus. I dont like math either, thats why i am majoring in english education. lol, well for the most part i talk at a normal pace and my breathing isnt detectable amongst my talking..
So you'll be managing your local starbucks in 3 years time? lies stop panting! and just so you know im not being serious :-p just really bored at work. Hahah its cool. im really bored before work, thats why i made this post! lol.
What is this "carnival?" every city in the world has carnivals. Do you hookup with the colleagues? I don't really understand what you mean by "what is this "carnival""? It is simply that, a carnival! We have about 20 rides, a popcorn, funnel cake, and corndog concession, we have 4 games that are the owners games, and we are also booked in with a 3rd party games crew who bring their own games. We travel every week to towns in and around the Pittsburgh area, and we also do huge fairs.
Why did you run off? Do the employees (carnies?) drink/get high on duty? See that is where the reputation of carnivals come in, that all of the workers are under the influence of some sort while working. We often bitch saying that we are not carnies. Carnies are unhygienic, drug abusing, alcoholic, scammers who are creeps. But i can gladly tell you that this company i work for does not have any true carnies. We all shower daily, the men have to have their facial hair neatly groomed, and we all do laundry often. The majority of our staff are foreign students here on work visas, so they are all 20 somethings just happy to be in america. As for the americans, many of them do come from drug pasts, but that is why they are here, to get away from it. But after saying all of that, i cannot tell you that some of the guys do not drink one or two beers before work, but no one is ever drunk at work.
Correct me if im wrong, but carnies are people who work at carnivals. Carnies are unhygienic, drug abusing, alcoholic, creeps.
I am not a carnie. i am simply a normal, hygienic, non drug abusing, non alcoholic, girl who got a summer job working at the carnival!
Why you blaming your friends or family for some of this decision? Since you were able to mingle with your colleagues within two months of staying there, I doubt you ever had problems making friends/boy/girlfriends or keeping them. I don't think peer-pressure/judging is on the same level as your family doing it. People rarely keep in touch after high school because you just grow apart or want to live life differently...just like you do. So why blame them? Was your previous lifestyle straining your friendships? how so? My lifestyle was not straining any friendship. it was just that fact that everytime i made an effort to hangout, there was always a reason as to why they could not. so i had enough of it, and figured if i was going to spend my summer not hanging out with my friends then that was even more incentive for me to go with my decision.
Small hands, smell like cabbage. Maybe after i eat cabbage and noodles, but normally they dont...
Who gets drunk, often. Not any more than say a college freshman would.
You've been there 1-2 months now. Any regrets? I have no regrets what so ever about joining the carnival. But some of the actions that i have done here i do regret. don't get me wrong i love the people i work with, but many come from a dark past and getting involved with those people and the drama that is entailed with them was not something i was prepared for.
Care to expand on those actions? Just messing around with people who are not everything they said they are and have quite the baggage back home that i really did not want to have to deal with!
Other than that, no all my other actions i would justify as having fun as a 19 year old in the freaking carnival! :D
What's your housing situation like? How did you set that up? We all live in a bunk house. depending on the style of the bunk house there are 5 rooms on both sides. on one side you have to climb up into the bed, and on the other side you are pretty much sleeping on the floor, so one side is sleeping above the other. the length of the room is a titch longer than my wing spand, and the width of the room is about the same. Each bunk house has two showers, on on each side. Bathrooms are either port o pottys, or if the location has bathrooms that we can use. The guys always hook them up, but there are a lot of hoses, one for the water, and as a drain hose, and there is a lead line that is hooked up so we can have electric. We also have air conditioning. So if you can get past the small room, its really not too bad. And this is all provided by the company i work for!
Woah...does not sound appealing at all. BUT still more questions. How long was their decision process and what did it entail once you told them you wanted to tour with them? I guess to each their own huh!
Well i emailed the owner at like 12:30 AM and the following morning he called me and asked if i could come get an application at their current location. They were only about 15 minutes from where i lived so it was no problem. The next day i went had an interview filled out the application and a week later i got a call saying i was hired.
Once they told me i was hired the owner told me i could start that same night, and that i could commute that week and make my final move in in the bunk on the last day on that location. so all week i was bringing things to my bunk and on the day of tear down was my first night in the bunk house. it all happened very fast.
That is absolutely nuuuuuts. Good for you, dude. NOW. The real question. How often are the crazy carnie orgies? Ahahah yea thats what i thought at first, but ive just come to accept it. and there have been no crazy carnie origes that i know of. but i can only imagine how they would go.... o.O.
How long do you plan on staying? Whats the money like? Who is the craziest/weirdest carnie that you work with? The season goes until early October, so i plan on staying until the season is over. but i do not think i will come back next year. Its not that i do not like the work, the people, or the money. I just do not. Its one of those things where i will not know fully until the time comes for me to make that decision.
The craziest person who works here is eddie! he has been here 24 years, is an alcoholic, and always asked me what my drug of choice is. (none, just to set the record straight) the one day we were getting drug tested and eddie was saying "mannnnn, one year i was drug tested 5 times in a row, i think my name was the only on in that fucking hat!!!" to which someone said, "eddie, you have dope tattooed on your arm, do you think that has anything to do with it?!" hahahahahah :D hes a great guy tho and he loves everything about his job.
O ok so you're just doing the carnival as a one time thing. Sounds fun! Right! i have no intentions of being a lifer. it totally is fun. you meet crazy people, can do pretty much whatever you want before and after work, and you are always traveling! if that is what you are into then i would say do it for a summer!
This has been really informative, I think I'll appreciate the carnivals a bit more now and I'll definitely be looking out for yours. 1) any chance you guys ever come to CT? I know you stated you're around PA, but is that just in PA or do you go to other states? I'm glad that you like it!! and that makes me happy to hear that you have a new appreciation for carnivals! dont have the attitude that you are better than the workers. we are people too, so if we tell you you cannot ride the ride for a certain reason, know that it is either for your safety, or rules that are not ours. do not let your daughter go to the carnival looking like a slut. the guys will talk about her, and they will say crude prevented things. its not the attention she wants.
2) any pro tips on not being an a-typical carnival-fuckhead-customer? But just in general, have fun, be respectful, and remember that we are people too!
Please, please, PLEASE do not bitch paying money to go into the maze or jump on the bungee trampoline. the sign clearly says cash only. so dont yell at me for being the one there to take the money. its my job. not my rules.
What's the most shocking or disturbing thing you've learned since joining the carnival? Just how true is the notion that "all (most?) carnival games are rigged"? Honestly the most shocking this i learned was how safe the rides actually are. before i joined i never rode a carnival ride, and i pretty much judged all the workers, but after being here and learning that the rides are inspected by a state inspecter once a week, and the hired inspectors twice a day, there really is nothing to worry about.
Do you use anything to reel in the customers? Tricks, bribes, slang from the 30s that no one uses anymore... The music playing from the monkey maze is all old Elvis tunes, and 50's and 60's jams. I dont know if that is a reel, but you would be surprised at how many people dance to it.
I know in the popcorn concession the girls are told to make the popcorn really really salty that way customers will buy something to drink.
And when people see $1 they go crazy. no matter what it is they are playing for they are going to give that dollar, even if it is a total rip off.
And just other business like tricks that you can buy 1 basketball shot for 3 dollars or you can get 3 shots for 5. Everyone is going to go for the 3 shots because hey, its only 2 bucks more.
So lots of ways to keep the rubes handing over the scratch then? Tons. hahah.
How much money is in the carnival? Living conditions, work environment? Do you mean how much am i making? I make 310 a week, and that is with taxes taken out. So i always so with the amount of work i do, its a damn good job! As for the guys, they work a lot harder on tear down and set up, and the american guys always do pre set up and never get paid for it, so if i were them i would not be happy with that pay check. but there are also what i call the "dark blue crew" they wear a dark blue work shirt contrary to our baby blue work shirt, and they are ride formen, and the get paid more, but they know how to run every ride, and pretty much walk around at working giving people breaks and deal with any situation that might go wrong with the rides.
If you see an above post i explained our living conditions! :)
And the weekly work environment is pretty enjoyable. people are there to have fun, and as long as they are having fun then they are pleasant to you. but because i work the maze that cost 2 dollars and is not included with the 15 dollar ride all night package i get bitched at all the time because it cost money, but eh seeing the kids run into the glass makes up for those people!
Is there a particular reason why your ride isn't included? When I think of pay extra rides I normally think of crazy rides like this. Yes you may think of crazy rides like that, but you have to remember that we travel so we would not be able to have something that you just linked me to. but i have never been told why exactly the maze is not included with the hand stamp or the tickets, but here is what i've learned; the maze is an attraction, thus you pay extra for the attraction.
I always thought people that go to the carnival are usually much crazier than the people who run the carnival. Run into any of these people yet? Hahahahahah, i cannot tell you how much i love that you just said this!! Every week we run into insane people who attend our carnival. the way some of these women dress is just sickening. And its just crazy how these girls think that pulling their shirt down will get them a free ride. or how bitching to the owner that they came with only a half hour left to ride is not enough and they want their money back. They think that they are better than us and insulting the workers will make they look cool. its just crazy.
At night, when all the customers go home, and you find yourself alone at the carnival, do you ever hear any creepy noises or witnessed any strange sights such as ghosts? Youre never really alone here at the carnival. But after hours we usually go down the big fun slide, go through the maze, and spin on the dizzy dragons. and late late at night, if you dont want to rock the bunk, you go the the "concreate jungle" aka the back room of the monkey maze to get it in good. :D.
Did you ever have your fortune told by your fortune teller, and has she been correct in her predictions? And ive had my palm read once, a long time ago, and nothing have been correct about her predictions.
I'm sorry but I have to ask, just to clarify. When you say: "get it in good.", what exactly do you mean? Lol, when getting some ass in the bunk house everyone knows cause it will be rocking baccckk and forthhhh. so if you dont want to be rocking the bunk house, and really "bust a nut" as all the guys here say, then go to the back room of the maze
TIL not to go to the back room of the maze. Hahahah, or under the big rides...
If you don't mind me asking, how many guys have you been with at the carnival? Is it the type of environment where nobody cares and just sleeps with whomever? Just think there are a bunch of guys going from town to town who want to get some ass, so they all go out drinking and end up brining home whoever they can get.. i suppose you could call it just typical guy behavior so of course for the guys its get with whomever. But as always theres that double standard for girls. If you sleep with two people they will call you a whore and think that they can get it too.
Fuck it, you're a carnival worker now. Who cares about the social norms. Hah right, may as well forget about the law too!! :D.
What attracted you to the carnival? Were you aware of the reputation that carnis had before you joined? Also, saying "ran off" makes you sound like you're a kid. I was surprised to learn you're an adult. Is there any desire for you to go to college or start a job that could lead to a career? I would like to think of myself as still a kid. Im still a teenager, and live at home!! But I am in college. I graduated high school in 2011 and went to college that fall. I am going for education. this is only a summer job. I did take this coming fall semester off, but only for financial reasons. I am registered for the spring semester tho. So i am an education person who does want to go plances in life!
I have always loved traveling, and i guess the allure of the fun atmosphere and the traveling aspect really pulled me into making my decision. I was fully aware of the reputation, but after speaking to the owner and getting a feel for the company i felt more comfortable knowing that Swank's prides itself on being one of the cleanest carnivals around.
Have you helped any other carnies find their special purpose? Im sort of the new comer around here other than the foreigners, so no i have not. but i mean if they ask me to i'll try and help them out.. :D.
If you have a 'guess your weight' guy I'd start there, they tend to drift aimlessly through life with no idea what there special purpose is. (some of them are just jerks though) Hahah no, we dont have one of those :P.
I don't think you got that reference... Lol, no i didnt, totally went over my head.
Aside from pay, what would you find to be the most (personally) rewarding aspect of your job? I am very much a people person, so i really enjoy watching the wee little kids make some of their first memories, having the time of their life going down the slide at the end of the monkey maze. its hard not to smile when you see little kids truly happy.
What is the least? I cannot really say there is something that is the least rewarding aspect of my job because it has all been a huge learning experience, but just some of the drama that goes on between the people really bothers me. but i suppose you get that everywhere you go.
Do you like the HBO show Carnivale? Never head of it. But let me guess, its about a carnival? :D.
When you want to tune people out do you just hear do do do do do do do do do do in your head? Hahahah actually since i work on the monkey maze we have to play a CD on loop all night, so i get to hear the same songs 3 times every night. so i pretty much just zone out to that music until i have some kids shoving money in my face to bring me back to reality! :D
How do you travel, by bus, train, etc? I assume you all travel together as a group. Also, what are your hours. I assume you wake up way early, and go to bed way late? We always travel my company truck/van/tractowhatever vehicle is there.
Usually our bunkhouses are on location, so there is no need for us to travel to get to work. that is expect on tear down night. then we move our bunk houses to the next location at about 8 am get everything set up, hang there for the day, then commute to work. there are 4 trucks and 1 passenger van that accommodates all of us. after tear down the girls usually get a ride to our bunks in the owners cars, and the guys then take the trucks and van after they are done.
Note: if we are doing a long jump, or doing a fair, we move our bunks and all the rides the morning following tear down, so its all one big move.
Hours vary. but during the work week we do not have to be out on the midway until 20 minutes before we open, which is normally 6 or 7. and close is usually 10, 11. on tear down night we report to work as usual, but immediately after close we begin to tear down. for us girls we do the concessions, games, and take down fences and we usually are down within 2 hours after close. but the guys usually get done around 5 am depending on how many rides are there.
And set up is the morning following tear down, and wake up call is ehh, 8 am, sometimes 9, and if we are lucky 10. but it all depends on if the rides are on location or not.
But in general the girls have it pretty easy, where the guys have to tough it out a lot more!!
How is the sex in the Carnie world? There is lots of it happening amongst the americans. and they all talk about it for weeks on end.
Rule number one around here is, everyone will find out everything. there are no secrets.
How accurate are media portrayals of carnivals/circuses..I've never been to one but I've read/seen 'Water for Elephants' is really that wild and dark? I cannot really tell you about circuses because i simply do not know. But i can tell you that the company i work for has random drug testing, and if you are found using that is your last day. As for being drunk on the job, you will be sent back to the bunk to sleep it off, and then depending upon who you are certain actions will be taken. (for example the guy who has been here 24 years is not going to get fired..)
Water For Elephants is all about a circus, so again im not too sure, but there is certainly a lot of drama here, but nothing like that at all.
Why did you run off, and why a carnival? I ran off because i had nothing to lose at home, i was spending my time doing nothing and really just wanted a change and something new and exciting.
I had just recently worked as a 3rd party food vendor at a carnival and i got the idea that it would be really fun and it was just that adventure that i was looking for!
Do the Midway workers really speak in "leazook" (spelling?), the carnival language where you add an "eazook" sound to every word? I heard about it on NPR. Nope. i've never even heard of that! hahah. if anything they are speaking the language from whatever country they are from.
What is your favorite thing about being a Carnie? My favorite thing would have to be the mechanics behind it all. Its amazing to me that we can tear down these rides, move them, set them up, and be open all in under 48 hours. Pleasing the carnival goes meanwhile we are all dead beat tired. but theres something about the unity of the crew on tear down and set up night that is hard to explain unless you are there to see it.
But i also love the freedom and the amount of fun you have with the crew after hours!
Are you tired of fair food yet? Its not so much that im tired of the food, cause i am a chicken tender and french frys person, but im just tired of the fair price!!! $10 dollars for chicken and fries.. really. no chance! haha so we just stock up at walmart and eat our own food!
You said the company you work for takes on foreign students for summer work. Sounds like an interesting summer. Care to drop any names? The name of the company is Swank's Steel City Shows. and i could give you a list of names, but i would rather just use names in context of a story about them or something that you may ask!
Do you think phillipino tilt a whirl operators are the backbone of this great nation? No, the Bulgarians are.
Did you have a son named kvothe? It was a girl actually.
What kind of money do you make? I'm not really sure what all these guys out here could get you other than a mass amont of drugs. so if thats what you want, they youre in luck!
Being around carnival food all the time, is there a partical smell you cant stand that you used to love? I actually cannot really smell the food any more. i guess i have become immune to it. but man our popcorn is just so salty, i make sure if i eat popcorn that it is salt free! :D.
Are you a fan of ICP? Oh God no.
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